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    Portal View

    Sorry let's try again. I set up a portal with a relational database,three fields and 10 rows. The way a portal is supposed to work (I think) is show only one row . As I enter data into the first row a second blank row displays. What I'm getting is a table with three fields wide and 10 rows long. What did I do wrong.
  2. Harrold

    Portal View

    I'm using FM 8.0Pro. When I try to create a portal it displays and prints as a table instead of adding a line as you enter data. Any ideas
  3. Harrold

    Portal view

    Why is it that when I insert a portal in a layout sometimes I see a table with all my empty lines and fields and in other times when I insert the portal it just creates the lines as needed. I have changed the view from list to table to forms & I can't figure out the difference
  4. Harrold


    I can't seem to get it. I have 2 tables, one is the invoice header date, invoice number name & address then I have subtotal and taxes. I created a 2nd table, lines which has qty, price extended price &invoice number . I have a relationship using invoice as the relationship. Then I used Go to related records script & a> it doesn't show up on my invoice & b> I get an error message "the operation could not be completed because this layout cannot display the results.". Where should I put this button What am I doing wrong
  5. Yes The status Area is showing. I would like to clarify my question. When the status area has the " Continue " or " Cancel " button displayed not always will pressing enter have the effect of continuing.
  6. I'm using FM 8.5 In the script that I wrote I do a find and pause. Why is it that sometimes I can press Enter and the Script will continue while other times in a different part of the Script pressing Enter won't continue the script. What are the rules for pressing Enter
  7. Unbelievable results in less then 24 hrs
  8. I use filemaker to list tasks. Can I set up a reminder based on the date. Thanks
  9. I use Filemaker 8.5 to create invoices. After completing the invoice I have a script which prints two different invoice layouts. I would like to interupt the script if the date field is empty. Any ideas. (I'm sure it's simple but I can't figure it out
  10. I'm using Filemaker 8.5. I need to import my data into another program useing the CSV format. My problem is the each record has to be on three different lines with different text between the fields. How can I insert text and a carriage return when I export from Filemaker
  11. I am use a database with over 65000 records. I would like to write a script to place a sequential number after each find. I know that this probably a simple task but I can't find the solution Thanks
  12. I tried by manually replacing commas with double quotation marks. Yet I have the same problem
  13. I have Filemaker Mobile 8. I couldn't sync with my PDA so I started to mess with users. Now I never entered a password yet when I try to open the database it's asking for a password. I'm desperate. It's a very important file. what did I do and how do I correct the problem
  14. I have a comma seperated file with over 64,000 lines in it. When I open this file in Filemaker Pro 8 I only have a little more then 32,000 records. To prove that my text file has over 64,000 lines I open the file in Excel and it works like a dream I have all my records in Excel. (By the way that's how I get the records into FM. I import it from Excel) Any ideas.
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