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  1. Wow, this is really helpful. Thanks for posting this.
  2. Thank you Tim for taking the time to reply to me. Also, thank you for posting your blog in your signature. I have gotten a lot out of reading it. -Bill
  3. Hi, I hope I am posting this in the right place. In my email this morning I got a link from Filemaker with this quicktime movie: http://fmdl.filemaker.com/MISC/fmp9/external_sql_sources.mov Does this really mean what I think it means? Can Filemaker finally separate the data from the presentation? Can you build a database application in Filemaker with the same quick pace and nice front end while having the data stored elsewhere? I am sure there are limitations in the sense that MySQL for example, is not as robust in the types of data it can hold as filemaker is natively. I can te
  4. Hi, I am helping someone who is using Filemaker version 6 on a PC. She needs to have a field that is a calculation that results in the given year as of November 1st of any particular year. For example, on Until Nov. 1, 2007, the field will have 2006 in it. I thought I could set a calculation field that is: If Nov 1, year, - but then I need it to do nothing if it is not nov. 1. Any ideas?
  5. Yes, Comment, your assumption about what I am thinking is correct. I apologize for not being more clear to begin with. Thanks to both of you for your ideas. I am continuing to chew on it.
  6. Hi, I hope someone has some good advice here for this one: I work for an organization that runs two large trade shows each year. Currently our FMPro database only has one contact person, one phone number and one email address for each company we deal with for both shows. This is adequate for 85-90% of the companies we deal with who have the same contact info for both shows. It is also helpful, as we do a lot of exporting to excel for others to have just one set of fields to get. There are a number of people using the database that are not very proficient with databases/computers. So
  7. Hi, is there an effective way of moving a record (or set of records) from one table to another? Here is the situation. I have a database of exhibitors, some are active and some are inactive. On a day to day basis, I want to deal only with the active ones. Rarely do I need info about inactive exhibitors. Currently I have a radio button flag marking them as active or inactive, but every time I search for a group I have to remember to click the active flag too. I would much rather have a button that just moves an exhibitor to the inactive table and takes him out of my active one. Does that
  8. I like the flash idea. I have seen this done as well, but I don't know if there is a quick and easy way to connect flash to a database. I know you can do some xml stuff with both flash and FMPro, but not sure how to connect the two.
  9. Hi, I am looking for a way to create a database to be used to track information for a trade show. The basic database is easy, but I really want a graphical interface for it. Ideally, I would want a visual representation of the floor plan with small cubes that represent booths. Then I would like to be able to attach related information to these booths and be able to physically move them around. Maybe use color coding to quickly identify particular qualities. Or perhaps by rolling the mouse over a particular area of the box you get a pop-up with related data in it. I can imagine this
  10. That custom function is perfect! Thank you for pointing it out!
  11. Hi is there a way to create a field that will take the data from related records, and put it in the field with commas separating the info from each related record? Here is the situation: I am building a database that uses portals to keep track of things like product categories offered by companies in each record, and another portal with notes or comments that we gather over time. I need to be able to export all of this to a flat file fairly often, and when I do, I just want one field with all the products/services offered by a company in one field (separated by commas) and all the c
  12. Hi I hope I am posting this question in the right place. I work for a small non-profit that has quite an extensive (and messy) FileMaker Pro database. They want to do things like have members manage their membership on line and stuff like that. We have version 8 and the server software, but our Internet connection is too slow for any kind of hosting. I was wondering if there is a good way or any ideas of putting some small amount of data on line in maybe a MySQL database (such as member number, member name, address info, and membership level), and have FM talk to that data, but
  13. James, thank you for your response! That is very helpful. A friend of mine who is a good programmer whipped up a nice little solution too. It also requires applescript and therefore must run on a mac. This solution has one very simple (but beyond my programming skills) script that basically works just like the import -> folder of images function in the Filemaker File menu. You run the script and it prompts you to pick the folder then puts the files in a container field and the names of the files in a text field. I am attaching the file with his fully functional example with hi
  14. Oh, thanks so much! that is what I get for being in a big fat rush.
  15. Aww man, this perfect. Thanks to the pointer to the thread. Unfortunately, the thread has an attachment that is no longer linked so I can see how it is done -( Oh well, at least I know it is possible.
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