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  1. OK, we've tried and here are some results: dyn.agk8zuxnqm6 - Layout objects / layouts dyn.agk8zuxngku - Define Fields dyn.agk8zuxnxkq - Scripts dyn.agk8zuxnxnq - Scriptsteps dyn.agk8zuxngm2 - Custom Functions Greetings HB
  2. Hello at 360°works.com, please can you give us information for clipboard types used in Filemaker as listed: dyn.ah62d4rv4gu8y63n2nuuhg5pbsm4ca6dbsr4gnkduqf31k3pcr7u1e3basv61a3k dyn.ah62d4rv4gk81n65yru dyn.ah62d4rv4gk81g7d3ru dyn.agk81n65yru dyn.agk81g7d3ru What clipboard type is used by Scripts, Layouts, Custom Functions, etc.? Thanks HB
  3. Hi Tim, we've had the problem too and solved it by renaming the function "PopUpMenu" into "PuM" or anything else. Maybe it works for you too... Greeting from Berlin HB
  4. ...yes indeed. You have to restart FMP! HB :
  5. Hello andries, I've placed the "Sqlitejdbc-V056.jar" in /Library/Java/Extension/ , copied the code from you into the Scriptmaster Script field, changed the Users path into mine... .. but get an error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC : Have I to restart FMP or the Mac to get it work? Thanks HB
  6. : Hi there! Is there a limitation of size for the "ReadFileContents" function? For a 35 MB file I'll get an Error ("Error"). And if so, how can I prevent this limitation? Thanks HB
  7. Hello Valentin, I'm using version 3.3.3. The latest I think. And if you say this is fixed already, then I think it's a known bug that already exists. Thank
  8. ;) Hello, another problem I have with the registered CryptographyDecryption function: In file A a custom function is defined to decrypt some text and matches with one textfield. As a result we get "1" or "0" stored in a global field. Now we go to file B and ask for the value in the global field in File A. Sometimes then FMPA freezes. Please have a look at the console message of FMPA I have included. Any ideas of what went wrong here? Thanks HB
  9. OK, for everyone with the same problem: It's solved. Apparently the name "PopupMenu" is reserved by somewhat else in the system or in FileMaker itself. Just register the function with another name and it works. i.e. RegisterGroovy( "PuM( choices )" ; "package swing;¶ ¶ import javax.swing.*;¶ import javax.swing.event.PopupMenuEvent;¶ [...] Greetings HB
  10. In the past the PopUpMenu function works OK in FMPA10. After Update to MacOSX 10.6 there is a problem to make this function work in german localized and now also in the english Version of FMPA10 and also 11. By implementing in a script there is an error as shown in the enclosed screenshot. Has anyone any idea to make this function run properly? Thanks in advance HB
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