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  1. Has anyone integrated Smartsheet with FileMaker using Claris Connect? I can get the basics set up and am able to create a Flow that will add a new record in FM when a row is added in Smartsheet. However, I can't seem to figure out how to pass any column data from that row into the new FM record. It does not give me the tags for any of the columns from my sheet, only high level parent and body tags. What am I missing?
  2. We have FMS13 installed on a Win2012 Server. We have it set up as a 2 machine configuration with the Web Publishing components residing on a separate server. Where do we install (copy) the SuperContainer folder [which machine? master or worker?] and on which machine do we create the required IIS Rule for SuperContainer redirect?
  3. Hello. I am using SC 2.89 with Mac & PC user on FM11. I am having an issue with the PC users. We have a small SC web viewer (65 x 65 px) on a list layout. When the user first searches for a set of records, the image appears centered in the viewer and is scaled to fit. However, once they start to scroll through the found set of records, the web viewer changes the display and shows scroll bars with the image at original size. I have the parameters on the web viewer set to: "?alignment=center&style=image_only+noscroll+noapplet". We had originally been using unstirred calc fields on this list view, but that caused a huge performance hit and necessitated our switch to the web viewer. Any suggestions?
  4. We can get the SC Companion to auto-download from FMServer11 to a PC user running Windows 7 / Java 1.7.0_11 However, it is not enabled. We cannot enable it. We already re-installed both FM11 and Java on the user's machine. Still cannot enable the Companion plugin. Has anyone had this experience? Any thoughts? Chris
  5. This is the first time I've used SC with Instant Web Publishing so I hope I'm just missing something. I have a simple list view in FileMaker 11 with a SC web portal. When I enable IWP for this file, everything looks and operates just fine on the screen. However, when I try to print, none of the images from the SC web portal display. All of the FileMaker data is there, just no images. Any suggestions? SC is running under Tomcat in FMServer on a Windows 2008 Server. Chris
  6. We are using the applet (SC 2.863) to upload images. Everything is working fine. However, we sometimes cannot see the thumbnail preview when viewing from a PC. Our Mac users are able to see the thumbnail so we know it was created. Our users tend to put in very large RGB JPG files. This one in question is 11 MB; 16,000 px by 14,000 px. Is there size limitation for displaying the thumbnail previews? Is this a Java issue? An operating system issue? Any thoughts?
  7. I'm looking for a custom function (or help with a formula to build one) for the Excel probability function NORMSINV [ inverse of the standard normal cumulative distr]. There is one out there for NORMSDIST. But I need the inverse function. Not knowing much about probability functions, I don't know if I can somehow make that one work? Has anyone run across the NORMSINV function in FileMaker?
  8. We are working on a project where the client is using Terminal Services for all of its users. (Win2008 Server & FMS 11 Advanced) We installed SC on the FileMaker server under the Tomcat install as usual. When the users access the database and go to a layout using a SC web portal, they would normally get the initial dialog about trusting the source. Click yes and everything is fine. However on the TS session for the users, this dialog is blocked and requires an admin password to clear. Are there any particular settings or permissions that need to be set on the Terminal Service box that we can pass on to the IT folks in order to permit users to get past this road block? Any general advice for us using SC with Terminal Services? Chris
  9. I'm trying to print a multiple page report of images. Each page is a basic contact sheet, 4 x 4 grid (columnar report). Super Container appears to be loading (something) for each image on each page. The report is an average of 25 pages and seems to process. However, I am getting gray blocks in the print out that say "Connecting to Super Container" vs. the expected images. It's as if SC does not have enough time to display the thumbnails properly during the print process. Any thoughts?
  10. We had FMServer 9 running on a Windows 2003 Server (Standard Edition) with an install of Tomcat 5.5 in order to enable Super Container as a web app. We just upgraded to FMServer 10 Advanced and now our original Tomcat 5.5 service will not start. I'm assuming that the version of Tomcat that is installed with FM10 Advanced for web publishing is the issue. Any suggestions?
  11. I am testing SC Server for a client running on a Windows 2003 Server. They gave me limited access so I can function directly on the server. SC Server runs fine. However, when I log off, it appears that the SC Server also stops. How do I get the SC Server to be persistent and run no matter who logs into the physical box. I know that the SC Server log window needs to be visible to know that it's running. Does the SC jar need to be launched by someone logged in with full admin rights?
  12. Hi Jesse, Thanks and sorry for the delay in response. I'm wondering if my problem is with the file format that I'm using. I'm using a JPG image. The pixel dims are 1140 x 360 (it's a 20" x 5" sign. 2-color. text only). But being a JPG, the resolution is 72 dpi. What are your thoughts? You can email me off-line if you'd like. Perhaps I could even send you a sample file. Thanks, Chris ([email protected])
  13. Thanks for the reply, Tom. I did see the section in the docs for setting a resolution and tried that too. However, what I think is happening is that the image being displayed on my print layout is being resampled to a lower pixel size according to the size of the web viewer on the layout. Which is the normal behavior of SuperContainer for creating thumbnails. Unfortunately, this results in a lower res print out no matter what I set the resolution to. There's got to be something that I'm missing.
  14. I just started working with the SuperContainer demo. I have it working well and am very happy with the performance improvement. But I now want to print my images out to a contact sheet format (4 x 4 grid per page). When I size the SC web viewer on the 'print only' layout to a smaller size (approx 130 x 130 px.), the new thumbnail is created with reduced pixel dimensions. The print quality obviously suffers when using the thumbnails. A typical file is a JPG - 1440 x 600 px - 72 dpi. How can I get a better printed image at a small print display?
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