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  1. This Works PERFECTLY!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I love all of you!!!
  2. I tried to create 2 fields SNumber SValidate (autoenter calculation + unique validation)= SNumber+Year The problem with the autoenter calculation is that, when the "SNumber" is modified, "SValidate" unique validation somehow stop working. is there a way around this? Thanks all
  3. "field-level validate" thats the validate that I need. so I have 2 fields SValidate = SNumber+Year and SNumber so after selfjoin SValidate how do I validate Snumber? Please help
  4. Thanks for all your input, So i can create an extra unique field for primary with no problem. Also note that "SNumber" must be inputted manually. Now is there a way to make sure that a field is unique by calculation? let say UNIQUE only for within that particular active year? I need this considering the typing error during data entry, so validation for unique value has to be turned on. please help
  5. I'm working on a database which contains a defined unique serial number yearly, but this unique defined serial number can be repeated the year after that. for example: year 2006 "SNumber" contains AB100, AB101 and it has to be unique during 2006 data entry. year 2007 "SNumber" contains AB100, AB101 and it has to be unique as well. The big question is, how do I defined a validation on field "SNumber" as unique for each year? considering the typing error during data entry, so validation for unique value has to be turned on. Without the hassle having a separate database
  6. I just recreate my time card from a FMP template with all the repeating field, into a separate record, since I'll be using an automatic data entry. Now lies my problem, its simple. I'm generating a monthly report for each employee, and each total hours they've been working. so I relate the employee table and time card table to create the report. How do I summarize total working hours for each employee, monthly in the report? I tried a summarize field in timecard table with no success. should I create a summarize field in the employee table? but how about the
  7. Dear all, I have a database which I plan to separate it into two different files. One files for all layouts and the other files is for all the tables. After that I will do the kiosk mode for the layout files. Is there a simple way of doing it while i still get to keep my scripts working properly? Thanks
  8. I'm creating a simple script with show custom dialog box that will greets me if its "morning", "noon" "afternoon" or "night". but somehow i can't say simple thing like find me a range from 8am-11am. so help me God. " if (Get (CurrentTime) < "4:00:00 AM") and (Get (CurrentTime)>"11:00:00 AM") Show custom dialog ["Good Morning"] if (Get ( CurrentTime )>"12:00:00 PM") and (Get (CurrentTime )<"1:00:00 PM") Show custom dialog ["Noon Time"] if (Get ( CurrentTime )>"1:00:01 PM") and (Get (CurrentTime)<"4:30:00 PM") Show custom dialog ["Good Afternoon"] . . .an
  9. Found it! My X button script was for "Delete Record/Request" and when I changed it to "Delete Portal Row" Everything Solved! Thanks for nothing I guess
  10. I have problem deleting portal record with the X button that I created. Whenever I do an edit portal first and I press the delete button, the "Permanently delete this ENTIRE Record?" appears. BUT when I directly press my X button without editing the portal record first. the "Permanently delete this one related record?" appears. I check my relationship between my main table and portal table "Allow creating" and "Delete this related table" on portal table both checked. And for the main table both unchecked. What did I do wrong? Please help.
  11. Great thanks now how do I put "add new request" in a script? Thanks a bunch
  12. Hi all, I have a set or data serial A1 to A9000 now, how do you find A1 and A100 I can do it easily in google like typing "+A1 +A400" or maybe "A1 and A100" I need to do the same with Filemaker?how? Plus how do to find "A1 to A100" and "A200 to A300" and "A8000 to A9000" How do you do it? Thanks for all the input.
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