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  1. I have a database which I want to deploy using FMS16 webdirect. It has several value lists which form dropdown lists. One of these has a lot of text in the value list items and in the webd view these extend beyond the edges of the screen. Is there any way of formatting the dropdown list so that the value list items wrap into a specified size text box? Many thanks for any input. George
  2. Finally sorted this problem. It's all about the settings in the file. If you want users to log in to the system you have to specify an account that will allow the initial login or else webd sees the database as unavailable. I solved the problem by specifying an access account and then writing a startup script with re-login as the first item. This then forces a re-login.
  3. Found out about the java update problem and have updated both java and FMS. FMServer_Sample.fmp12 opens perfectly well but my own databases don't and just show a blank page with a big X in the top left corner. Any suggestions for troubleshooting this? Thanks, George
  4. I have a new installation of FMS16 and am trying to get the webdirect function working. When I click on the Test filemaker webdirect link on the tests page of the FMServer console page I see momentary activity as though something is loading but then a blank page. Is there something in the settings or setup of the server that I have missed? Any suggestions gratefully received. Many thanks, George
  5. Thanks. Looks fine for someone with a lot of php experience. The demo video shows viewing functionality only. Does this system allow for the creation of new records and editing of records? regards, George
  6. Can anyone point me in the direction of documentation on how to set up and use FMEasyWeb, please? Apart from setup help, I also need to know if it can embed javascript and link this to a filemaker database. I am doing this using FMStudio at present but am finding it very slow progress. Many thanks, George
  7. Many thanks - I largely have it sorted now. I think the problem was due to a circular argument in that the first table couldn't do the lookup from the the second one until it had the data from the second one (if that makes sense - a catch 22 situation). I have it resolved now for the FMP side of things. Regards, George
  8. I'm hoping that someone can help me with a lookup problem. Briefly, I have two tables in a database, one with the reference data in it and the other with the active records. I'm developing a chemical structure drawing package that will allow students to practice drawing molecules that have a particular functional group in them. They select the functional group they want to draw, the first table then does a calculation based on that which returns a question number at random within a pre-set number of related records, and based on the question number generated, a lookup function fills the field
  9. I find it really frustrating trying to edit the php pages generated by the site assistant. Does anyone have, or can point me to, a guide that explains the syntax needed for the API? My php expert colleagues tell me that it is not standard php and that I should establish the logic behind it so that we can build up a site from scratch. Any ideas would be appreciated. (The old Claris homepage, that I used in producing web applications for FM4.1 had a library of html compatible code for all the interfacing commands - something like this for FM php would be absolutely great!) Thanks, Ge
  10. I've just upgraded my system to FMS10 advanced and am having serious problems with the php site assistant. To be brief, it is not producing a usable set of pages whereas the old site assistant in FMS9 advanced did. Drop-down menus don't work, add record doesn't give any enter buttons or even the set of fields selected and so on. This is a disaster for me as I rely on the site assistant, clunky though it is, to generate the basic pages which I then edit in dreamweaver. Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this, or guidance on an alternative way of generating the site would be very much app
  11. I'm struggling with forcing a required field to have a value. Any suggestions as to incorporating javascript code so that it is compatible with FMP php? many thanks, george
  12. I'd be very grateful for help on this - I'm moving from a CDML system to php and am trying to do a find based on a user input field (record id) and a hidden field (expired). If the result for a record has the expired field set to 'no' then I want the browser to return a text string including the record details, if the result has the expired field set to 'yes', then to return a different text string . How do I do this? In CDML, I simply used [FMP-IF: expired.eq.no] Click on record id to view details [FMP-FIELD: record number] [FMP-ELSE] This record has already been used. [/FMP-IF]
  13. I'm sure this is a silly question but I can't find the solution in the help index..... I'm trying to set a value in a field based on a calculation involving the number of records in a related table but don't want the field to recalculate each time the number of records in the 2nd table changes. So, on day 1 there may be 100 records in the related table and I can record this and use it in my calculation. On day 2 there may be 120 records, and any new calculation will use this value, but I don't want the calcs done the previous day to change from the 100 record status. There must be a logical
  14. Thanks ever so much for this. Excatly what I needed and very straightforward. Regards, George
  15. hi, Is it possible to merge two filemaker files into one, with all of the field definitions? I have moved from FM4.1 to FM9 advanced. In 4.1, relational tables were different files. FM9 can have multiple tables in a single file and it would be better to do it this way rather than maintaining several files. I can't see anything in the user's guide or help files. Exporting field definitions would also work but I can't see how to do this either. I'd be grateful for suggestions, many thanks, George
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