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  1. Ok i see your point. Only thing being the information I'm trying to copy spans two tables. I have a company table and a contact table. When adding a new contact to a company i want to copy the company address as the default for any new contact. Any way of duplicating across a table?
  2. When using my database in a browser (via instant web publishing) I can't seem to get it to copy and paste more than one field content. Any ideas on a fix? Cheers elliot
  3. Ah perfect thanks. Pretty obvious now. Just another quick question, when using the database in a browser (via instant web publishing) I can't seem to get it to copy and paste more than one field content. Any ideas on a fix? Cheers
  4. Hi, I've set up a database that allows you manage contacts and companies through a marketing process. Within this we allocate "notes" by which you can add tasks to do. Now the problem rises when one tries to look at all "notes" due before a certain date. I enter find mode and type <=24/05/2007 into my date field to search for all "notes" with a to do date on or before the 24th may 2007. The results i get are all dates that have the first two digits less than or equal to 24. Any clue on fixing this??? Cheers Elliot
  5. Hi, Im using one of those serilize by category functions and having huge problems when importing data in. It should allocate each item with a unique Serial but it seems to be allocating blocks of items the same serial. ie.GE1 GE1 GE1 GE1 .... GE2 GE2 GE2.... etc. Unfortunately i wasn't capable of producing this by myself instead i used a file from this topic http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/183472/ and merged it into my database. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Elliot
  6. Hi. I'm trying to export data from one table to another. Basically i've created a Sold table and a Stock table. When a product has been sold i want the item to be moved into the sold table. Is there a script to do this? Kind Regards Elliot
  7. Yeah i see your point but unfortunately for me the client insists otherwise! I think the point he's getting at is you have the ability to estimate the age of a product (due to the numerical position of the serial) and more importantly it's what they've always done. I guess people don't like change... So anyway in your opinion should i carry on down the road of assigning each category a table and using some sort of global search to find specific products or should i invest some serious time into cracking this serialize by category?
  8. Ok so looks as if i should be looking at Serializing by Category again. Is there any reason why assigning a Category a table won't work (as far as slow everything down)?
  9. Ok, so what your saying is i can have all my products in one table and still have the serials. I've already tried this but to no avail. Admittedly this would be a far easier method, i'm just doubtful. It's essential the serial is auto entered as if it's entered manually you need to find the last serial in that category and make sure you don't duplicate an existing one. So is there another way???
  10. You got me. Safes allot of time if i can create a serial automatically, validates itself etc. Thought the logical way to go was to give each category a different table thus allowing me to use the auto enter serial, ultimately i can have GA5432 and GB5432 with no problem. Happy Days!
  11. Hi. In short i am designing a database to keep stock at a guitar shop. Each guitar, keyboard etc has it's own unique stock number created with it's category code (e.g Electric Guitar = GE) and a 4 digit number indicating it's position in the grander scheme of things. Basically i've created a table for each Category (to allow me to serialize by category) and i want to access all the data through one Layout. Now is there a way to access all 30 tables through one layout and if so how do i do so in the shortest possible amount of time. I attempted linking all the fields in the di
  12. Well pretty much all of them. I guess IE mostly but Safari and Mozila are used. Just don't understand why you wouldn't be able to, your ip address stays the same so the server shouldn't have a problem recognizing you. Any ideas?
  13. Yeah worked a treat. Nice simple way round. Still do you have any ideas on the new window in a web browser as i cant seem to get it to work. Is it even possible???
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