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  1. Hi Forum. Heres a cutie of an excerise. I have a Database with User Records. Each Record has name, surname, adress of a user as well as a tagfield. If I delete a user, I dont really want him to be deleted so I put the word "deleted" in the tagfield of the record. In all subsequent operations when I list records I of course only list the ones that do not have "deleted" in that field. Happy sofar? Okay. To Print a record (Say that of Mary Jane), I need to be sure that my found set is one, as Im printing quite a complex records with a print preview and pagenumber calculations etc etc etc to be straight I *must* use a found set of one here. So after printing I get back to my original Record Mary Jane, with a found set of one. Problem: Now I want to "show all" records again by clicking a "Show all" button I have made. I want to STAY on the record "Mary Jane" but just make sure that all the records that are "not deleted" around it will reshow in the found set. This is turning out to be hard. If I do a expand found set, the Mary Jane record Im on gets changed. If I do a show all followed by a Find "all that are deleted" and the show the omitted ones, I have no way of getting back to the Mary Jane record unless I write a big loop which is very inefficient. Any ideas? How can I be on the Mary Jane record and "reshow" everything around me that is not deleted WITHOUT moving the record Im on? Turns out to be quite the teaser... Thanks!
  2. Sorry im not using FMS only FM. How can I "kick" users out of my File only using FM? Thanks
  3. Hi Forum, Im writing a script (in autohotkey) that can close my filemaker file that I have open in Filemaker Pro 11 on my computer. Trouble is, sometimes the file doesnt close as others are still logged on to it and hence the file doesnt close. I just get the "ask others to disconnect" dialog box. That does not seem to have a button to disconnect the others rudely. Is there a way to disconnect remote users from the file without using the ask button? Im doing this at night so i doubt someone will respond... Thanks Spongebob.
  4. Hi Forum. I have a good fun problem for y'all here.... I generate a report in FM11 (Windows XP) and look at it in Preview Mode. It has 106 pages and i can see them all in preview mode and scroll all the way to the last page. My Report pages are numbered at the bottom it says on each page "Page 33 out of 106" "Page 34 out of 106" "Page 35 out of 106" etc and the last page says "Page 106 out of 106" Now I do SAVE AS PDF from the Menu while in preview Mode. My PDF is only 97 Pages long. The last page in the pdf says "Page 97 out of 106" All the information is in the pdf. I compared the screen output to the pdf. All the info is in the pdf, but in some instances, in the pdf it manages to get some text still on the same page at the bottom, but the preview mode shows that text on the next page already. So the preview mode doesnt get as much on one page as the pdf does. Plus the last page of the pdf makes my client think that there is of course info missing, ie the client thinks that theres now 9 pages missing in his report. (but in fact al the info is there). Question - why is this? Why does the pdf look different to my preview? Question - how can I ensure that whats on the screen is excatly like in the pdf? Question - how can I ensure both the screen and the pdf have the same number of pages? Can I ensure that? Thanks for any help Spongebob
  5. Hi Forum, I have a question on how best to approach the following problem. - I have a Filemaker FM 11 Server with one FM File shared on it. - I also have my PC on the local network with FM 11 client on it using that file. - My PC has a Labelwriter attached to it, and from my Filemaker File, I can happily print barcodes on my Labelwriter printer directly from my Filemaker file. I have a small layout, which shows the barcode to be printed. Its got just the right format for my labelwriter labels and took me a while to set up. Now, we also have an Apache webserver, that serves content from the filemaker Server / file to the web. It runs Apache and lasso and it works very well. Now, when a Remote User logs onto our system via the Internet from a Remote PCusing using a Standard web browser like Firefox, I want him, (assuming that he has a Labelwriter Printer attached to his PC and the barcode fonts installed) I want him also be able to print barcodes on his labelwriter printer attached to his PC. The remote User isnt running a Filemaker Client. Hes only running a webbrowser. Question: Can this kind of precise printing be done via a browser? Maybe can I somehow via a Javascript or something send the printer the right commands to print exactly that kind of layout that is stored in my Filemaker file? Remember I have full control over the webserver and lasso and the webpage content. What would be the best approach to achieve this via a webpage? Can this be achieved? An alternative is that the Remote PC also has Filemaker Client on it and that he logs onto the FM File remotely via the web, but there are a million reasons I wanto avoid that at all cost, starting with "he now hasto buy filemaker" issues as well as security issues. Id rather do this via a webbrowser. Any ideas? Thank you in advance Spongebob
  6. Hi Forum! Hmm unsure if this is the right group anyways here goes: I have a user who has a personal Spelling Check Dictionary file (no news there). Everytime when the user opens Filemaker client 11 and does Open Remote to log onto the FM file hosted on our server 11, the user hasto go into the Spelling Check prefs of Filemaker Client and select the personal Spelling Check Dictionary file. Quit filemaker, start it again and the user hasto do it again...all the time. Filemaker doesnt seem to keep the Setting that the User wants to always use THAT personal Spelling Check Dictionary file. Is this a known issue? Is this normal? thanks forum, Spongebob
  7. Hi. We have the following setup: Filemaker Server v11.03 on Windows 2003 Server. All clients are Filemaker v11.03. I now have one User, who needs to access the Filemaker Servers files with Filemaker 12, because he has a Statistics Program ® which can make SQL OBDC Queries to Filemaker and that only seems to work properly with a Filemaker 12 client (64 bit). We wanto make Statistics on the data in the FM11 Files on the Server. We have made tests. We created a local .fp7 Filemaker 11 file on his PCs Desktop and placed a simple table in it. In that file are also 2 more Tables from a file on our Filemaker 11 Server (the FM11 .fp7 file on the filemaker Server is an external data source in this local file sitting on the desktop). ie the File on our desktop has 3 tables in it: 1 local and 2 referenced on the FM11 Server. We made tests ***without*** having the PC attached to a network (Cable was unplugged): If we use FM11 Client locally on the desktop file, we cannot properly access the local table and fields in the local .fp7 file via SQL Commands (the 32 bit OBDC drivers seem to be the problem). If we use FM12 Client locally on the desktop file, we can properly access the local table and fields in the local, ***now converted to .fp12 file*** via SQL Commands (the 32 bit OBDC drivers seem to have been the problem). So heres my questions: 1) What happens if the PC is on the network, I open the local file in FM12 and the local file in turn wants to access my FM11 Server? Will it start CONVERTING FM11 files off my server into FM12? 2) Can I access FM11 Files on a Server with an FM12 client? Is that a good idea? 3) Can I access the files like this without FM12 wanting to convert any of them? 4) Can I access a FM12 Server with 11.03 clients? Obviously Id love to avoid upgrading everyone just because of one user needing access like this...what would be the best solution? Thanks for the help, Best Wishes, Spongebob
  8. okay! Thanks! Ill accept my destiny then and script it....
  9. Ok that would work of course but is that the only way? Cant I somehow do a find and simply put 2 lines in the portal? That sounds horribly complex for such a simple request...
  10. Excuse me for being mega dumb but If I do that it makes me a second "full request" and that will find all that have HELLO ---OR--- HITHERE in the portal which is not what I want. I want all records that have HELLO ---AND---- HITHERE in the portal.
  11. I cant believe Im actually asking this question...Im using FM since donkeys years and have developed 6 billion dbases but this simple thing escapes me...it must be too simple thats what it is anyways here goes: I have a file with a portal. So far so good? That wasnt complex was it. Now, in the portal I have one field one each line/record in the portal. The field is called TempText. (ie the portal table has a one single simple field in it). HOW do I search for all the records that have the word HELLO in one portal line AND the word HITHERE in another portal line AS WELL? If I do strg-F im in find mode, I can type HELLO into the first portal row but how do i get a second portal row in the request so that I can extend the request and do an AND in the portal? Can I do that? Can I do that in a script? This is so ridicoulous Im embarassed...ill just go home now...and probably the answer is really easy right? Thanks! Spongebob (depressed) :bye:
  12. Okay from the top. My client has a WebServer (-A-) linked to a FM Dbase Server (-B-) (v8.5). A and B are standing in a less secure Zone. My client also has a second FM Server (-P-) (v11.3) standing in a highly protected zone with so many firewalls around it that you would be pushed not to easily trip over one. Now. I need to transfer some records from a table in an FM file on (-P-) into a similar table in an FM File on (-B-) once a night, so that they can be published on the Web. Due to internal politics I cannot access the FM Server (-P-) directly from (-A-) (nor would I really wanto). The FM files on both Servers (-B-) and (-P-) have the same fields in the table. Local Port Policies only allow me to unilaterally open a connection from (-P-) to (-B-) and absolutely not from (-B-) to (-P-) . (So for example from my PC in the secure (-P-) zone I can open FM Files on both FM Servers without problems on (-B-) and (-P-) . ) On (-P-) I have the table containing my data and I related it to (-B-)s table (allowing record creation and deletion on (-B-). I connected both tables with a simple index number. (-B-) s FM File is therefore an external File/Source in (-P-)s FM File. Then I wrote a script in the File on Server (-P-) that goes through each record on Server (-P-) and sets the corresponding fields in (-B-) with simple set field commands, via the relationship. When I run it, it works like a charm. When I however run it SERVER SIDE on (-P-) it doesnt; it doesnt like the "Set Field" commands. I also tried an explicit "Open File" command on (-P-) to open the (-B-) file and the Server doesnt seem to like that either (gives me an error). The login credentials I run the Server side script with on (-P-) gives full access to the file on (-P-) and (-B-). So now I need some brainfluid. How do I get my records from (-P-) to (-B-) with a server side script at night, without using "Import Records" on Server (-B-) because that doesnt work as connections cant be opened in that direction. Any ideas for an approach? Jean Luc Picard would now sit in his command chair, straighten his uniform and say: "Suggestions" Perhaps we can use the Tractor beam to alter the other ships trajectory? Thanks Spongebob ps- Im usure why moderators have moved this thread into the FM Server 8 thread as this is an FM Server 11,3 Problem (Server (-P-) is v11.3). Could this please be moved back I wonder if anyone reads these subthreads...
  13. Great and this actualy works? Anyone doing this? Experiences? Thank you Spongebob
  14. Hello Forum! simple question. Can my client run an Mac OS X Filemaker Server that stands in a Windows Network and authenticates Users against a Group on a Windows Domain Server (Active Directory)? The Group contains the users we want to give access to the Filemaker solution to. I do that already for several clients but they all have Windows FMS Servers where thats of course no problem. Can a Mac FMS Server also authenticate against a Windows Domain, even though a Mac isnt "in a windows domain" as such so to speak? Or do I have to tell the client to get a Windows FMS Server if he wants to do that. Thanks Spongebob
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