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  1. i didn't think of it as a double post. i thought of it warranted a different thread. my apologies if it should have been in the same thread.
  2. this was my previous post if you are curious: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/180938/
  3. i have to update dates in a few related tables. as per my previous post i could not get it to work automatically via a calculation tied to a field. so i'm pursuing a script option. this works, but seems to not be very elegant. Set Field [ AA::DateOut; CC::DateAct ] Set Field [ AA::DateDead; CC::DateDue ] Go to Related Record [ From table: “BB”; Using layout: “LIST” (BB) ] [ Show only related records ] Loop If [ BB::Type = "swap" ] Set Field [ BB::DateEnd; CC::DateDue ] Set Field [ BB::DateBegin; CC::DateAct ] Exit Loop If [ BB::TaskTypeName = "swap" ] Else
  4. not sure what you mean... the link doesn't work for me. which post are you referring to?
  5. thanks for the ideas... the fields involved are all specified as 'date'. i tried lookup but it didn't work either. i did make a script and attached it to a button and it worked. but i'd prefer the fields to be update without any user intervention.
  6. i just switched out a use of InsertCalculatedResult to SetField and it certainly does seem nicer.
  7. i tried this in a script and it worked for me: Insert Calculated Result [select; yourfield; "0" & (GetAsText ( yourfield ))] i made a button and attached the script to it. each time i click it it adds a preceeding zero. you could make it loop through your records to replace all the fields. there may be a better way. the field is text however.
  8. i have a calculation that is working fine when i create the record. but when i change the data (a date) the the other field which has a GetAsDate function as the calculation. NOT WORKING [table 1] date_1 [table 2] date_A calc (get date from table 1 date_1 field) the calculation is not stored. if i put the field in the same table it works, so it seems like it maight be a relationship issue. the tables are linked via their Job# being the same which i verified as such. when i make a similar field in table 1 it works, but that's not so helpful. WORKS [tab
  9. however, it seems recover made 378 extra fields in the troubled table...and bizarre behavior still exits but is sporadic. i think i'll need to export and reimport as per the technotes.
  10. it may have a consistency check, but in my case we had corrupted records...blank but impossible to delete...and appearing on reports and in related records (somehow linked to an existing parent record). it seems a File -> "Recover..." may do the trick. i had tried that last week but likely was not patient enough. it seemed to hang on my corrupt table...but today it made it through!
  11. yeah i knew the shutdown was a bad idea but the tech people insisted. the display was unresponsive and it fixed that! i'll check out those knowledgebase articles. thanks.
  12. i believe when the server was shutdown [by pressing+holding the the front button on the macintosh server] the database became corrupt. i'm hoping i'm wrong. the records still appear, and can be edited, although filemaker claims there are none in the table in the "define database" menu item. one user is having issues where an extra blank record is created in addition to the ones that are supposed to be created via the script. no others are having those issues. when i investigate a copy of the database the automatically (by script) created records in that table appear but disappe
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