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  1. Personally i'd add: is_red_blue = if( colour = "blue" or colour = "red" ; 1; 0) then do a summary of is_red_blue to count them.
  2. Been there, seen that! The problem is this: IWP shows the selected / active record at the top of the page. So if it's the last record in the list you see only 1 record. The solution is simple: Goto Record / Request [First] This will take you to the top of your list and show you all the data.
  3. Does anyone know why a summary field would not always give me a result? client_id => foreign key count_cls => count of client_id CountByClient => 1 / ( GetSummary ( count_cls; client_id) ) sum_clients => total of CountByClient As expected: count_cls works all the time. CountByClient works when i sort by Client_id however sum_clients only works after i redefine the field to do exactly the same thing as it currently does (i.e. edit, change nothing, save = works). I have used this method in 6 other tables in my system, however in 2 tables it refuses to
  4. Im involved in the project with optimus. Im actualy trying to install it now. Install goes fine, FM 9 Pro runs on the citrix server. The problem is, when sat on a terminal i cant launch it. I've followed the guide above, no joy. Is there anything i need to do citrix wise? Ive tried various things with 'publishing application' etc. but can some one please give me a step by step of how to allow a citrix user to open FM? please please please many thanks
  5. anyone got a solution for this? I'm having the same problem. It all seems to be around scripts on portals. thanks.
  6. Basically i just want to know if it's possible in any way? An import (which i can then attach to a script) would be great! At the moment i can see the ODBC drivers in the 'external data sources' set up, but when i try and select it, it tells me that its not supported. Does this mean that integration is impossible? When i try to do an import, i cant see any files listed in the import from ODBC option. has any1 ever had to play with info from Fox Pro. Thanks in advance.
  7. I've possibly misunderstood the question, but wouldn't it be easier to do this on the filemaker side? XSL isnt my strong point so if you could give a more general discription of the aim, i might be able to suggest something.
  8. I agree a primary key should always be: a) uneffected by record data : unique but Can you tell me why a TEXT primary is better in this situation? Using text means that when i search for '1' i get these results: 1, 11, 3112, etc you can ofcourse use the exact match == but why should you have to? it adds another script line.
  9. you need 4 more tables. ingredients, ingredients used, suppliers, ingredients supplied. I know you didnt ask for the ability to see who supplies what or for more that 1 supplier to supply an item, but its good design for later. for sub-recipes: create a field in 'recipes' called 'parent' if you then join 'parent' to the 'recipes' key field whenever you enter an ID into the 'parent' field it can appear in a portal for that parent recipe. e.g. ID Name Parent 1 Lemon Pie 2 crust 1 3 lemon mouse 1 A portal in lemon pie would s
  10. I agree with Vaughan, definitely sounds like bad structure. I have created my own calendar in Filemaker, which we currently use for 1 of our solutions. Contact me / send me a file if you need help on this. As I think a look at your schema is required.
  11. Ive not tried it but... have you tried downloading the mac/universal version and taking the plugin out of there and into your Fm extensions folder? If that doesnt work ill try recreating your method.
  12. I was looking at going in for FM 8.5 Certification, but before i do i was hoping to make sure that i do infact know everything that could be in the exam. So far i have found this from the FM uk site: Exam coverage areas Knowing the product technical specifications Defining database schema Building layouts Working with the calculation dialog box Writing scripts Securing FileMaker systems Deploying database solutions via Server Data integration and data movement Publishing FileMaker data on the web Converting legacy FileMaker systems into FileMaker Pro 8 Using FileMa
  13. Hi, Im getting all muddled. Ive got what seems to be quite a complex database, using some advanced functionality, which doesnt work properly on IWP. I was going to suggest using local clients to remotly access the data (there are 3 sites, 1 would access a local server) BUT some1 told me that doing this is slower than using IWP (apparently thats why IWP exists?). has any1 done this? can anyone validate this either way? I could really use any help, as otherwise i might have to look at some way of syncing 3 separate files! (eek/ cry) thanks in advance!
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