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  1. You guys are great. I have played with the several suggestions above, but have come back to the commnad. I have decided that the Full Name will not be an option for the search, which is no biggy. However, I am sure that as I progress and my Database becomes more sophisticated (and it will - it is 10 times more sophisticated than it was 3 weeks ago), I will look at the other possible implementations mentioned here. So thanks again for the help! You guys are not only making it easier for me to build this database, but because of you I am learning! A Silver Surfer Learner!!!!
  2. Hi everyone. How can I get two fields contents to appear in just one field as well. By that I mean I have two fields Surname & 1st Name in that order. I would like the contecnts of those fields to appear in another Layout in just one Field called Full Name. How would I go about doing this please. Do hope you great guys will help me again here. Mark
  3. I uderstand, and have now been able to do this. Thank you
  4. I am not sure how I would do this. In the Browse Mode, I have a button that has this script attacthed to it: Enter Find Mode[] Go To Field [chsacs::Surname] Insert Text [surname; chsacs::Surname["Enter Search Here"] Now that script takes me to the layout to allow a search for the surname. I do not understand how I can then create a script to another button that triggers this script to actually do the search. I know I am a bit dim! Mark
  5. I have setup my databse so it does not show the Satus Area View to the left of the screen. I have setup my search function etc, but when it goes into Find Mode, I want to be able to press a button that says Search Now (or similar), instead of having to press the Find button that appears on the Status Area. So my question is this, is there a script that I can create that would force an Enter or Carriage Return command that I can then attactch to a button? I know I can just hit return on my keyboard, but it would be a lot easier for people to use a button. Hope someone can help.
  6. Dawn - Big hug and kisses coming your way. That worked a treat. There you go, not only have I got it working as I want, but I have learned something new as well. Thank you so much. Now, I will search the net for possible ansers to my other question. All these scripts and calculations are pretty daunting to someone like me who is new to this stuff. But I am learning. Mark
  7. This works great, however, there is one small problem with this in action. It shows when going through your records 1 of 1 or 4 of 4 etc, however, what I would like to achieve is have it actually state what record number you are on and how many record numbers there are in total. For example, Record 3 of 50 etc. How could I achieve that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I have popped a link to this place on our church web site. You guys are great. Just another quick question, sort of related. I have setup a unique record number for each record entry, so whenever
  8. It would sure be a lot easier to understand how all these things worked if I had a database that was already done and dusted that I could take apart and see how it worked. I have several Filemaker Pro Books, which are great for things like design, layouts etc etc etc, however, getting to grips with things like scripts and calculations does make my brain throb!!! lol. I tend to forget that not everyone has the same design and requirements as me. Does anyone out there have a database that is concerned with church membership and stuff like that I could take a good look at? That woul
  9. Genx, thanks for that info - very useful. I shall implement that now. Can you answer my question about having empty fields show up in my Layouts. (about two questions down from here). Mark
  10. OK, whilst I am here, I may as well try and push my luck a bit. I have setup a layout that will show everyones email address. However, the results also include empty fields of people who do not have email addresses. How can I achieve only showing results that actually have email addressess entered in my email fields? Did that make sense.
  11. Thank you for that! I shall not worry about it now. Phew. Mark
  12. Hi, When I try to runa script by clicking on an image, an Hour Glass with esc next to it appears. I know if I press the Esc Key, it stops, but why does it appear and can I stop it from happening? Many thanks Mark
  13. Hi All Ok, I have 5 tabs in my database, each holding different info. I have popped a Print button on each tab which takes it to a new layout for previewing, then prints. I have also put a Return Button on that layout to take me back to the Tab section I came from in the main database. However, how do I specify which of the tabs it returns to? I have tried this, and it always seems to go to the wrong tab. So, how can I specify which tab my return buttons takes people to. Again, many thanks for your help. Mark
  14. Thanks for that - I would have said thanks yonks ago, but have been offline since then. Cable company screwed up big time. Thanks again Mark
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