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  1. I have to chime in and say that this has been driving me nuts lately too. I have a nasty table with a bunch of ever-increasing fields and about 5 or 6 different import scripts that get screwy each time a change occurs. FM definitely needs to get a handle on it and map the fields in each database by the internal field ID's somehow and keep it that way.
  2. This position has been filled, and this topic can now be closed. Thanks!
  3. We're a small real estate company with big goals looking to hire a full time Filemaker developer in our office located in the East Bay, Northern CA. Primarily a Mac environment. Candidate must have a proven track record when it comes to Filemaker database development. It wil be approximately 90% development and 10% IT support. Salary DOE. Please send resumes to visc0us@aol.com. Thank you. Here's the breakdown of the job duties: Dept: Administration Title: Database Developer/IT Specialist Primary Duties and Responsibilities: Database Development: FilemakerPro database development, which would include building databases from scratch and integrating into our existing FilemakerPro database configuration Learning our existing database network and how it has been built and continuing to build on top of this. Work to create and keep uniformity among all databases Work with each department head to assess what databases are currently needed and create a timeline on the creation and execution of the development of these databases. Work with each department head to assess, which new databases can be built to increase productivity and workflow. Manage and prioritize the list of database projects that are outstanding with a timeline and execution summary. Update on a monthly basis the progress of each project Perform all needed database maintenance including software upgrades and new applications. Perform all troubleshooting for FilemakerPro when databases are not functioning correctly. Develop a method to track and monitor the functionality of each database. Work with Web site developers in 2007-2008 to integrate our databases onto the “members only” section of our web site for 24 hour access. Work with circulation department head to integrate new circulation software with FilemakerPro Managing database security for company and making changes as needed Make suggestions for tailoring and improving our databases to increase productivity, improve workflow and boost our bottom line. IT Support Provide IT support as needed which would include, Troubleshooting and working to fix server and e-mail problems Helping individual employees with their computer systems when they are not working properly Helping senior management assess technical situations and provide expertise to aid in making a good decision. Managing all company software applications and site licenses. Creating a method to track all serial numbers for each person for each computer. General Duties and Responsibilities • Prepare for, attend, participate in and contribute to all other scheduled and special departmental and company staff meetings • Prepare for, attend, participate in and contribute to all company sponsored and third party training sessions, as directed • Perform other assigned tasks, when necessary, to support overall success of company • Create and distribute contact and client notes after each substantive conversation or contact • Use own initiative to further support the overall success of the company • Operate in compliance with and in support of the company’s stated values, mission, goals, objectives, policies and procedures
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