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  1. The server is windows 2003 server standard edition SP1. I dont know a lot of details...it is a rack mountable server with a RAID array, processor is a XEON 3.2ghx, 2gigs of RAM. Beyond that, I'm not too sure. FMSA is version 8.0. (See http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/180924/ for why we dont have the v4 updates!) Cheers, Sean
  2. Apologies if this has been looked at before, but I couldn't find it anywhere. We use the WPE for XML publishing, passing queries with various data for searching and sorting etc. An example of this is for current news items on our website, with a querystring like this to get the three latest news items... &published_date=10%2F31%2F2006&published_date.op=lte&type=latestnews&type.op=eq&-max=3&-sortfield.1=published_date&-sortorder.1=descend&-find This works fine, but sometimes FileMaker stops sorting all together, and just returns the fir
  3. Well, its been a while now and the database is still holding up without the v4 updates and without the long query times. I don't know if it will fix anyone elses problems, but it seems to have fixed mine. Though we have a slightly different problem now...sometimes it will just stop sorting results by fields passed to it and sort by record id instead, so our "recent news" suddenly starts being the news from 2001. Ho hum. Cheers, Sean
  4. Steven, I don't know if it works differently here (Australia) but we get one tech support case for free, which we used trying to solve this issue. I've filed a problem report, to which they responded with a "can you tell use more information about your installation" email, but I'm not going to pay for the privilege of helping them troubleshoot their software! Sean
  5. I don't know how to open a Tech Support case from here, but if someone points me in the right directions I am happy to do so. Its still running with no problems. Load testing will come next... Cheers, Sean
  6. Hi Mr F, I don't know how much trouble it would be for you, but a reinstall with no V4 updates to FileMAker server or the WPE does seem to have fixed the problem so far. If you want to try it, it might help to know that tried on the test machine doing an uninstall and reinstall of just the WPE and it didn't fix the problem. If you aren;t looking urgently for things to try, I'll keep an eye on it for the next week and post back whether it has had any problems. Cheers, Sean
  7. Hi Steven, No we don't have a support case at FMI. I've filed a problem report, but we don't have any sort of support contract with them - 99% of problems I can sort out without any help, and the 1% are the impossible things like this where no one knows what is going on! As far as the setup is going... the configuration is exactly the same is it was when we were having trouble, IWP is still enabled with the same four databases accessible, the same seven are used for XML access vie the WPE, other databases on the server are used (sparingly) by client machines for office management tasks
  8. We didn't even get to the point of testing under load! But it seemed to happen after a number of requests rather than straight away, so I wonder if perhaps there is something unhealthy going on in the way Tomcat is trying to reuse its workers, which would mean load would cause the problem too. Set everything up again on the server this morning with no V4 updates, and it's fine so far. Too early to be confident about it being fixed, but its looking hopeful.
  9. Depends on the OS... if its OSX server with the default Apache installation, you can do it through the server admin panel. (Settings in the web section.) If it OSX standard or some other installation of Apache you need to find the httpd.conf file (/etc/httpd.conf or something like that) and change the line where its says Listen 80 to read Listen 8080 or whatever port you want, then restart apache.
  10. An update for those experiencing this problem.. I decided to try reinstalling to rule out faulty windows installation... I created a temporary server to transfer our databases to while wiping the server, with a clean windows install, clean filemaker install, and no other sofware at all. Got everything hooked up to this and it was quite snappy. This machine is a P4 desktop with 1Gb of ram. I wiped the server, and did exactly the same thing, clean windows install, clean filemaker install, no other software at all. Hooked everything back up to this, and guess what? Ten second
  11. Just an update...no response from FileMaker so far. We have 2 gigabytes of ram on our server, 3.2Ghz Xeon processor, and it is dedicated to being a FileMaker server. IIS is installed with the tomcat installation that FileMaker WPE creates, but it doesn't do anything else...all requests come from a different webserver on our network which passes the FileMaker query in an HTTP request to IIS and expects an XML document back as a result. I still haven't been able to diagnose the problem, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is not about the specs of the machine that it is inst
  12. Hi Martin, thanks for your help, I have submitted a problem report with FileMaker and will post any updates here . As for security...thanks for the tip. (We do already have it set up to not allow anonymous access, it just doesn't show in the trace logs!) I was considering restricting access to IIS on the Filemaker server to the webserver that serves the site - would this prevent unauthorised access from FileMaker experts, or is there another backdoor to the Filemaker fmxml data that we need to close? Cheers, Sean
  13. Hi, We are having trouble with the web publishing engine. It works fine most of the time, then for no apparent reason a request will take ten second instead of less than one - it isn't any particular page, and a page can work fine on minute and then take 10 seconds, and then be fine again. System is a server with Xeon processor, 2Gb ram running Windows Server 2003. Its sole purpose is as a Filemaker server. IIS logs simply show an increase in the amount of time required. A trace on the servers shows as follows. The slow requests take about 10000ms , while normal ones are so
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