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  1. Daniele, I finally got a chance to see your reply. I tried it out, and it worked perfectly. Thanks very much for your help. Mike Janus
  2. This has to be covered somewhere, but I couldn't find it. I'm using FM9 and I want to sort a title field. I need to enter the title with the initial "The" "A" or "An" but I want the sort to ignore those. I want the title The Age of Anxiety to sort it as if it were Age of Anxiety. Many people must have had this problem, but I can't figure out what to do. It's a shame FM doesn't have an automatic sort which will do this, but since it doesn't, can someone suggest how I can do it? Thanks. Mike
  3. I want to thank the recipients to my original question. I posted it on the 9th and then went out of town on the 12th. I hadn't had a chance to get back to the problem until now. I'll be taking a look at all the possibilities, but I think I need to brush up on Join. I'll check out the FM help file--unless someone has a better suggestion. Sorry for my silence until now. I do appreciate the time people take to help with problems. Mike
  4. I'm working with Filemaker Pro 8 on a PC. I have one file called Adults.fp7. Each adult has a unique ID as well name and address fields (fullname, address1, address2, citystatezip, and phone) I have another file called Students.fp7. In this file, I have, among other fields, four fields called Parent1, Parent2, Parent3, Parent4 (in today's world, this family arrangement is not uncommon). In those fields, I enter the unique ID from the Adults database. I want to then display from the Adults database the relevant name, address, , and phone information for each of the four parent
  5. I am using Filemaker Pro 8 on a PC. I can't find anything in the Knowledge Base which deals with changing a file name. I have some database files which have scripts and relationships with one another. I want to change the name of a couple of the files. Two questions: --What is the best method for changing an fp7 file name? Should I change it in Windows Explorer or should I change it in Define File References--and if so, how should I change it there? --What will happen if I change the file name in terms of script references and relationships? Will I lose or have to rec
  6. No updates that I'm aware of. I use XP Pro, and although I'm notified of all updates, they are not downloaded and installed until I do it myself. That hasn't happened in a week, I think. Mike
  7. They are different files used for totally different purposes and with completely different information. One is related to business jobs and the other is related to a part-time teaching job I have. They have utterly no connection with one another.
  8. This is spooky. I previously asked about a problem with three related databases which were suddenly asking me for passwords. Now another databased completely and totally unrelated in any way to the previous three is asking me for a password when I never set one and have not changed anything in it between yesterday and today. This new database suddenly asking for a password is stored on a totally different computer and is for a different business. I'm using FMP 8.0 v.3. WHY is this happening? Mike
  9. If the Log in using must be checked, then what do I put for the Account and Password. I don't want to have to enter this every time I open the file. Mike
  10. Urgent help needed. I have three databases which had been working fine with no problems. Then in the last two weeks or so, they have been erratically asking me for passwords. I've checked File Options in the dropdown File Menu (which does have a blue checkmark next to it), but in all three, the Log in using... is NOT checked. In the last two weeks, sometimes I couldn't open the db by clicking the file name or doing a File Open, but I could get to the other two by going into one of them and opening the other two from it (because they're all related). All of a sudden today, I can
  11. For starters, I'm in FMP8.0 on a PC with 1 gig of ram and lots of storage. I know there has to be an easy solution to this, but I'm drawing a blank. I have three databases for a school-type setup: Participants Offerings Enrollments Participants keeps the student information including ParticipantID, LName_FName, phone, and email. There is only one record for each participant. Offerings has the class information, including Offering and Offering_Year_Semester (a single field which with the concatenation is a unique field). There is only one record for each Offering_Ye
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