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  1. Although there is a place in Windows where you can assign an "order" (or priority?) in which network services bind to which adapters, I "moved down" the VPN interface in the order list but did not helped. This can be found if you go to Network Connections, then go to the Advanced menu and select Advanced Settings. There you can see a Connectios (adapters) list and a Bindings list at the bottom that shows the stuff (protocols) that are working for the selected connection (or adapter). Apparently Filemaker doesn't follow these rules. I think what I am going to end up doing is sharing the f
  2. I have exactly the same problem with Filemaker 8.5 So it is not a problem of version 5 only. I am trying to find a way to "make" Filemaker bind to the physical IP address instead of the VPN IP address. Any new information will be appreciated.
  3. Please delete previous posting #265673 posted in wrong topic
  4. I have exactly the same problem with Filemaker 8.5 : So it is not a problem of version 5 only. I am trying to find a way to "make" Filemaker bind to the physical IP address instead of the VPN IP address. Any new information will be appreciated.
  5. Well, that is a perfect example of a classic generalized statement. And I do not comment on those, it is a waste of time. Believe me that I am fighting a battle in two fronts. I know there are two ways for this to get done. Either my application does fixed-length or the other application changes to read another format. In the same way I ask FMI to incorporate this ability, I asked for the other application to change theirs. I really do not care about the format. I am not defending fixed-length or any other format. I just have a need to do a job, and for this task I am require
  6. This is the file I wanted to include in my last post
  7. I can understand that many people do not have the need for this format now, specifically if you do not interact with legacy applications that usually run on mainframes, as/400, or similar servers. But I do not control these applications and still have a need to interact. Also I can understand that FMI can not please everyone and has to choose the most popular features. But I think it does not hurt to ask for it. FMI has listened to its users in the past and I think it will keep listening. If we stay quiet, FMI will never know of our need. If enough people request it, maybe they will
  8. I am trying to export FROM Filemaker to fixed-length ascii files. That would helped me if I were importing to Filemaker. But thank you anyway
  9. The fact is we live in a world where there is a need to interact with other systems. And not all applications or systems change at the same speed. There are many applications (financial, medical, and other industries) that run on mainframes, AS/400 or similar servers than run COBOL applications (and alike)that use the fixed length format. And if you think about it, it is a safe format. It does not depends on delimiters. You just need a layout (or schema) of where each field starts. There are other databases out there that allow you to do this. I like Filemaker very much, do not
  10. There are about 200 fields. Some of them we will not use them but we have to "reserve" their space in the export file. It's just that I thought Filemaker would have an easier way these days. I has hoping that the new version had this nailed. There are more difficult things that have been programed (SQL two way links, etc.) and this should have already been there. The calculation field sounds good for a few fields. I am thinking to export in another format and then using another application take the file and generate the final file. thank you for your help.
  11. Well, thank you for your answer. I have seen the XML stylesheet. It looks like the columnwidth variable applies for all fields. I need a way to specify the columnwidth by each field.
  12. Where you able to solve this? I am also interested in exporting fixed-length text files
  13. I have a need to export fixed-length flat ascii text files from Filemaker. I do not know if there is a plug-in out there for this. But would like to know. Basically I need to be able to specify the characters per field when exporting. Not sure if Filemaker is currently adjusting each output field length to manage the longest value in the database. Any ideas? thank you
  14. Let's take this to the next level. What if I create a layout with only buttons, one for each letter. I want the use just to clikc the letter by which they want to search. I thought about using the script parameter and set the letter as a script parameter for each button. But have not found a way on how to use it within a script for the search. A find won't allow me to specify the function get(scriptparameter) or a storage calculated field (global). Any ideas?
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