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  1. When I share my files to client FM Go 15 iPhone on my home wifi network, it works fine. At work I'm allowed to access a limited "staff" authorized wifi, where the file share does not seem to work. Even when I repeat the process (File/Sharing/Share with Filemaker clients) while on the work wifi, my FM Go does note recognize the host. I do not have any access to the wifi here at work, beyond receiving the signal. They use a third party admin and have no idea what could be done without engaging with and therefore paying for the troubleshoot call... Thanks for any help.
  2. jbante, Thanks for that. Couple of questions: The linked file has a file configuration in layout/utility/selectedfile already for file name Contacts.fm12 (see link to sceenshot). When I tried to clear that out I got an error message from the field: file_subprofile "This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable." Please advise. Also, I'm a newbie, I was wondering if I'm supposed to know the code to write the scrip or if there is a manual I could use to figure it out. Thank you very much. '' target='_blank'>>
  3. I have a photo capture layout in my contacts DB and I would like an automation/script to open a specific layout in FMGo from my iPhone home screen. Is that possible? Thank you
  4. The layout I want to convert works on FMGo but of course all the fields are spread out causing me to have to scroll around to get to the fields. Anyone have a good way to convert my existing layout to an iPhone layout? Thanks,
  5. I see people viewing but no replies. If my question doesn't make sense, please let me know and i'll try to restate it. I'm new at this so I kinda don't really know to technically how to ask for what I need. Thanks, Lee
  6. Thanks for any help here. When I take a photo on my iphone from within my layout with the photo container field, I need the record to be saved automatically so the photo flows right into the field container of that field/file being shared on my local network. to circumvent the three clickes, [uSE], [+/-], [save record]. Can there be a script trigger or something to do that? Thanks, Lee
  7. Ah, I see. Thanks again.
  8. Lately I've been noticing graphics which appear to be translucent. Is there a trick to creating this effect on layout objects in FM? Thanks
  9. Yup! That worked for the report. I should have know that; I knew it would be something simple. Now for the script. I haven't tried the Go to Related Record [ ; Show related only ] function yet. I take it I'll start that script on the customer detail form to show the line items associated with that customer? Thanks
  10. Thanks James. Yes it's set up to sort first by Name and then Date, the same order as the grouping. I guess what I'm trying to get would be similar to a classic customer billing statement that would list all the transactions grouped by sale date. Seems like it should be simple, but I must be missing something.
  11. Thanks for your help. What I need is screen report showing a single customer's history grouped by date with the related line items for each date. So, far what I've come up with is a list showing all my line items from all dates and all customers grouped and sorted by Customer, then groped by Date above the line items related to to each date, i.e., Sub-Summary= Service_Order::Bill_to_Name >>>Sub-Summary= Service_Orders::Sale_Date >>>>>>Body= Line_Items:: Show Records from is set to Line_Items I've tried doing a find for records only related
  12. What did you guys find out? I was thinking of the same thing, but I have a few hundred clients and no clue which mobile phone service provider each of them has. But from with in iChat, I can send an sms to any of my buddies whose mobile numbers I have and I don't need to know their providers. I hope I'm not hijacking this topic-I can start a new thread if that would be better. Thanks
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