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  1. I should have 1 name field for each record, but since i have many tabs [color:orange][i want to devide materials into categories, each category has it's own tab], each one containing a name field, as a result, a user adding a new record let's say in the cladding tab, can also fill any other tab in the same record which is something I don't want. [color:red]Basically, what I want to achive is:Creating a new record, filemaker would only let you fill the fields of one and only tab (maybe by blocking the rest of the tabs, supposing you have a "create new record" button on every tab) thanks
  2. I have created a architectural material database. Each tab is a different kind of material (eg. flooring, cladding, furniture). Each tab has the excact same field structure (name, description,distributor etc). I want to avoid people from using more that one tab in the same record so that each product is by itself. I thought of being able to use the field "name of product"(available on all tabs)only once for each record, by blocking data entry at the rest of the "name of product" fields in the remaining tabs. I hope this is clear enough. Is such thing possible? Do you have any better ideas?
  3. Ohhhh! Thank you so much! I was getting crazy!! You made my evening... B)
  4. This is an example of my problem. I have 3 fields: Vehicles, make and reg Plate... When I choose Vehicle and then Make, why doesn't the reg.Plate field get the right information? I want the reg field to get filled automatically. What am I doing wrong? Please help me...it has been bothering me for a long time now! I would appreciate any kind of help. Thank you ploblem.zip
  5. thank you mr Vodka, I'll try this right away. I have created a relationship so that when you create a new record(company), there is a field which is the value(category) and another field which is a subcategory which is related to the selected value. eg. "company" "category:electrical" "subcategory:external lighting" is this what you meant?
  6. Goodmorning... is it possible to have a search field? for 3 different fields? I have a list of specific "categories"(value) that can describe what a company sells. One company could be in more that one category.(it could sell 2 or 3 different products) so I have 3 fields that can describe a category of the company. Can I make a single search for these 3 different fields (that will be filled by words of the same value list)? I hope this is clear and makes sense... thank you ps. this value list has more than 100 entries so the order of entering the category in the 3 differen
  7. The subject sais it all... How do I do this please? I'm sure it has been answered before but I cannot find it... Thanks, Lukas
  8. I'm already doing this... I'm sure I'll find something out... Thanks
  9. Ok I'm moving this Q to the Relationships forum...I'm quite confused...thanks
  10. Hallo people, I have a set of records, where each record needs to be conected to a different set of records.(a subfolder of records in a record). How would you do this? I'm stuck!! Thank you in advance!! (this forum is saving me as I'm new with FM!thanks)
  11. thank you , this helped me aswell.... ALOT!
  12. Looking at portals, I understand that it's basicaly a field where I can see information of records placed on another field. I'll give you another example on what I want to achieve. Every project (one record each) has some info that never changes (people who work on the project, client, etc).On the same project (record) I want to add dayly, attached e-mails, info, etc, for every day that passes by (every email with field filled with information, could be one record). Is a portal the right way to do this? People, please let me know if I make any sense.... Thank you, lukas
  13. since I am a beginer, I really cannot say, but that's how I'm going to keep trying then. I haven't yet explored portals deeply so that's what i'm going to do now.... Thanks Fei!!
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