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  1. The files that I describe are for example only. My actual application has multiple tables and multiple files. I understand that global fields would be used for filtering, but how do I offer the option to see all records through the portal. I have attached a file that illustrates my problem. How do I get the option for "All" to work?
  2. There is probably a simple solution for this but it is not coming to me at this time. I would like to have portal to a table that will display the records based on 2 criteria set by the user. Example Table 1 Car Model Color Selection (red, green, blue, all) Table 2 Car Model Color Year In the main table the user would navigate to the record with the desired car model and then select the desired color [color:red]or All Available Colors. The portal on Table 1 would then display the available cars from Table 2. No problem setting this up for the model and a
  3. You might check this site... http://www.maxpower.ca/free-icons/2006/03/05/
  4. My test of Open URL script step indicates that there is a maximum of 216 characters. If the total length of string exceeds 216 then a new message will not be created in my Lotus Notes App. Could the Open URL function be performed in a the web viewer? How?
  5. Thanks for the input Stuart. I am operating in an environment where the IT support is located remotely and we get little help on these matters. It is my preference that we use client email at this time. Currently I am investigating the script functions: "Send Event" and "Send DDE Execute". I need to confirm the Lotus Notes commands for setting the Send To, CC, BCC, Subject, Body Text and Send. I will continue my journey down this unfamiliar road. Rich
  6. I have run into an incompatibility between Filemaker Send Mail script function and Lotus Notes v6.5.5. The problem is that the To:, Subject: and Body: data does not map properly to the Lotus Notes email template. This problem has been identified in this forum and on Technet. Several people have suggested using the Open URL script function: [color:red]Open URL["mailto:email@email.com?subject=subjectdata?body=bodydata"] I have tried this and it appears to works but in a limited manner. It appears that the Open URL function limits the number of characters that it will accept. I
  7. I just ran into this problem and am still looking for a solution.
  8. That solved my problem. Thank you very much John. This is not a feature that I have ever used.
  9. I have recently downloaded some sample files from this forum and have noticed that the field names do not display in the Layout Mode. It appears that when in Layout Mode the data from the active field is being displayed. In order to see the field name I must double-click on the field to display the Field/Control Setup window. Any clue what is going on here? Is this possibly due to the original file being an earlier version of Filemaker. I am using Filemaker Pro 9. Can this be changed? Thanks for your input
  10. My brain is foggy today and am reaching out for help. How do I calculate the date (dd/mm/yy) for the first day of the month previous to the current date? Examples: Current Date = 6/12/08 Result 5/1/08 Current Date = 1/20/08 Result 12/1/07 I will be writing a script to find all the records in my database for the previous month. I have found custom functions for calculating the last day of the previous month but am stumbling on the best way for getting the first day of the last month. Thanks to all who reply Rich :)
  11. I am looking for help connecting to our AS400. We use a manufacturing program (CA-KBM) that stores its files in DB2/400 format. I am using the data from this program for reference only. Presently I get a daily .csv download which I manually import to my Filemaker file (I must first delete all records). The act of deleting and then importing is time consuming and interferes with user displays. Does anyone have ideas how to get from DB2 format to a format that is supported by ESS? The .csv file is currently being generated automatically everyday. Can I use ESS if the output file is
  12. I just installed Filemaker Server 9.0v2 and need some advice how to setup server side scripts. I would like to run a script on a hosted database but I believe there may be an issue that will prevent me from doing this. The script basically deletes all records and then imports records from a .csv file. This is a download from another system and I cannot access it. It is my understanding that Filemaker Server can only run Web compatible scripts (Delete and import are not web compatible). Any suggestions as to how I can accomplish this? What I want to do is keep my Filemaker databa
  13. Was hoping that someone out there has discovered a way to use printer fonts. I am using a CBM receipt printer and TrueType fonts don't look so good. I have searched past posts and did not find a solution. Has anyone discovered a way to use printer fonts with Filemaker 9.0?
  14. I would like to create a script that will create a new record in Database_A and then set Field_X in Database_B = to the primary key in Database_A. After Field _X in Database_B is set it will link the two databases. It has been recommended that we should not use the copy and paste script steps, but I am having difficulty getting the script to work without these steps. Is there a better way to script this link without the use of copy/paste? Any
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