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  1. I am a wedding Photographer setting up a FileMaker 9 database to keep track of contact information for my clients. The Wedding is the event with several contacts associated with the wedding. I have the Bride, Groom, Bride's Parents, and Groom's parents. I need contact info for all of them - address, email, phone. In the bride's info I also need records of payments that she has made and some notes, and the status of her album order. Should I set up one giant record with fields for everyone, or should I make some sort of relational structure that has a master Event with sub records
  2. GREAT! It worked! What a cool thing! Thanks again everyone! HawkLA
  3. Thank you for the tip! How Do I change the Field names so that they do not start with a number? Is there a way to do a find and replace that will rename my fields and change my formulas that contain those fields? HawkLA
  4. I have a field that uses a value list in my database. I would like to have that field "require" a selection during data entry. I want my data entry person to not leave that field blank before moving on to the next entry. Is there a way to require a field have an entry before the record is saved? HawkLA
  5. I got it to work! WOW!!! I had to click on my Fields instead of typing them in the formula. It put a $ and {} around the fields and it now works! Thank you so much for the help everybody! Now I just need to design my reports!!! THANKS!!! HawkLA
  6. I did use my EXACT Field names. My Field names are 3Month, 6Month, 9Month, 12Month. So I can use the Case funtion on a calculated field? HawkLA
  7. I put in the Case Calulation as you have above. I am getting an error though. The Appointment1 - Appointment4 fields are "Calculated" fields! I calculate the dates from the Birthday and Add 3 months to that date to get the Appointment fields. The error that I get says Filemaker says "The Specified Field cannot be found." And it highlights the Calculated Appointment1 Field. What can I do? I hope I am not bothering everyone. I just can't get everything to work like I would like. HawkLA
  8. Thanks! I will try this! I think this will work! HawkLA
  9. I think I need to give you some more info. I photograph baby portraits. I input the baby's birthday, then Filemaker through a calculation field calculates the date 3 months from the birthday, then 6 months, then 9 months, then 12 months. So all these dates are listed on my data entry screen. What I want to do is to run a report for each client that shows when they are do to come in for portraits next. Something Like this: Customer Child's Name Next_Appointment Does this help? How do I do this? HawkLA
  10. I have a series of appointment dates that are calculated in my database in 3 month intervals from a starting date. I would like to have a calculation field that will return the results of the date of the "Next Appointment". In other words the database would search my calcuated fields and return the next accuring date. From this I want to create a report that Shows the "Next Appointment" Date for each of my clients. HELP! How do I do this calculation? HawkLA
  11. I am a photographer. Here are a couple of examples. I have clients with babies. In addition to their contact info, they are scheduled to come in every 3 months from the baby's birth. I have calculated fields that compute this after I input the birthday. I also have wedding clients. Usually, they do not have new babies! So, They will not need the birthday fields, but they will need a wedding date field and contact information for the parents, in addition to perminant and temp addresses for the bride and groom. What it comes down to is Data Entry. I do not need the wedding date fiel
  12. I am trying to create a Contact Database for my customers. Every customer has name, address, and stuff like that. I have 4-5 different types of customers that have additional information for each type. My question is, do I make 4 different layouts for data entry, or do I make one layout with tabs for each customer type? If I do the tabs, I could have my data entry person click on the type of customer tab and input the additional information. Or should I make seperate data bases for the unique information and then link the databases for reporting? What is the best way to do this?
  13. I have a Contacts Database that I have several different Layouts for data Entry. How can I make a specific Layout be assigned to default for a certain record? For Example if I use Layout #2 when I create a record, when I open that record in browse mode, I want it to open in Layout #2. HawkLA
  14. Can you give me an example of how to use the CASE function? Can I make a new field called "Next Appointment Date" and then use the CASE function in a calculation to find the next date? Am I on the right track? HawkLA
  15. I just looked at your sample database. When I click on the buttons on the right, it changes the layout that you are working with in the layouts menu. That is very nice, and I think that would work well for me. Now I just need to figure out how to make those buttons work on my database to change the forms! Any tips? I don't know anything about scripting. HawkLA
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