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  1. Hi all, I'm using a script to generate HTML and build a table of values to be displayed in an email using SMTPit Pro. The problem I'm having is that in order to specify a in my script, the double-quote character is interpreted as a literal and I can't get it to pass the script/formula checker. I thought I'd try to build it in using a custom function. But when I put a " in the custom function, it looks for a close ". I can't put """ because the third quote looks for a closed ". Can I use ASCII characters? Is there an ASCII character that represents a " like %20 represents a space? T
  2. The Runbeck Companies, of Tempe, AZ is looking to fill an immediate vacancy for a FileMaker Developer/Administrator position. Qualified candidate will be responsible for maintaining our growing number of FMP solutions and the FMP Servers on which they run. We are a small, but fast-growing company, completely entrenched in the use of Filemaker Pro. When we have a problem, FMP is usually part of the solution. We use FMP to manage everything from Job Tickets for our Print Management company to communicating with our Pitney-Bowes high-speed mailing/insertion equipment via SQL connectors. We are lo
  3. Hi, We are a small, fast-moving company in Tempe, AZ. When we have a business problem that needs to be solved, we often look to Filemaker Pro to provide us with the solution. Our internal developer is moving away from us to another state and that leaves us with the need to replace her skills in our organization. I can fill the gap, but as our Manager of IT Services, my days are crammed with other issues and Filemaker will require more attention than I can give it. If you are currently using FMP to solve problems for another company and feel that your talents are not growing to their fulle
  4. Thank you. What about this thought: According to Filemaker 8 Functions and Scripts Desk Reference by Love, Lane, and Bowers, page 414, "URL Syntax for Access to Container Objects", You can format a reference to a file housed on the FMP 8 Server: ,,, and as in: http://my.filemakerserver.net:8080/fmi/xml/cnt/data.tiffgif?-db=Customers&-lsy=web_search&fild=photo[1]&-recid=303 "This URL will extract container data from a specific field (called photo) from the record with recid=303. Even though photo is not a repeating field, the syntax "photo[1]" is still n
  5. Hi, I'd like to be able to store a PDF file in a container field, and then somehow issue a print command that will open the file and print it. I can't seem to find a way to issue commands to the object of the container... With the common uses of FM including asset management of images, I'd think this would be possible... Hmmm. Any help you can provide will be appreciated. Thank you. Mac Hammer
  6. OK, I changed the Storage option, choosing to Re-evaluate as needed, and it corrected the problem. Thank you for your prompt help. To summarize: Create a Field. We'll call it Current Layout. Then, make it a Calculation, using "Get (LayoutName)" as the calculation. Then, make the results equal Text. Set the storage option to Do not Store. Then, in your layout, use a Merge Field <> to display the calculated results. Thanks again! Mac
  7. I have not made the field a Global. Though I just tried switching it to Global and I still get the ?. There seems to be plenty of room for the Layout Name to display. I've typed the name in the desired location and it fit with ample room to spare. Am I using the correct calculation argument? Thank you. Mac
  8. Hi, Forgive me for being a bit dim this morning, but I can't remember how to do this. I'd like to be able to use a <> to display the current layout with each of my layouts. However, I can't seem to get the calculation correct to make it actually work. Currently, I've created a calculation field called "Current Layout" and I've set it equal to: Get (Layout Name). This isn't working, as when I jump back into Browse mode, all I get where I should have a Layout Name, is a question mark. I am sure that I did this correctly in one of my recent projects, but I'll be damned if I can fi
  9. Awesome! Great job in chasing it down. I'll pass this entire thread to my colleague and she should have an easy job of fixing it for us. Again, Thanks. Mac
  10. Wow. Thanks. That seems to confirm the ideas presented here, though the step-by-step is wonderful to have. I hope it works for you. Gracias Amigo! Mac
  11. Hi Jonathan, I have not actually resolved this, though I was fairly comfortable in the advise I'd received that I will be able to resolve it, particularly with the suggestions above about the layout size and body size of the label. I 'have' been able to make improvements to the situation, though I have not made it work, quite yet. I'm about to hand the problem off to a colleague who has a little more time to resolve it than I do. (FM Development is just a small part of my overall position as IT Manager) If she comes up with a solution, I promise that I will post how it was resolved.
  12. I think you've stumbled upon the biggest weakness (IMHO) of tabs--No list view. You might work around it by using a portal to display your listed information, but it isn't as elegant as using a straight list view. Perhaps you will need to build a separate layout that adheres to your design elements, but displays the info in the list view as you wish. That is the route that I've taken. Good luck, Mac
  13. That! Seems to be exactly what happened...and I got bit. I've now corrected it. Thank you. Mac
  14. Mr. Watson, You know, not being able to import commas seemed very strange to me, and I went back to my original solution and realized that the initial import was probably botched, and I blamed it on the commas. My new "buffer" database is able to handle the commas just fine. Now, I'm trying to remember is there was another downstream reason that we needed to kill the commas, but I can't remember one if there was. I still like the idea of having the buffer database to clean up stuff before it lands in the real user database, so I'm still going to keep working on this, but you are right. Th
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