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  1. I have noticed some databases where you are able to open a file inside the database without having to export the field contents, but I cannot figure out how it is done. I work with contracts and want to be able to make a .pdf file and put it in the record. Next, I want to just click on the file and bring it up that way instead of exporting. Any ideas?
  2. I realized I put the first post under the wrong heading and was hoping to get a better response out the proper place. If you have an answer to post to my question then please do
  3. I am just looking to be able to validate a field. What I want to do is make sure that different client status' bring up different fields that data needs to be entered. For example, when we mark a client as a prospect then before someone leaves the record and forgot to put in the clients b/d a pop up comes up warning that the bd is not entered, but if we mark that client 'active' then I want a popup showing that we need to put in his address. So far this is how far I get on the code. Case (Status="Prospect" ;If? I am confused after this. Any helpers?
  4. Your awesome thanks. I was putting the calcualation as a calc and not as a date. Thank you for your help. Jason
  5. What call out do I use to make the date appear in my "End Date" field?
  6. Simply what I am trying to do is whenever I mark a client canceled, denied, or lapsed I would like a date to show up in the "end date" field. What I have so far is: If (Status = "Canceled; "Denied"; "Lapsed") Can anyone finish this for me for an automatic date to enter. Thank you for your help. Jason
  7. Hello everyone, What I am trying to do is create a floating message board. I already have a tiny main menu that people can use for our insurance database. If you will see in the attachment you will get an idea of the type of menu I am talking about. What I would really like to do is keep this small window in the forefront of all the other windows in FM only. What do you think? Possible? Thank you, Jason P.S. I am a very big newbie and using FM 8
  8. I have an insurance company DB. What I want to do is to be able to add additional agents licensed with each company by clicking a button and it opens up a new line to add a new person. Any thoughts to get me started on this? Right now I am just in the thinking stage about how to accomplish this task. Thank you, Jason
  9. I have a follow up date on our DB of when we need to follow up with a customer. I would like it that when I turn on FM it instantly goes to all the people that I have to follow up with on that date. Any help?
  10. When making the calculation make sure you go into storage options to make sure that the "Do not store calculation results" is unchecked. After that you should be fine. Jason
  11. The problem I am having is when I am trying to get a percentage of a dollar amount, the percentage never rounds up or down. Even when I tell FM not to go more than 2 decimal places it always goes 3, 4, or 5 places. The database I am working with is for figuring out what to pay our sub-agents, but we cannot use the database properly without it multiplying correctly. The agents always get paid more and we cannot have that. Thank you for your help.
  12. Awesome. Worked like a charm. Thank you.
  13. I am hoping this is simple for someone. In my insurance company database we have the birthdate of the client, but I would like their age to pop up in another field once their BDate is inputed- any takers?
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