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  1. Well, like I said before, a calculation is automatically done to determine the value of "NewBuildSale", "InStockRental", "InstockSale" anfd "Clearance" when a numerical value is entered into "NewBuildRental". When "Quantity" is set to "0" or it has no value in it at all, I want the values of "InStockRental". "InstockSale" and "Clearance" to be set to "Call". However, when "Quantity" is set to "1" or any number greater that "1", I want the original calculations to be done instead.
  2. OK, What have I started. All this talk is well and good, but I am lost. What exact programming do I add? How exactly do I add it? I can follow instructions, but I cannot figure this out on my own. ~FM Newbie
  3. I am sorry John. I am new to this filemaker stuff. Can you explain to me what exactly I need to do to make your suggestion happen? I would have thought I needed to attach some kind of script to the price1, price2 and price3 fields to have it look at the quantity field and then act appropriately. Am I wrong? My I should explain more clearly: This is a catalog database. My fields are as follows InStockRental - Taking a product that is in stock and renting it. InStockSale - Taking a product that is in stock and selling it. NewBuildRental - Making a new product and renting it.
  4. PC Infoman

    If / Then

    In my FM database, I have a field for "quantity". It is only a number field. However, if that field is set to "0", I would like to have the fields named "price1" and "price2" set to "Call" and field "price3" set to "N/A". How can I do this?
  5. Thank you for this. It is working wonderfully.
  6. thank you for that. How do I get the print job to print each item in the db on its own page?
  7. I am trying to send my entire database to my printer but it only wants to print the record I am currently looking at. How do I print multiple records at the same time. How do I print all records in my DB at once. How can I print and have each record print on a separate page?
  8. Ok, but I need the output to be in the format that I showed earlier, but without the quotes. How do we do this?
  9. What I am needing is to find out how to not have the output results have quotes around each field value. Currently the results look like this "3223","Frog","0","2275","6500","5525","9425" "9510","Animatronic Frog Puppet","0","0","Call","0","0" "3333A","Baby Green frog","0","1312.5","3750","3187.5","5437.5" "3335","Don's Pacman Frog","1","437.5","1250","1062.5","1812.5" "1841","Frog","0","33.25","95","80.75","137.75" "1840","Frogs","5","148.75","425","361.25","616.25" "3333","Baby Green Frog","1","875","2500","2125","3625" "3335A","Large PacMan Frog","1","1575","4500","3825
  10. Is there any additional answers to this?
  11. Thank you for your help. You have already been a great deal of help. I am not longer getting errors. It is now a formatting issue.
  12. Well, I used your xml file, but I removed the "Clearance" part. <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> exclude-result-prefixes="fmp" version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform"> item_no,quantity,ISRental,NBRental,ISSale,NBSale A couple of questions. 1.What is NBSale Should it not be just "NBSale"? 2.The output file looks good, except some oof the fields have a $ next to the numerical value. Can I ge
  13. Ok, I took out the and statements. Now I get the following error: XSLT warning: Fatal Error at (file, line 0, column 0): An exception occurred! Type: XMLPlatformException, Message: Could not open file: /< (,line -1, column -1) This happens if I tell it to not use the xlm file but just the code I but in the box (the same cose as above but without the and lines). If I tell it to use the file instead, I get the same error as I previously mentioned.
  14. OK, I made a XLS file that contains the following <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> exclude-result-prefixes="fmp" version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform"> item_no,name,quantity,ISRental,NBRental,ISSale,NBSale , I then selected the seven fields to be exported. When I run the script, it gives me the following error: XML Parsing Error Invalid Document Structure Line Number: 1 Column Nu
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