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  1. Thank you for your attached file, it seems to be what I am after. I will look into your file and convert it to my database... thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.
  2. So how did you go? Is there a solution that can help? and based on my screen shots, can I get it to be the Top 5 customers? By the way, Im the one who asked the original question at the top of this post.
  3. it's not letting me attached the PDF You can get it from my website... http://public.me.com/deanredding
  4. Thanks for the discussion everyone. Top make it easier for everyone, cause I am getting confused by all these different scripts... I have attached the current report, the script I made & the layout settings for the report. In the report view, you will see my sales for 2001 & 2002. For example, Mark Corbett did $2850.00 dollars in 2002. He was my no 1 customer at the time. The $2850.00 is a summary of 19 records. I cannot omit records cause that will remove the individual sales and not give the correct data. The report attached is exactly what I want, but I only want to see the top 5 highest sales. See the attached pictures and see if I am doing anything wrong or if you need more screen shots, I will post them too. Thanks, Dean
  5. Thank you for your kind answers, but I did forget to mention that the report is a sub summarized report. At the moment the individual records show the individual sales of the clients. When I do a sub summary of that clients sale. But I am getting all of my clients, but only want to see my top 5 leading customers for each year. So far in the script I have it sorted by year and then customer. Then in the report I have sub summarized it by Year and the customer. It is showing me exactly what I want, but I have for example in 2008, a list of 50 customers totals, I only want the 5 showing. Sorry for not mentioning that at the beginning.
  6. Hi All, I have created a report showing me the total sales from my customers per year. What I am trying to see now is only my top 5 customers for the year. Currently it is showing me all the customers that have dealt with me for the year. How do I limit it to showing me only the top 5 of the total sales per customer? Each page represents a year and the top 5 for the year. I am 98% there...... Thanks in advance... Dean At the moment it looks like this: 2008 1. ACME Company $10,0000 2. ABC Company $ 9,0000 3. Bob The Builder $ 8,500 4. Jackie Jones $ 5,000 5. 123 Company $ 4,000 6. XYZ Company $ 3,500 7. Smith The Plumber $ 3,000 8. John Doe $ 2,800 9. Bob Citizen $ 2,500 10. Peter Smith $ 2,000 11. Jason Green $ 1,500 12. Mike Brown $ 1,000 13. Robert White $ 500 14. Sarah Jane $ 300 15. Kelly White $ 200 I want it to look like this: 2008 1. ACME Company $10,0000 2. ABC Company $ 9,0000 3. Bob The Builder $ 8,500 4. Jackie Jones $ 5,000 5. 123 Company $ 4,000
  7. It worked a treat! Thank you. I have looked everywhere for this solution.
  8. Hi All, I am struggling to figure this one out. I have created a summary of sales for each year. I have sorted them descending to show the customer with the highest sales to the lowest. What I am trying to do now is place a number next to the customer to know where that customer came for that year. Eg. 2008 1. ABC - $45,000 2. FGE - $43,000 3. DGH - $30,000 2007 1. FGE - $75,000 2. DGH -$50,000 3. ABC - $45,000 Any help would be great, thank you. Dean
  9. Hi, I am trying to write a if function that can change the end date if the finish time is between 12:00am and 6:00am. This is what I would like to happen... If (Main Screen: Finish Time = "12:00 am ... 6:00am"; Main Screen: End Date+1; Main Screen: End Date) Can anyone help me out on how I can do this range? Many Thanks, Dean
  10. Hi All, I am trying to write a script and I want to certain script to be run if I have the email address. so far I have done this to which it did not work. If [Main Screen::Party Contact Email=True] Perform Script ["Email: Paperwork Received"] End If I know I am doing something wrong, would any know... Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi All, I have just found a filemaker database that can import records into iCal. I like everything about and want to include all the layouts, scripts and fields and database (Basically everything) into my current database. How can i do this? Many Thanks, Dean
  12. Hi, I am not sure if this is the right forum, but I want to create a summary or calculation with the following: I have records for clients that owe me payment on invoices completed, while the same clients have outstanding invoices to be completed. I want to create a field where I can put in the customer details layout where it show's me what they currently owe. The fields I want to use are: [fields] [Client Name] [Job Status] = Completed [Amount Owing] How can I create a total for each client when I look at the client records? Many Thanks, Dean
  13. worked a treat! thanks for making my mind sane!! Thank you
  14. forgot to mention that I using 2 fields. a field called "Start Time" & "End Time" Cheers Dean
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