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  1. I have about 40 of th Configuration logs. Would there be any better way than a Container Field for this export? I would work, but it would be difficult to manage if the customer add or changes the exports. I do set the error capture to eliminate the dialog box and it is able to run the script.
  2. I have a customer that is requiring a daily export of a configuration file. I have a dated output file that works great tied into the a script that looks at modification date and exports the record that have changed for the customer. The issue is that they want a blank file (Headers Only) to be exported in the event that there were no changes in the records for that day. Any Thoughts James
  3. Can I get a copy of that script? I am having some difficulty with that.
  4. I have a ODBC Connetion to a MySQL Server. I have no problem using this connection when I have a single computer connecting. However, I now need to look at hosting the FM Database on FM 9 Server Advanced. I need to have those data tables from the MySql Server availible to the Network Users. Is there a way for the server to control and hold the connection (ODBC) to that MySQL Server?
  5. You could set up a VPN using a device such as. SonicWall or Watchguard. These are easy enough to set up and work fairly well. Also with the Watchguard you can us Dynamic DNS services if you do not have a static IP. Just food for thought.
  6. Mark, I like how that stops the remaining part of the script from running, but I would still need to click the OK button so thst it does not lock the workstation. I am using scriptfire to automate scripts and the problem that I am having is the user intervention that is needed by having to click ok. I would like to get to a point that is logs the activity but does not nees someone to press OK when an error occurs. Thanks Again for all you help. Sorry it took me so long to test it and get back to you. James
  7. First let me answer the questions so i can provide as much information as posible. Q. did you try an error capture in the script? A. I done any error capture in the script and would not exactlly know how to do that. _________________________________ Q. How do you know you've gotten the most recent and not yesterday's? A. The file that I am importing is dated at the time of export. I have serit up to change the file name to the new name at the import p:vdataimport12032007.csv _________________________________ I have tried the CMD and that seems to work to
  8. I have set up a script to run daily that will import a .csv files that is sent to us by one of our customers (using scriptfire to run them on a schedule). This works great until the customer forgets to post a nightly file. In this case the system sits with an error message until it is manually cleared. How can I have FM check to see if the file exist prior to attempting the import? If it does exsist then it would continue and do the import and if not it would skip this step and continue. Thanks James
  9. I am having a problem with blank record being found when I search. I will place in a search criteria and it will display records that have no data in them. I can delete the record but can not modify it. However when I rerun the search the record is back. Why do these aronious records show up? When I "show All" and scroll through I do not see them. But when I do a search say based on date (or any field) they show up. Sometimes one record sometime many records all with no visable data. As Seen below, I have 42 records in the search the first 10 are blank. The search in looking for an
  10. Are you talking about the custom dialog box in the script as the UI? This would cause a problem as they slowly add additional fields say 5 or 6. Or is there a way to create a layout and then run that layout with full access? I have tried having a script open that layout however that did not allow the editing of the fields. Thanks James
  11. This might work. Will I have to have a new window for this or is there a way to enter the data from strait into what looks like the same fields? Where do I set the script to run with full access privileges? I have seen it before but now I can not find where I saw it. James
  12. Ok here is what I need to do. I have a database with many fields used to controlling the disposition of material. I also have a need to lock this data after it has been approved. (no problem with this). Now here is the issue. I need all those fields locked with the exception of 3 fields that need to be edited at a latter time, These fields would be for such things as entering in a RMA number, when the date replacements have been brought in, or a closed date when the item record has been finished. How can I lock fields of a record, but not all fields? James
  13. Better definition of the answer. Create a new layout (this will be your print report) Have that layout point to the portal data. in the report you have at least 2 sections Header: Have the fields that you wish to show from the general data placed here (ie company, address, terms, and Invoice #). I also sometimes place the portal field descriptions here to save space in the body. Body" Place all the portal data lines here. The make this as short as possible. When you print this report do a search on the invoice number and only the records that pertain to that invo
  14. SD, I do not think that we are on the same page, but I could be wrong. I have a master record that has header and detail lines and I have transaction records with header and detail lines. They both need to have the data cereated/seen through the portal. If I have the creation done in a seperate form it would be hard to track where you are in the lines for that record. If I store this as an calcfield then I can not have the case that when the master record changes the transcation record does not and Vis Versa. Let me know if I am not seeing the same thing.
  15. Ok here a sample file of what I am trying to do. In the Routing table it is a list of parts and in the Routing Data Table contains steps these are master files that are for initial building of the traveler tables. These are like MASTER RECORD for each part number. The Traveler table get its the information first by typing in the work order pulling the Item number then based on that number it pulls routing header information from the routing table. Information is changed in the traveler table it is not reflected into the Routing Table. Like wise, once a traveler gets the in
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