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  1. Seems like windows firewall is the problem but when i use filemaker client, there was no such problem.
  2. I am problem using Filemaker 13 GO to connect to my Filemaker Server 13 which is still on Trial. There is 0 connections, so I assume that does not take up the max concurrent connection. I can see the Host but I cannot see any files hosted. I did try to use the Desktop App to access and it is working fine. Pretty Strange. I am also having intermittent problem of Filemaker Go 13 which could not open hosted files on Filemaker Server 12 on another server. Is there a bug with Filemaker 13 Go?
  3. lol, I got exactly the same problem but I wanna to try upgrading filemaker to the latest version and see whether it works anot.
  4. ominae

    https request

    I believe filemaker can do a http request by sending a xml file to retrive some data. Is it possible for filemaker to do that if there is SSL.
  5. Oh Man! You are the best,thank you for telling me that preview mode can copy. Muahahahaha. You know I almost went crazy using methods like print screen at preview mode and using virtual image printer which does not work well. I never know you can just copy from preview mode, this is soooooo cool! haha
  6. ominae

    https request

    Anyone can give me an answer? Thanks
  7. Is it possible to export multiple containers of images into 1 image file? Because each container is one component of the image
  8. ominae

    https request

    Is it possible to do HTTPS Request for web service from filemaker?
  9. Is there a plugin which use standard drawing tools whereby u can draw on top of a image in browse mode.
  10. Hi, Thanks for responding. I manage to resolve my problem is just the formatting. Global variable is not needed. I had to add carriage returns at the right place and it works.
  11. I think is possible to do so through calculated applescript Can someone correct what is wrong with my scripting. "set this_item to" & $fullpath& ¶ & "tell application "URL Access Scripting" upload this_item to "ftp://user:password@" replacing yes without binhexing end tell"
  12. You mean on my filemaker side i set as $$variable and on my applescript side i set as property variable?
  13. is it possible for applescript to use filemaker variable. or does anyone know how to set the last created item as target item in applescript?
  14. Thanks for all your input. I manage to find a ftp script which upload to my server flawlessly.
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