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  1. I'm running in the same issue and it is very confusing for the user. The system looks like it is frozen but it is actually waiting for input into the dialog window they cannot see. It is all the more annoying when the access is via RemoteDesktopControl and the user only gets to see the FileMaker window. There is no way they can reach the dialog window. Any solution to this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Any new developments with regard to this issue? I wasted a lot of time getting to the cause of this error before I searched this forum for ShowSaveDialog and stumbled on this thread.
  3. aah, that is a luxury position to have them so close. Their service is usually quite good but the response time on this forum is not very impressive. Keep me posted on the outcome.
  4. I agree, but did you test this latest version on FMPA v16?
  5. hello COS, yes, I had downloaded v2.95 but was unable to install it properly, at first launch it says it is loading new plugin but it hangs on that point, had to do a ForcedQuit (FMPAv16, OSX Sierra) But Supercontainer v2 is almost 10 years old and it is obvious FMP has caught up with some of the features, making it less of a top priority product for 360Works. I think we should be prepared that somewhere in the future, we may loose compatibilty with this plugin. When that happens, code should be ready and tested to make the transition. I am testing on a small scale to come up with a
  6. I think the question was addressed to 360Works. And it is indeed troubling, as there are still advantages to use SC for external file storage over the FMP storage options. So a roadmap for SuperContainer would be good to know. There is a new release 2.95 but there are issues when installing it in FMPA16, i reverted back to 2.94
  7. When deploying FileMakerCloud on AWS, the FMS script enige will have no access to localhost ports. Will this affect running SuperContainer on such a configuration ?
  8. SC 2.899 installation on OSX10.10 server and FMS 13.0v5 is giving a headache. • closed WPE on FMSAT • uninstalled previous version of SC • Mac installer for SC2.899 • changed mod_proxy.conf according to documentation • opened WPE on FMSAT On the server, SC runs well when I check From the client (LAN, no firewall), when I open http://serverIP/SuperContainerI get the message: The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of about the error. If you entered the URL manually ple
  9. For the record, solved it finally. I had added a dash too many when adding the new rewrite URL: http://localhost:16020/SuperContainer/{R:1} should have been: http://localhost:16020/SuperContainer{R:1} I couldn't use copy/paste to this remote machine and typed it manually, that's how mistakes are made. Hopefully this may help someone in the future.
  10. There are specific script steps for imports. No offence, but if you know very little about these steps or are new to the concept of data migration between versions, this may be an area you would want to stay away from. This process has to run without a hitch and should contain all possible sorts of error traps and error reports. Data loss is the worst scenario for an end user. Consult with an experienced FileMaker developer, they can build this in as most have dealt with this issue several times before. From then on, you can do your own maintenance again for the doctors when they want
  11. Your client is right to demand an option to mirgate data to a new version, these solutions tend to become mission-critical over time and it is not the safest way to develop on a live production system. There are several options you can follow but you can script all data migration between versions (.e.g. pass over every base table layout and import from a folder where your previous version resides) Be very careful about primary keys and serial counter resets in this process, test test test. It will be worth it.
  12. hello David, thanks for the prompt reply. This is a script step using 2 variables: $folderPath = Get ( LayoutTableName ) & "/" & $PrimaryKeyID & Case ( $Version ; "/revision" & $Version ; "" ) $FilePath = Get ( DocumentPath ) SCDownload( $folderPath ; $FilePath ) SC plugin is installed in Clients Program Folder / FMP /Extensions Both server and client are on same LAN Server is virtual Windows Server, client is on virtual terminal server. Peter
  13. I have done a manual installation of SC 2.896 on FMServer v13 as indicated by the documentation. Windows Server 2008 R2, SP1 SC runs well when checked in the browser, uploads and delete from our solution in FMP13 work OK, but the downloads are not happening. I do not see anything in the logs either. This works well on many servers we have installed this, but this combination is new (FMS13 and WindowsServer 2008). Is there anything that may block the download step on the client side?
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