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  1. I'm importing many folders of JPEG images into a container field, updating existing records in a found set. For some reason, the JPEGs aren't importing in numerical order according to file name - the portrait oriented images (taller than they are wide) are being imported after all of the landscape oriented images. Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but the portrait oriented images were created after the landscapes, so the "creation date" on the portrait oriented images is later than the creation date of the landscape images. Can anyone shed light on the import order of files in a folder?
  2. This method for capturing multiple occurences is working perfectly. Thank you so much for your help!
  3. It works great - you're an absolute legend. Now - one final question: How should I alter this script if there are multiple instances of each keyword, or if there are none? For example, sometimes in the xml data there are multiple "Nation" keywords - like this: Nation|Germany Nation|France Nation|Britain I would like to have the script add each string to the "Nation" field, separated by a comma or dash. Likewise, sometimes there is no "Nation" data for the record at all - and when this happens, your script put a ton of unrelated xml data into the field. Thank you again for your help!!
  4. Thanks! I'll give it a try now and report back.
  5. Hi there - I've managed to get the XML (well, XMP) data from imported images into a field labeled "XMP", but now I would like to parse that data into different fields according to hierarchical subject heading. The data in the "XMP" field looks like this: Nation|Germany Image Type|Photo - WW1 Era Original Aircraft Manufacturer|Friedrichshafen Aircraft Type|Biplane Aircraft Type|Seaplane Aircraft Seats/Use|Bomber Setting|In Flight My fields are named "Nation", "Image Type", "Aircraft Manufacturer", "Setting", etc. Obviously, the text string that I would like to parse immediately follows the subject heading and the "|", then ends right before the "". Any help with this is much appreciated!
  6. Thanks for the reply. Sharing is turned on, status is normal on all files, still nothing.
  7. I'm hosting several databases with Server 7, all of which reside on my workstation. My problem is that when I go to "Open Remote File" in Filemaker Pro 8.5, they don't show under "Available Files" when I select the host. The host shows up fine, and the FM_Server_Sample shows up and opens fine, but the two files which I have in the same directory don't show up. They ARE listed under "Databases" > "Files" in Filemaker Server Admin. Any help with this would be much appreciated!
  8. Hi there - I have a script which imports image thumbnails into a field using Import Records command. I have created a button to execute this script, but I would like to have this button bring up a pop up window which will allow the user to browse to the folder which contains the images to be imported. Basically, I need to specify the data source as a folder, and then allow the user to add a folder to the "folder path" list. Any suggestions appreciated!
  9. Ok, I'm definitely getting there. At this point it's copying various string lengths into the Album Name field - sometimes it's the first word, sometimes it's all the way through "Thumbnails" example: British Aviation Sqn Markings/Th or British Aviation Sqn Markings/T or British Aviation Sqn Markings/Thumbnails/09 - RE8 "Thumbnails" will always be the folder AFTER the file name that I want, btw. Thanks so much!!!
  10. ok, newbie alert - I'm just using Filemaker Pro, not Developer. Am I able to use this script in Pro? And if so, do I paste it into the "Specify Calculation" dialog box for the Set Field command? I've been trying to do it this way, but always get a message to insert an operator after the first line. Thanks again! Sorry for my newbishness.
  11. Great - thanks for these - I'll try them out now. And yes, there are occasionally multiple subfolders between "C:/" and "/Thumbnails".
  12. Hi, I need to extract a bit of text from a field and move it into another field. Here's what I've got. My field "Source" contains a long file name for the image which I have imported into that record. I would like to copy part of this file name and paste it into a field called "Album Name". The contents of the Source field look like this: file://C:/British Aviation Sqn Markings/Thumbnails/05 - BE2e - test aircraft - camouflage.tif I would like to take the text between "C:/" and "/Thumbnails" and copy it to the Album Name field. All help and suggestions appreciated!
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