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  1. Hi Ender mmmmmm - I did as you suggest but it raises a problem and a further question. Firstly I did as you suggest - when I execute the script it turns the page into a find request with the curser blinking in the first field in the set tab order and, er, that's it. It simply launches a find. If this is normal (I really want a script to work right the way through from clicking a button to presenting the results in a list without a 'pause' in the middle that requires that I do something else). But in any case my manual selection of the find and pressing return thereafter makes no diff
  2. Hi Many, many thanks. I can't seem to get your script suggestion to work. Right now I'm using the following: Go to layout ["Contact") Enter Find Mode [Restore] Insert Text [select, "Committees_and_workin_groups" 10. ""] Perform Find [Restore, Replace Found Set] Go to Layout ["C/DL: Life Members ex. IFSC"] Perform Script [sub-scripts, "Sort by Company"] But for the lack of precision already mentioned it works fine... I can't see in your suggestion where the criterion itself is entered? In this case I take it that the criterion is "Life"??. My understanding of what
  3. OK - looked at the paper recommended. Very good and it seems that I've avoided most of the pitfalls he cites. Also I should have mentioned that the problem occurred in a repeating field - which, it seems are a no no. BUT here's the thing. I have built a test FM flat file - using an FM template to start with - and, using a non-repeating field, I have replicated the problem - on my own desktop (i.e. not a server based file). Here it is: 1) I have a value list that contains the following values: Receives: - Electronic Media Monitoring - All IIF IFSC LARC Life Life ex.
  4. There are two things I don't understand. 1) FileMaker's built in help suggests a) moving the body one pixel up or down depending on whether the names / addresses are being increasingly pushed down or up the page and adjusting the height of the header if the names / addresses are not spaced (between each whole name and address) properly. I understand but when they say move one pixel the only way I can see to change the sizes of the body is to drag it (I have to make it large to get one pixel at a time movement) - do I have this right or is there some way of inputting value
  5. Hi Thanks for this. Are you suggesting that: a) Hosting it on a server may have corrupted it and hence it isn't working properly HOsting it on a server renders searching unreliable It seems a very particular and strange fault to happen for such a reason - it seems that the fact that the searches share a common word and have a break between these words and that this confuses the system is also possible, no? Anyways, thanks..I'll give this a try. regards PMDA
  6. Hi I'm using FM 6.0v4. I have a label layout which is for most of its fields (except the name of the contact) using fields from a core (common) file of shared in formation in a relational database. The print preview of the labels looks fine but when I print it it breaks some lines in the middle and inserts the end of these in a new line like so. Mr. Ronan Foley Ecclestiacial Insurance Office plc 67 Fitzwilliam Square Dublin 2 The label is easily big enough and similar 2nd lines in other addresses are longer and a printing OK.... Also some addresses are putting th
  7. will do. We are a network of 7 users using a file stored on a server. I suppose we should all update. Paul
  8. No. Just 6.0v02. Do you think the update will make a difference? PMDA
  9. This is a problem I've had with FM6 on and off for a while. I have a value list on which there are about 20 values. One of them is called 'Pensions Distribution' and the other is called 'Pension Incentive'. When I search for 'Pension Distribution' records with the value 'Pension Incentive' are returned. I once called FM about this and got no explanation - except the suggestion that I shuld scrap the field and the associated value list and start again....Any ideas as to why it's doing this? PMDA
  10. Hi. Thanks for your reply. I can't see how you can do this on FM6. The only thing I can see is the Edit > Preferences > Document option..which allows you to run a script on opening the document but doesn't let you assign different scripts to different passwords. Regards Paul MacD
  11. Hi, Is it possible to write scripts that are executed once a specifc user has opened an FM6 file. I'm thinking of a script that will execute a zoom-to command for a specific user whose particular screen resolution will otherwise make the file hard to read? PMDA
  12. pmda

    FM6 Email to BCC

    Many thanks for your reply. I notice that this plug-in makes a virtue out of not using MS Outlook. My organisation requires (for record keeping purposes) that we use outlook for mail. Is there a plug-in that uses or allows you to use Outlook bcc box etc.. regards PMDA
  13. pmda

    FM6 Email to BCC

    Hi. I've looked around for ages and can't see the solution anywhere. I'm using FM6 and want to email a found set of contacts using the BCC box of outlook Does anyone have the correct script step (s)? I know there are various plug-ins that claim to be able to solve this but if there were a script I can stick into the open url box then that 'd be much better. thanks Paul MacD
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