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  1. You're so right Lee, I contacted FM and they hooked me up in no time. Thanks so much for the help!
  2. Hi Lee. That's what I thought too but when I downloaded 11 Advanced it downloaded and opened fine on my PC but when I downloaded it on my Mac, Mac would not recognize it! Both PC and Mac are new machines with the most current operating systems so that would not be a considerations. I appreciate your reply "IdeaData" and as you see I have a Mac and hope you guys can come up with an answer other than having to buy a new copy of FMP Advanced. Thanks alot
  3. Hi Bcooney, Wow, that means I need to buy a Mac version of FMP 11 Advanced? That takes away the need of the runtime for pete sakes and I don't remember reading in any FileMaker information that I needed both a PC and Mac version of advanced to make a runtime! What a kick in the knickers this is, I like FileMaker but i'm not sure about this one. Buy another copy of Mac Advanced you say, my boss is going to love me in the morning and could get back to that kick in the knickers I spoke of earlier! Sorry "B" I don't mean to shoot the messenger.
  4. Hi Guys, I've use Advanced for quite awhile but this is the first time I've needed to make a runtime version. My FMP 11 Advanced version is on a PC but I need to make a runtime for a Mac. I've read the help menu and looked it up on the Filemaker website and am obviously missing something. Can you help me with a 1-2-3 on how to make a runtime on a PC that will run on a Mac? I could sure use your help. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I'm ashamed to say I've been working on this all morning and can't get it to work. What I want to do on my Customer Entry layout is click a button that will bring up a "Pick List" view of my customers that is 250 x 639 Px. I see this as just a standard "list view" with the Customer name only. This would sit off to the left of the Customer Entry screen and you'd click on a customer so that customer would then show on the Customer Entry screen. Ideally I think it would be a good idea for the Pick List window to be open all the time but could be closed at the click of a b
  6. Hi Fenton, It all sounds like a work around and something that can slow things down. You guys have solutions being used with some over the network. What do you do? Am I better off staying away from list view if I'm using a filtered portal? Or would I be smarter to forgo the filtered portal and use the standard form and list? Milo
  7. I Guys, I'm not sure I understand all of that. But I think the main point is filtering a portal and having it work with a standard list view are not compatible. Something else I didn't realize until yesterday is when I click on a customer from list view and it goes to the form view. Although the name and information for that customer is correctly shown. That is not the customer showing in the customer portal on the form view and that's not good. So I'm not quite sure what to do or more importantly, how to do it. It just seems like there should be a scrollable/click-able list
  8. Hi Bcooney, My setup is the same as you mentioned. My Customer Entry Layout is a “Form View” and my Customer List View is of course a “List View”. What I’m saying is on my Customer Form view I have a portal that list’s all Customers A through Z. When I click on a customer name all of that customers information is shown on the same form view. I also have a filter field for the portal so I can enter a single letter like “E” and see all customers starting with an “E”. Or I can enter a partial word like “Ent” and pull up all customers starting with “Ent” like “Enterprise and Entimens”.
  9. In my customer entry layout I have a portal with a filter so I can enter C and get all companies starting with a C. If I then go to the List layout all customers starting with a C are shown there as well. But if I perform a search in the list layout and return to the entry layout, the search performed in list view is not shown in the portal, the C customers are still shown. Is this just how it is and all searches should be done in the entry layout or is there something I can do so that no matter where the search is done, that search is shown in the portal as well. Thanks for your hel
  10. Hi Guys, I've been following this thread with interest and have a question. With FMP9A you can remove the full access account and it's my understanding once that's done no one can hack your solution. Is this correct? If that is correct and you've built a custom solution for a customer. What's wrong with providing that customer with the solution with "full access removed" and then when you update the solution or make changes, again provide it "full access removed" and import from the old solution into the new? Wouldn't that stop someone from hacking your solution as far as
  11. Hi DataMate, First let me thank you for your file, it looks very well done. I've not used FileMaker's tabs to speak of yet I see it on more and more solutions. My question is are there any good reasons not to use a tab setup? Or put another way, when are you better off staying away from a tab and use a standard layout? Recognizing I'm a novice in FileMaker is your solution too advanced for me to try and add into my solution? Milo
  12. I've not done any importing before and I'm confused on one issue. I need to import 1000 records from a file where there are 5 fields all in the same TO (Relationship). In my file however I have 4 fields in the Products TO and 1, VendorName in the Vendor TO. So how do I handle an import into two TO's from one? Milo
  13. Hi Genx and how are you doing? I see the "Substitute( ItemNbr ; " " ; "" )" but where do I put it? In the calculated Value of the field? If so what do I do with the following calc that's already there? "Case(IsEmpty(ItemNbr); TextColor ( "Enter Info..." ; RGB ( 127 ; 127 ; 127 ) ); TextColor ( ItemNbr ; RGB ( 0 ; 0 ; 0 ) ))" Also, my "ItemNumber" field is a Number field. When I use "Substitute( ItemNbr ; " " ; "" )" will that also strip out the letters that are in the ItemNbr field? Milo
  14. Hi Guys, I have an "ItemNumber" field and some of the number & letters were entered with spaces. Like "P 335 H2" instead of "P335H2" and the spaces are not always in the same places. How can I take out all spaces? Thanks for your help, Milo
  15. I'm sure there is a simple answer I just don't know what it is. I built a solution on a Mac and just put it onto a PC laptop. Each time I try to change or add something to the PC I get a message saying I cannot modify the record. What do I have to do to make this work. I checked the Mac copy and it was zipped with Read-Write approval. Milo Milo
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