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  1. Hello everybody. I need to create a notes field, and I would like to know the best way to approach this. (The intent is to have a time stamped record of each interaction with our patients.) Should I have one big field, and rely on the users to timestamp their entries? Or should I have a portal relationship with a related "notes" table, with each new note being a new record? Is that best? Or is there some better solution? I imagine this is well trodden ground around here. Any advice will be appreciated!
  2. Hello everybody! I work in a dental business. I have made a little database to keep track of the cases we have ongoing. There's only one table: CASES. Each record tracks things like the patient name, the date of the next appointment, etc. The field STATUS tracks whether the case is "Live" or "Completed". I made a layout of the type "list view" so I can see all the cases on one screen, which is really handy. However, it currently displays all the cases, whether or not they are "Live" or "Completed". What's the best way to make this layout display only the "Live" records? My
  3. My CRM database tracks mailshots sent out to prospects via a parent/child relationship. I have a portal on the "Prospect" (parent) record layout, which displays the "Mailshot" (child) records linked to the prospect. I'd now like to create a child record for a group of prospects all at once. I tried to do it by creating a found set and using Records > Replace Field Contents. But it doesn't create a child for all the prospects. Is there a way to do what I want it to, or am I going to have to rethink the way I've designed the CRM?
  4. I am after your help, apologies for the oncoming incoherent waffle. I know little to nothing about Filemaker but I know enough that it could be the solution to a challenge my company is currently facing. I know so little I don't even know if I have posted this in the relevant section! I am trying to find out if my challenge is solvable with Filemaker and if so how complex would it be and what I should be looking to pay someone to do it. I know people might not want to answer in definitive terms what I should expect to pay, but a ball park figure of hours and an average hourly/daily
  5. Thanks very much, that worked perfectly! Shiny_new_database is now populated! Comment, I need them in separate fields so I can export them to Royal Mail's mailshotsonline system, which requires the street address in separate lines.
  6. Hello! I am moving data from old_database.fp7 to shiny_new_database.fp7 - however, the street address in old_database is a multi-line field named street_address. shiny_new_database has multi street address fields streetadd1, streetadd2, etc. So I'd like to make a calc field in old_database that gets the first line of street_address (and then another calc field that gets the second line, etc). I can then import from the calc fields. Can anybody help me with the calc formula? None of the functions leapt out of the list at me (I guess I was hoping for a GET LINE NUMBER function or s
  7. Great, thanks for the advice Mr Cooney. The City, State and Zip details are in separate fields - we're just talking about the street address here.
  8. So I have an old database with the field ADDRESS. And a new one with ADDRESS1, ADDRESS2, ADDRESS3 & ADDRESS 4. I need to get the records out of old_database and into shiny_new_database I'm not sure what the best way to go about this is. Would it be to add ADDRESS 1 et al to old_database, then somehow split ADDRESS into the new fields, then import it cleanly into shiny_new_database? Or is there something clever I can do with the import? (I'm using FM10.) Many thanks to anybody who can give me a pointer. Best regards, Frosty.
  9. Thanks for the pointer, I will check script triggers out! EDIT: worked perfectly, thanks very much!
  10. Hello experts, Using FM10 I have made a "list" type layout. It shows all the records in my database. I would like it to only show certain records - records where the field DISPATCH_DATE has a null value. I am aware I can do this with an omit request, but I don't want the user to have to do this every time they access this layout. Is there a way to only show records with no DISPATCH_DATE? Thanks very much! -Frosty.
  11. I have two fields: INDATE and OUTDATE. I would like to see all the records in my database where OUTDATE is more than 15 days after INDATE, but I have no clue how to achieve this! Can anybody help me? Thanks! Frosty
  12. Hi guys! Hope this is the right forum. My table called CASES holds all the cases we've done for clients this month. Here are two of the fields it has: DATE_IN (date) UNITS (calculation, it counts how many units were in the case) Does anybody know a quick way for me to see how many units in total we received in April?
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