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  1. I would still like an answer, if there is one, for the original question. Thanks for the first answer, but I did not see a "free" copy of FM Pro with this membership, plus we do not have $100 currently for a membership. So until we can update.....
  2. Hello, I am using the timecard template for FM6. I modified it to work on a monthly basis (changed the field week begin to month begin) and then hit a flaw in my design. I need to keep track of hours worked over a range of months, not just one month or one week as the template has. Do I need to set up separate files for each month, and then set up a relationship with these files and the main file? Or is there an easier way around this. I get the sense that this would be a lot easier in the newest version of FM but I am stuck with FM 6 for now. Thanks MT
  3. thanks. That works. All I had to do to make the names bcc was cut and paste the list into the bcc option in my email program. MT
  4. Hello, I would like to send an email to our membership. I understand how to send one email at a time to many people using a script, but is there a simple way to send 1 email to everyone without showing their address using the bcc? Thanks, mt
  5. Is there a way FM can keep a list of changes made to a record and when the changes were made? For instance, if I make a change to an address I would like to see a quick note (maybe in a table) saying Address change - date. Thanks, MT
  6. Hello, I am using FM 6 and am trying to figure out how to make items in a portal link to their record when they are clicked on. In other words, I have a portal that shows related records (names). I would like to be able to click on one of the names in the portal and be taken to that record. Can someone tell me how to do this in beginner's language? Thanks, MT
  7. Hi, Actually the expiration date field is a calculation (Last paid + 365) So using this month as an example (January) I would like to list only the members whose membership is expiring in March. Thanks, MT
  8. This is probably a simple question, but is there a way to hide a portal in a layout besides changing the text color, etc.? I want to use the portal info in a merge but do not need it displayed. thanks, MT
  9. Hello, I am working on a membership database and would like to create a field that shows memberships expiring within the next two months (Feb and March). I have an expiration data field formatted as date/yr. How do I make a field that shows the expiration date plus 2 months? Thanks, MT
  10. Hi, Thanks for the info. So if you host our database, our off site staff could access and manipulate the data as needed? Thanks, MT
  11. Hello, I am relatively new to FM and currently only have FM6. I am trying to figure out how to share a FM database with a staff person at a remote site. From what I've been reading it sounds like I either have to have my computer (a laptop, so not pratical) on when that person wants to access the data or have a dedicated computer that is always on. Is that correct? Is there an option to have my database on my isp's server, thereby eliminating the need to have a computer on all the time with the database available? I am aware of the option of a static web page, but the remote staff p
  12. Hello, I am trying to make a calculation field that uses "if" logical functions to result in a text strings, but there seems to be a limit to the amount of letters you can have in a text string. Is there a way around this? Here's the calculation I would like to create: If(Membership Category = "$25 Contributing", "The Interpreter newsletter and program and book discounts.", If(Membership Category = "$50 Supporting", "The Interpreter newsletter, program and book discounts and a second program participant discount.", If(Membership Category="$100 Sustaining", "The Interpreter newsle
  13. Hi , I've searched for an answer on how to find and omit duplicate records in Filemaker Pro 6 but can't seem to find an answer. It looks like I need a script, but the only ones I have found are for FM 7 and 8...can't use those! Can anyone help? thanks, MT
  14. I got it! It works. Thanks for all of the help. MT
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