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  1. Has anyone found a workaround for Save Records as PDF in web direct? I know this feature is incompatible with direct scripting and I've been trying to think of a workaround. This feature would be great and is needed to generate any sort of reasonable reports, but I've had not luck scripting a workaround so far. Help!
  2. Yes! The same thing happens to me. This crash occurs when data format option is set to enable interaction. Sorry, but I have not yet found a solution. Ugh!
  3. Here is the answer that worked for me. Download the app OK Font (http://www.supercustomized.com/). Repair your fonts and you should be good to go. Phil Feldman Mobile, AL
  4. I have a container field in a portal. Looks great in FMP, but the container field is misalinged (appears totally outside of the portal) when I view the layout in IWP from my browsers (Safari and Firefox). The name of the file appears as expected (i.e., document.doc) but the name of the document appears way on the left hand part of the layout! Ideas anyone?? Thanks, Phil
  5. William- I am looking for a similar solution. I want to create a PDF file and attach it to an email so that everything is customized. The difference between our needs is that I understand that you want to export from a container field. I want to create the PDF file from a formatted report and use the Save Records as PDF script step. If you get anything that you think will help, please let me know! I'll follow this thread. Thank you. Phil Feldman pfeldman@jaguar1.usouthal.edu
  6. Hans, Your solution worked perfectly! Thanks so much. You saved me many MANY hours of work! Phil Feldman
  7. I have a container field that holds an MS Word document; other fields hold the email address, etc. I want to send that document in the container field as an attachment using my Entourage email client. I know I can export the contents of the container field to my desktop, but then I have to stop and attach that file to the email that now resides in the Drafts folder of Entourage. Not good when sending lots of emails... In other words, the email is created correctly with no problems. I just can't figure out how to append the attachment automatically. Thanks for your thinking
  8. Thanks so much. I tried this function, but I'll try again. Nice to know I am on the right track. Thank you.
  9. I have a tab control layout object with several tabs. I have a global field entitled "g.active tab". I want to set g.active tab to the name of the active tab of the tab control object. I hope this is clear. For example, my tab control object has Student Teachers as tab 1 and Methods Courses as tab 2. When the Student Teachers tab is active, I want to g.active tab to hold the value "Student Teachers" (the name of the tab). Thanks in advance... I hope this can be done!! Phil Feldman
  10. Once again, I am grateful and embarrassed... Thanks so much.
  11. I am looking for a script that will delete a record in a portal. I want to click on a field in a selected portal row and delete that specific related record. I know this must be very simple, but ... thanks to all!
  12. Thanks. I'll give it a try... Will let you know
  13. I'm trying to set up a layout that will enable the user to select reports and enter search criteria for these reports. My approach is that this layout has a number of global fields on it (e.g., report name, date of service, principal investigator). Each of these global fields has a drop down list showing values that are appropriate to each field. For example, g.reportname shows the names of all the layouts for each report I have created. Another example, the drop down list for principal investigator shows the names of all of the principal investigators (people). I want to be a
  14. Problem solved! How do I delete all of these postings that I created?
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