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  1. Okay ive read the Article on Transactions. Whilst thats groovy; Im not sure how it will help. Say I write my script so that everything is packed into a single transaction which i commit at the end. Im unsure if I understand how will this help me? Lets say 2 users both start the procedure at the exact same time by clicking the button. If i understand it correctly that means that the first commit of the first transaction cannot be interrupted by the other? ie - Both transactions will be eventually done, but it is then guaranteed that one happens after the other yes?
  2. Thanks for your suggestion bcooney! "Why is the data repeated across tables?" ah the key question of course, in a perfect world it shouldnt be (3rd normal form and all that we are very aware); however this is a quite large and highly complex DB with many different functions where certain functions can only be achieved at speed by repeating some small amounts of the data. Otherwise, if you link everything with live indexes (which is possible) and the DB gets large, it slows down too much after around 1 million records in some tables. So; repeating the info in some fields keeps it nice and fast
  3. Hello Forum, Im writing a script for my locally hosted FM Database that will manipulate quite a few records in the database. Basically when a user changes the name of an item to something they type in, I must go into several tables to change other values depending on what was typed in accordingly. In a nutshell I must enter 2-3 tables, do a find, modifiy the records and then do the same on the next table and so on. All that is no problem. The question I have is this: How can I make this procedure, "indivisible"? What I aim to achieve is that while this routine is running, n
  4. Hello, just setting up a new FMS Server Windows Server 2019. The recommended Setups by Filemaker clearly say we need Windows Server 2019 Standard with Desktop Experience. Thats also what we asked our hoster for. Indeed the machine that was set up for us by our hoster seems to be a "Windows Server 2019 Standard" (in the properties of the Computer). In the list of Features the words "Desktop Experience" as a feauture to activate, does not seem to be in the list either. Should I ask my hoster to reinstall a Windows Server 2019 standard with Desktop Experience? H
  5. Hey Ocean West, thank you for your detailed involvement! Thats alot of great ideas right there, of which I must try every single one. I am though now on xmas Holiday until Middle of January now and can only try them then. "try something different use a Virtual List to output the document. " Hey thats really cute! Ive worked with Filemaker for 30 odd years and I dont even know what that is LOL I will try! And I promise, like a good Jedi, I will report back here. So patience with me please (just this problem has now bugged me enough over the years) Merry C
  6. Thank you! Could you point me to a list of known issues with Windows 2019 ? Thanks Spongebob Re the backup - so if I copy the files off-server, Ill actually copy real files, thank you.
  7. just read that! (Hey ONLY 6 years later!!!) Sounds great! So you get a thank you, 6 years later thank you!
  8. Hi Y'all, I have the following Problem, which has existed ever since at least Filemaker Version 11, I have come across this on several occasions in many different Database files. I have a simple portrait layout with 3-4 Text fields, all rather long as they can contain much text, one below the other. Quite simple really. The layout is organized so that all Text Fields "shift up" upon printing (with the enclosing part, based on all objects above), so that if theres only a little text in one field, it looks nice (I dont think thats relevant though anyways...). In my script, fi
  9. Hi, just upgraded to Filemaker Server 18 on Windows 2019 Server. In the Logs, during the backup, he often says something like "The file hasnt changed since the last backup so I am saving a hardlink to the original file only". (This isnt the exact text - its translated from German). When I look at the backups though it looks like the Server really actually did backup the exact file, which is the behaviour I want. What gives? Is this a false message of some sort? I absolutely do not want him "not" to back up dormant files. I transfer the files elsewhere later a
  10. Hi Forum. Heres a cutie of an excerise. I have a Database with User Records. Each Record has name, surname, adress of a user as well as a tagfield. If I delete a user, I dont really want him to be deleted so I put the word "deleted" in the tagfield of the record. In all subsequent operations when I list records I of course only list the ones that do not have "deleted" in that field. Happy sofar? Okay. To Print a record (Say that of Mary Jane), I need to be sure that my found set is one, as Im printing quite a complex records with a print preview and pagenumber calculations etc etc etc to
  11. Sorry im not using FMS only FM. How can I "kick" users out of my File only using FM? Thanks
  12. Hi Forum, Im writing a script (in autohotkey) that can close my filemaker file that I have open in Filemaker Pro 11 on my computer. Trouble is, sometimes the file doesnt close as others are still logged on to it and hence the file doesnt close. I just get the "ask others to disconnect" dialog box. That does not seem to have a button to disconnect the others rudely. Is there a way to disconnect remote users from the file without using the ask button? Im doing this at night so i doubt someone will respond... Thanks Spongebob.
  13. Hi Forum. I have a good fun problem for y'all here.... I generate a report in FM11 (Windows XP) and look at it in Preview Mode. It has 106 pages and i can see them all in preview mode and scroll all the way to the last page. My Report pages are numbered at the bottom it says on each page "Page 33 out of 106" "Page 34 out of 106" "Page 35 out of 106" etc and the last page says "Page 106 out of 106" Now I do SAVE AS PDF from the Menu while in preview Mode. My PDF is only 97 Pages long. The last page in the pdf says "Page 97 out of 106" All the information is in t
  14. Hi Forum, I have a question on how best to approach the following problem. - I have a Filemaker FM 11 Server with one FM File shared on it. - I also have my PC on the local network with FM 11 client on it using that file. - My PC has a Labelwriter attached to it, and from my Filemaker File, I can happily print barcodes on my Labelwriter printer directly from my Filemaker file. I have a small layout, which shows the barcode to be printed. Its got just the right format for my labelwriter labels and took me a while to set up. Now, we also have an Apache webserver, that serves content f
  15. Hi Forum! Hmm unsure if this is the right group anyways here goes: I have a user who has a personal Spelling Check Dictionary file (no news there). Everytime when the user opens Filemaker client 11 and does Open Remote to log onto the FM file hosted on our server 11, the user hasto go into the Spelling Check prefs of Filemaker Client and select the personal Spelling Check Dictionary file. Quit filemaker, start it again and the user hasto do it again...all the time. Filemaker doesnt seem to keep the Setting that the User wants to always use THAT personal Spelling Check Dicti
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