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  1. Yes, sorry, I should have been more clear. If I go to Manage Data Bases > Fields > open my distance calculation field and then close out of it, the relationship resorts to the correct order. Placing 'Refresh Window [Flush cached join results] ' at the end of the script worked. I knew it had to be something simple. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have moved forward with using a script. I've set up two global fields that populate according to the current record's lat/lon. I have a cartesian relationship set up to between the customer and store tables and I'm specifying the relationship to be sorted according to an unstored distance calculation. All the distances calculate correctly, but the portal doesn't show the correct sort order. However, if I open the calculation field and close it, the portal does resort to the proper order. Any thoughts on why the relationship would not update it's sorting? The distance calculation update
  3. Ah, I see now. I think I understand how to use a table with [25k * # of customers] records, but it seems using an unstored calculation is the way to go. Because this would only calculate for the selected record, would I need to write a script to run though all customer records? I'm searching the forums now. You've already been a big help, and your direction is greatly appreciated.
  4. Comment, as usual, you bring up some very good points. For this particular job, it will be a one time thing. By this I mean, we are mailing out to a new list of customers every month and do not have to worry about store or customer addresses changing. I'm having trouble calculating the distances to each store. It seems this calculation needs to be done in the stores table, but then it is not unique to each customer record. I know there must be something obvious I am missing.
  5. Yes, that is correct. My line of thought was calculate these 25k distances, rank them, take the top 3. Then repeat for each customer.
  6. Thanks, reading through that post now. I have 25,000 stores in the list. In the end, I'm really only looking to locate the 3 closest stores and append the original customer table with this info. Do you think I'm going about this the wrong way?
  7. I have two tables of data. One is a list of customers, and the other is a list of stores. I have the Latitude and Longitude of everything and know how to calculate the distance between any two items. I'm looking to create a portal in the customer table that shows the 3 closest stores. I think I can accomplish this by creating a sorted portal, but I am unsure on how to sort a portal in this way. Any ideas to get me going in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks! I feel stupid now. It always seems to be something simple and easy overlooked. Now it is behaving as I expected. Thanks again for your time on this issue. I'm new to the community, hopefully I can start giving back some answers soon. Thanks again.
  9. Here you go. If you look at the layout T1, you'll see the portal showing the sorted records from Table 2 (via sorting being checked in the relationship and not the portal) and below you'll see C1, 2, 3 being parsed as I described. Any ideas? SortRelationship.zip
  10. I am absolutely sure. I'm as surprised as you are, but GetNthRecord does not return a sorted result. I can send an example to you if you'd like.
  11. comment, thanks for your thoughts and time. Clicking sort records in the definition of table 2 only work to sort the record when I view it through a (unsorted) portal. GetNthRecord however, still wants to go off of some sort of record creations date. With a sorted relation to table two, the portal displays exactly what I want, the parsed V1, 2, 3 does not. Processing the file after the fact seems problematic because I am unfamiliar with either XML/XSLT or Applescript (I am in an all mac environment). Any good starting points for either of those? Also, it seems like there should be a solu
  12. Then end goal is to have Value1, 2, 3 in date order so I can export as a tab delimited file (the only type of file that FusionPro, a variable data design program can handle) I need each record in the tabbed delimited file to correspond to one recipient and to have values for coupons valid on certain days to be able to populate the artwork in order. When I define my relationship I tried having table two sorted according to the info field(the filed that will become Value field in table 1) but I get the same results. Can you be more specific in how I need to set up my relationship? Thanks aga
  13. Hey all, I could use some help on this one. Have two tables related by a simple serial key. When table 1 relates to table 2 I get multiple matches for each key. I can see these matches in a portal just fine, and I can even sort the portal. My next task was to parse each one of these matches to it's own field in table one, using the calculation: GetNthRecord(); this works great except I want the parsed fields in table 1 (say Value1, Value2, Value3) to be in a sorted order. Sorting the portal doesn't help me, sorting the original table 2 doesn't help either. FM seems to use some internal k
  14. I'm stumped on this one, thought I'd try the forums. I have a data base related to another data base. For the relationship I have defined, I get three related records for each record in my main data base. If I create a portal I can see all three matches for each record. I want to parse each of these values into 3 separate fields in the main data base. Using a calculated value for my fields I can pull in the first value using: GetRepetition ( relatedDB::Value ; 1 ) however, GetRepetition ( relatedDB::Value ; 2 ) doesn't work Last(relatedDB::Value) will pull in the last value
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