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  1. I cannot make the check box field a global field since each record may require different products to be quoted. I have tried to define the variable before switching views and then using the variable instead of the field, but it does not seam to capture all of the checked values, just the first value checked. Here is what I am doing. Sales Orders::collectionsToQuote Is the checkbox set residing in the Sales Order. The collections to display in the quote would be checked here. Inventory::collectionCode Is the pull down menu field residing in the inventory file. Each piece of i
  2. Fenton, Thanks for the help so far, I am still a little hung up. Do I need to pull the values in the checkboxes and store them as comma separated values first? I am still only retrieving the first checked value in the list...
  3. Okay sounds great, checkbox fields contain the values of every variable checked so if the user checked the first three values the output of the field would look like this: Value1 Value2 Value3 Is there an easy way to strip the first value, perform a search, strip the second perform a search, etc etc.
  4. How would you do this with a relationship?I might be poorly executing what I am really trying to do here and not getting the results I am looking for because of it. I am looking for the search to display records containing any of the values that may be checked off in the checkbox field. I am searching records based on a field in a products table called "ProductLineCode" The checkboxes exist as a field called "ProductLinesToQuote" in another table called CustomerQuote. I am looking to take the checked off product lines the customer would like to see quoted to them, and then switc
  5. what if I wanted to do a find based on values inside of a checkbox field? Any chance I can search a field based on multiple values stored in a checkbox field?
  6. I have a series of checkboxes that list many product lines. The user is being asked with the check boxes to check the product lines they wish to be a part of the Sales Quote they are creating. Lets say for example I have these product lines. Widgets Gadgets ThingaMaBobs The user checks off Widgets and Gadgets. I then want to switch to the view that the sales quote template is defined in and run a search. However I want it to search based on products that are Widgets OR Gadgets. I have the field defined as a variable $productsToQuote The value obtained fro
  7. Kind of getting away from value lists, but what would one think the best way to store this data in the quote line items table? I was thinking a text field with repetitions, a repetition for each collection that is to be a part of that quote... Only thing I can't quite figure out is how to insert a field value from a drop down list displaying collections into the NEXT EMPTY repetition? I see you can specify the repetition to insert text into when inserting into a repeating field via a script, any one have an idea of a formula I could write to do this, I may have upwards of 100 repetition
  8. [color:blue]Please see my responses in blue First, since this is a "quote," can we assume that there is a quote line items table to hold these records? [color:blue]I do have a table called QuoteItems linked to key field "QuoteID" I am however not sure how I should store the items in this table. Maybe a container field? Add and remove from container field if the user wants to add or remove the product. As far as showing the 300 SKUs, there's more than one way to do it. But choosing one from a drop-down list, then hitting an "Add" button, would not be my first choice, if I w
  9. After thinking about it a little further, I guess I could setup a pull down value list displaying all the product lines and use an Add button performing a script taking the product line code and adding it to the quotable products... I was just looking for something a little more user friendly.
  10. I think I should give an overview of what I am trying to accomplish. I have an inventory table that has maybe 350 sku's. These skus are a part of a product line, maybe 3 or so different SKUs for different colors of products that are in the same product line. I am attempting to make a quoting module that asks for the customer name, to quote this to, and then display a list of ALL of the Product Lines, prompting the user to choose yes or no for each line, if they mark yes then the SKUs that belong to that product line will be included in the PDF that is generated. I can't seam to
  11. I can't seam to get it to work -( I tried Last ( relationship::field ) the field did not fill. I am already sorting my portal, and the most recent price quote is at the top of the list. However I am looking to pull the field quotedPrice from the most recent Quote for the specific product. I am using a field QuoteID, I could pick from the most recent (greatest value of QuoteID for the relationship to that product, pulling the quotedPrice from this record and putting it in a field called COST in a different table - Inventory). Any more advice?
  12. Could anyone be so kind to point me in the right direction, here is what I am looking to do: I have a table called factoryPricing I also have a table called Inventory. These tables are related together by a common field ProductID. The factoryPricing table contains quotes received for a product in inventory from a factory. There may be multiple quotes from a factory on a single item in Inventory. I have a field in Inventory table called Cost that I would like to pull from a field called QuotedPrice from the record related to that product in the . However I would only like it to pull
  13. Any luck on this? I was looking to start pulling RSS feeds on daily events occurring per user, events per user would be less than 50 per day, but I would like each user to have their own feed, and then a daily feed that encompasses all users. I was going to start jumping into this today, but ran across your post and am concerned with the performance issues you are having. If there is anything I can do to help let me know.
  14. Can you tell me more about this? This sounds like it may be a soltuion to what I am trying to acomplish. I have a database that I would like to send out emails on creation of a new record. I would like users logged in using IWP to be able to add a record and when they do a party is notified... Is this possible with these "robot" users. I am running Filemaker Adv Server, and I see I cannot run my Mail.It script when logged into a Database using IWP. Does anyone have a solution to this.... any help would be much appreciated.
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