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  1. I used an auto enter field with the calculation option. I should have used a calculation field... It works perfectly now... Much easier than I thought. Thanks for the help though.
  2. Stupid me Ok it works now. How can I tell it to count only certian fields, with a certian value? For Instance Count all Active Status fields?
  3. Hi, I am having trouble understanding aggregate functions. In Filemaker The Missing Manual it states: "If you rever an aggregate function to even one related fiel, Filemaker aggregates that field's values from EVERY related record." But say I use Count(LearnerID) in a calculation, it only counts the current active record. Not ALL records. How do I do that?
  4. Hi, I am designing a database for a training company. I keep track of client (big companies), learners (the employers of the big companies), and courses. In the courses layout I have a portal that shows which learners did the specific course. In the clients layout I have a portal that shows what learners are employed by them. Now I want to create a portal in the client layout to show what courses has been done for a company. I created the portal and it works (getting the value through the learners), but it repeats every course, for every employee of theirs that did the course. How do
  5. I tried something similar, but for some reason the fields wont update automatically, It only updates when I use a script with a button.
  6. Hi there, as you will see in the attached example I have a database for a training company with layouts for Clients, Learners, Trainers, Courses etc. In the Client Layout there is a portal under the learners tab to show which learners have been employed by the current client. The same goes with the Learners Layout where there is a portal with the employment history of the learner. This works perfectly. Now I want to add the Courses the Learner attended in the same way. I tried to do it exactly as I did with the employment relationship, but it doesn't work. I would really appreciate it if someb
  7. It is in list view, sorry I am a beginner, could you please explain how I should use Go to Related record? Thanks for the help!
  8. Thanks, I got it right! Only bad thing is that I have to use a button with a script to update each and every record (12000 records take a while) Would have been great if the field in the related table updated automatically, but atm this doesnt seem possible with Filemaker, am I right?
  9. Hi there, is there a way to add a check box to a dialogbox? How would I make a box with an check box option for: "Do not display this message again." Thx in advance
  10. I have list of people with their current employers. At the top of the list I have a pop up box (Field: EmployFilter, global value I suppose?) with all the employers names. How can I tell filemaker to only show the employees of the company that I selected in the popup box? Help would be appreciated, thanks :
  11. I did it that way with an auto enter calculation, but It wont work. But when I use a button that with SetField[students::Emphist; Last(Employment::ClientID) it works. Why wont the Last(Employment::ClientID) calculation work with auto enter?
  12. I have a database with a list of students, and their employment history. The employment history is stored on a table and I have a portal on the student layout that shows the employment history (I also use the portal to add new employers to the history). The last record in the portal is obviously the current employer. I also have a list layout which lists all the students and their current employer. I am having trouble getting the field to show their last (current) employer. I created a button with a script that updates the field and it works, but how do I get the field on the list layout
  13. I used that method and it works fine thanks, but is there no shorter way? I need to do it with much longer value lists now, so instead of: Case ( Gender = "M" ; "Male"; Gender = "F"; "Female"; Gender = "U"; "Unspecified"; Gender = "Male" ; "Male"; Gender = "Female"; "Female"; Gender = "Unspecified"; "Unspecified") is there easier no way to tell filemaker that if its not one of the M, F, U values it should just take the new/ keep the old existing value?
  14. Hey there, sorry but I have no idea where to post this. I recently discovered this website Qunu.com. If you need help, or better even, if you like to help people, check it out. Its a way give (and recieve from) live help to people. It would be great if a few Filemaker experts could join. Thanks
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