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  1. Hello everyone, I have been having some trouble trying to come up with a calculation. I have a field called Bar set to 100 repetitions with the following calculation. If ( 50 ≥ Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) ; "█" ) This gives me the value "█" for the first 50 repetitions, which is fine. However, when I reference a field instead of the number. The calculation only gives me the value for the first repetition. If ( value ≥ Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) ; "█" ) The field called value has a value of 50. But it doesn't eva
  2. I wasn't sure if to start a new topic or to mention this here. So forgive me if this is not the place. I am not that familiar with MySQL but, I was playing around with the ExecuteSQL () Function in order to find all records that matched a certain criteria. I came up with this: ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT fullName FROM people WHERE fullName LIKE '%" & GLOBAL::SEARCH & "%' " ; " ; " ; ¶) This would return the names of people that match the text entered in a global field called Search. If the value in the search field was "Alex" it would return Alexis, Alexander. Howe
  3. just a thought, and hope it helps, but you could pass on the name of the object or field as a Script Parameter using a calculation, getting the name of the object dynamically based on whatever criteria you want
  4. do a search for conditional value lists. think that's what you're looking for
  5. you would have to script the whole process of creating that record. ie: set variable (id from your current table), go to layout, new record request, set field (the variable into your key field), go to layout (original layout)
  6. Hello Heatherrd, First off, you mentioned you have 3 databases, maybe you meant tables? I will write using the word database. It sounds to me you like you need a join table. You have a direct relationship between Styles and Materials. Your explanation confused me a bit. Are you trying to create new records based on the Materials Database from your Styles Database. Or Assign Materials to your Style. If it is the latter, that means that one material, can be assigned to many different Styles, and in this case you would need a join table. Explain a bit more and maybe I can hel
  7. Basically you would have to simulate a Show All button. Instead of doing a general Show All, this button will be used to find all the records you want to be shown, Leads or Projects, depending on the layout you are on. As for the Find, script it too. Make it so that you search on either Leads or Projects and also the criteria your user wants. If you have your default menu, perhaps you can customize it and provide the Find and Show all scripts instead of the regular filemaker options. (Just a thought) This way you will simulate your Leads or Projects. Remember to think of the pos
  8. Your explanation was a bit weird. However, I downloaded the file and was able to modify it to what I thought you may have wanted to design. I based myself on the logic of what you wanted to report. You can look at the file to see what I modified. Basically added a sub-summary part, and only used one summary field based on the Amount Total field you had specified. The basic structure of your report would be this: Category Sub-Category Items Sub-Category Category Trailing Grand Summary PS: You also made a mistake on a Sub-summary part. You specified it to sort by th
  9. To help you I don't feel I have enough info. You say you have more than one field getting their values from last record visited? Could you perhaps share a file, a mockup of your database, or some screenshots. The idea is that the field (ie: date) on the current record must have a value, and when you create a new record, that same field (date) will be created with the value from the last record. But as I said, share an example, and perhaps I could help you more.
  10. Glad you got it working, if you need anything else, feel free to ask, welcome to the forums. -)
  11. If I understand correctly: You are on the Assets Table, and would like to see only the related Service Tickets. If that is so: begin with your relationship. Each asset has an ID field that is unique to the asset. The Service Ticket also has a unique ID, and must also have Foreign Key that will be used to relate that Service Ticket to the Asset. _pk_asset = _fk_ticket Then place the portal based on the Service Ticket TO on your Asset based layout. Hope that makes sense...
  12. Hello, Annie, I was having a hard time figuring out what you meant by your explanation. Can you explain a bit more. You can use the Go to Portal Row, script step as well, maybe that could help you. Edit: I think what you are experiencing is natural due to the tab order of the fields in the portal. When you reach the last field on a portal row, it will go to the next portal row, so I think you are going to need to capture a value from the portal row you are in before you run the script and at the end of the script go to that portal row.
  13. Hey, Let me explain a bit more: FieldNames ( fileName ; layoutName ) This calculation lists all the names of the fields on a layout. Therefore, in the fileName you must specify the name of the file or database you are working on, and the layout name on the layoutName parameter. You can use other functions as well to produce the fileName and layoutName dynamically: Get ( FileName ) Get ( LayoutName ) So it would look something like this: FieldNames ( Get ( FileName ) ; Get ( LayoutName ) ) Make sure the result is text for the calculation
  14. Thanks again comment and Ocean West. Comment, I overlooked the context of what you mentioned earlier, and you are right. I had an idea in my mind, doing a search like Address Book for Mac OS X, where on one field you enter your search criteria (name, address, phones, email, notes) and you get results fast, on the same layout and without using any pop-ups and things like that, also performing the search each time you type a letter, and displaying merge fields on a portal on my layout rather than the actual fields. User's enter and edit addresses through a pop-up. I will think a bit m
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