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  1. Hi guys, I'm scratching my head trying to use ExecuteSQL syntax. How can I prevent a division if a value is null or zero in a SELECT statement? Here's a simplified version of my query. "SELECT exp.labels, SUM (exp.budgeted) as budget" & ", SUM (exp.expenditure) as expense,"; "IF (expense > 0) SELECT (budget / expense) ELSE NULL"; // <--- THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO FIX "FROM expenditures AS exp"; "WHERE exp.id IN (" & ids & ")"; "GROUP BY exp.labels" Thanks
  2. Hi guys, Is there a way to connect an Advantage Database Server (ADS) with FM as an ESS? Anyway that can do the job done such as a ODBC wrapper, a plugin, JDBC. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I'm having problem trying to get this query work. Let ( [ q = "SELECT i.c_nomComplet FROM personnesiPad as i LEFT OUTER JOIN personnesServer as s ON i.uuid = s.uuid WHERE i.__modification_ts <> s.__modification_ts"; r = ExecuteSQL (q; ";"; "¶") ]; r ) The problem seems to be my fieldnames in the WHERE clause. I've tried to quote them with the quote function, but I still have a validation error. How do I managed to use fieldnames with special characters? BTW, I'm trying to do a synchronisation file between an ipad and a server. Thanks for helping!
  4. The DBA created a GUID for each record of the view and it didn't do anything.
  5. Hi there, I must connect a FM solution to an ERM which I only have access to a couple of views. The ESS is SQL Server 2008 R2. The System DSN works fine without any problem. FMS12 is hosted on a Windows 7 x64 (I know!!). The problem starts when I want to add a view to the relationship graph. Filemaker pops a window asking to choose for a primary key. The view does not have any primary key since it is an aggregation of multiple tables. How can I workaround this problem? Thanks for helping
  6. Hi, My students are developing a project in Filemaker using the separation model. The FM data file connects to a MySQL database. I noticed that when updating a foreign key value on the Presentation layer, the view of the value on the related table does not update. Like if the relationship didn't updated. Eg : I have a "buildings" table and a "building_types" table. There is a field "buildings::fk_building_type_id" which is related to "building_types::id". I am using a layout attached to BLD__BUILDINGS in the presentation layer. In the layer, there are two fields "BLD__BUILDINGS::fk_building_type_id" and "bld_BUILDINGTYPES::name". When I change the "fk" the "name" does not update directly. I must commit the record. Doing so in the data file, the update is instantaneous. What is the reason for this behaviour? Thanks for helping
  7. Hi there, Has anyone tried to create sparklines in portal rows? With the chart control, the margins (spacing or padding) are to big to be useful in portals. For those who are able to create sparklines, how did you manage to do that? Thanks
  8. Ha yeah forgot to mention. On a Filemaker Server. The solution I am working on has several hundred layouts, loading the Layout manager is quite long when scrolling through for the first time...
  9. I am currently working on a project which is hosted on a server. Everytime we have to swith layout or open the layout manager we need to wait every single objects or layout names load before moving to the desired destination. It would be nice, if a feature such as "cache layouts while idle" existed. This could save a lot of wasted time to customers and developers. My weekly 2 cents! Nick
  10. Hi, I noticed that using ExecuteSQL in a calculation field doesn't mark the field as unstored although I used other TO. So the question is : "Are the result stored or not?". Thanks
  11. I have managed to create an hybrid calculation (FM + executeSQL), but I'm still looking for a full SQL calculation. Here I attached a very simplified version of what I would like to accomplish. Thanks for helping recursion.zip
  12. D'uh... using the FM11 method I used sum twice instead of a count and a sum. I am still looking at how to do it using SQL. For the comments, I have tried something similar to this, but FM doesn't seem to be able to parse it. WITH q AS ( SELECT id, id_parentComment FROM CMT_COMMENTS UNION ALL SELECT p.id, p.id_parentComment FROM q JOIN CMT_COMMENTS p ON p.id = q.id_parentComment ) SELECT id, COUNT(*) FROM q GROUP BY id
  13. I have tried the FM11 method before posting, it was the exact suggestion you put, but the results were not good... My SQL is quite rusty. Do you have a quick query? Thanks
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