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  1. I need to track the amount of wine stored in tanks at the winery I work at. I have three parent tables: One called STORAGE with a portal that is used to enter data about the movement of wine, the date of the transaction and which tank it went into. The next table (called WINES) stores data about the wine (vintage, varietal, etc.) The third table (called TANKS) keeps track of which tanks have what wine and how much free space, if any, is left in them. The three parent tables are related the a third child table called LINES. This table keeps track of the portal records in the STORA
  2. ThatOneGuy, I believe John is right. Although, FMP Help says Get(LayoutTableName) returns the name of the table, my table was always named, CUSTOMERS. It was the table occurance that was named CUSTOMERS_Storage. Only when I changed the name of the table occurance did it make my script work. I created a calculation field and placed it on my layout to test it. The field changed when I changed the table occurance name.
  3. One Guy and John, Thanks for the replies. John, you were right. I changed my table occurance name to just "CUSTOMERS" and now the script works great. I appreciate the help.
  4. I am running the script from a layout called "CUSTOMERS_Form" and go to either "CUSTOMERS_List1" or "CUSTOMERS_List2" depending on the status area. The script is supposed to run wether the status area is closed or open. I have tried it on both, and neither of them work. The script works if I change the script to say: If [Get ( StatusAreaState ) = 1 or Get (StatusAreaState) = 2] Go to Layout [("CUSTOMERS_List1" (CUSTOMERS_Storage)] Else Go to Layout [("CUSTOMERS_List2" (CUSTOMERS_Storage)] End If However, I wanted the script to be dynamic across multiple tables (
  5. I'm using a script to navigate to a couple of list view layouts. One layout if for the status area showing, one is for when it is hidden. I copied the script from another database. For some reason, the script works in the other database, but not mine. I have the script attached to a button, but when I click the button or run the script from the menu, nothing happens. I have FMP 8, so I don't have the debugger. Does anybody know of a FM bug that might cause this? Here is the script: If [Get ( StatusAreaState ) = 1 or Get (StatusAreaState) = 2] Go to Layout [Get ( Layout
  6. John, I downloaded the file and saw that the countries value list is filled with custom values that must be manually typed in. I also have your training videos in which you demonstrate conditional value lists with the category and customers value lists from your invoicing solution. The category value list was also manually typed in. Is it possible for both value lists to "Use values from field"? I have been trying to implement this into a solution of mine, but I'm having trouble. Also, I'm trying to use them in a portal, so I don't know if that is messing things up as well.
  7. I think I've figured out my problem. The calculation field in the database I'm working with (not the one I've posted) references a related table. These calcuation results cannot be stored because of this.
  8. Okay, I've attached a simplified version of the file I'm working on. I appologize for taking this long to respond, but I was trying to get some other things done on the file. The value list called "Fathers" contains the primary key from the table of the same name. However, I also want it to display values from the "name_full" field which is a calculation that combines the "name_first" and "name_last" fields. I've placed the value list on the portal in the "MOTHER" table which looks through the relationship with the "CHILD" table at the "FATHER" table. As you can see the portal i
  9. If it says "Indexed" next to the name, that means there's data in it right? I know there is data in the field it is looking up.
  10. I created a lookup. The message no longer shows, but now my drop-down list will not drop down anymore. It just enters the field as if it is a regular data entry field.
  11. For those reading this post, I've solved the problem of displaying most recent transactions through script maker. First, I created a portal in the STORAGE table that displayed the foreign key from CUSTOMERS. Next I created a script which ran off a button on the STORAGE layout that set fields in the TANKS layout to what ever values were in the portal records. That way the tank displayed whatever customer was currently occupying that tank. If anyone would like me to clarify, please let me know.
  12. I have a DB in which I have a drop down list displaying a primary key field from a related table. Although the primary key uniquely identifies the record, it is just a serial number and not very user friendly. So I created a calculation field that combines the vaules from a few different text fields to help describe the record better. I then attempted to "display values from second field" using the calculation field, but FileMaker gives me this message: "This value list will not work because this field cannot be indexed..." Does anybody know a work-around for this? I want to dis
  13. It's cool, I understand. There's a lot of numbering systems to track everything in a complex database. A couple of weeks ago, I wouldn't have even known what questions to ask, so don't feel bad.
  14. I don't think there is a tanks id in the STORAGE table. The STORAGE table references the foreign key from TANKS in the LINES table. I set it up like this: -A primary key in each parent table (STORAGE and TANKS) -Then, a foreign key from each parent in the join table (LINES)
  15. I really don't know what lines are either. I wasn't sure what to call the table, I just knew that I needed it to complete the many to many relationship between TANKS and STORAGE. I think LINES means line items. I may try to creat a portal in the STORAGE table that creates records in the LINES table whenever someone enters a new STORAGE record.
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