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  1. Is there a way to re-perform Auto-enter field operations on records that already exist, in fields that already exist?
  2. I just "duplicated" one of my tables. Just select your table, hit Copy, and then hit Paste. I hope that is what you wanted. I too wanted to create a new table with the same fields as an existing one.
  3. How exactly do you do this, I'm not familiar with "record keys" or how to use them. I kind of see what you are getting at, but my problem is that at times, more than one person is accessing the "Application" and keying in their data. So would globals work, or would they potentially get over-written, if multiple people are entering data at the same time?
  4. ***UPDATE: I will need to use Web-compatible steps...I might just have to do a field by field copy. However, if you have the genius to do it another way (which I would not be surprised to find out) then I welcome it. Thanks again. P.S. Ender and Vodka, just wanted to say thanks for all the help you have personally given me with my problems. I almost feel like you are my FileMaker mentors...better than any tutorial I've run through =P
  5. Well, first off, I will be actually removing it from the original table. Due to the limitations on IWP communicating with my LDAP server, I am not allowing applicants to re-access their Application (record), for security issues (confidential information). So, if their connection blips, or they are unable to finish their application, then I will have them reset it (or copy it to the "deleted" table and then delete it from the existing table). Although it is highly unlikely, I want to be able to retrieve old applications, in case there someone maliciously obtains someone's student ID, and wis
  6. Which script steps would you use to do this? Do you have to do it field by field? Or can you simply do some sort of copy/paste of the record from the old table to the new?...if so, how? =)
  7. Any suggestions on how to move an entire record to another table? I'm sure I could copy it field by field (which is many), but is there a simpler way?
  8. This is a great place for me to pose my question...why is it so hard to drill down in your searches? Is there ANYTHING in FM that allows you to query your data with "ease" like in Access, or like in Excel with the "Auto-filter" functionality. From my experience, using the Find function in FM is very cumbersome...but this may be from inexperience. I would like hear from some of the "experts", what they think about it, and/or how they use it to their advantage.
  9. So, if my server is updated to 8.0v4, and I purchase the FMPA 8.5 update, and I implement the WebViewer functionality and then the WebViewer will run on my server via IWP?
  10. Question, even if I had FMP 8.5, our server is only FMS 8...so since the file is served up from the server, would the web-viewer functionality be compatible with the server?
  11. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't I need FM 8.5 to utilize that? I'm not familiar with Webviewer. Also, is this compatible with IWP and a file run on Filemaker Server? Thanks
  12. I've sifted through a number of scripts offered online, and there are those that will trigger scripts that typically aren't available via IWP but they are not compatible with server-run files, so that rules them out. I am curious about your last suggestion, how could I have FM 'scrape the content'? It sounds exciting Thanks again. You guys are great!
  13. Sounds messy Well, let me tell you what we're dealing with. The university has a login server set up that validates/authenticates our identities (netID/password). In order to gain access to our records, registration, etc. this is what we type in. The university gives access to this server on a restricted basis (I believe it is an LDAP server, but I am not completely sure). Many departments on campus make use of this netID/password login simply to ensure that the person is a university student or faculty member. I am developing a scholarship application via IWP. Initially all
  14. Another follow-up, I noticed a function called external, which appears to call some sort of plugin. Would it be possible to create a plug-in that retrieves the variable I want from the external source and then pass it on to my FM file? Thanks again.
  15. Steven, I don't completely understand this fellow's post, but would this be an option: Go here for all postings. Thanks
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