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  1. Is there a way to limit the browsing to just one website? Also, websites with username and password restrictions, I tried writing a URL to automatically enter that then submit, unfortunately, I have not been successful. Is this even possible? Thank you for any help.
  2. You're right, I moved the time to 12:00 am so it backs up every hour indefinitely. Yes, I run a script to close it on shutdown. Thanks a bunch!
  3. I want the backups to be done every hour whenever the machine is up. I cannot get it to work that way. Currently, I have the backup scheduled to "Every 1 hour from 8 PM every 1 day starting at 1/15/2008". It made backups at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and 11pm only. Then it stopped. It says the next run time is at 8pm on 1/16/2008. Help!
  4. Hi Tried Send Event, didn't work either. It only works if the application is already opened and you just want to maximize it or bring it to the foreground. Dina
  5. I am not even sure if this is possible but is there any way to open an application using a script? I am trying to use open url but i can't get it to work. I am trying to open an .exe file. Thanks! Dina
  6. Yes, I tried typing fmsadmin.exe in the command prompt but get an error- something like it is not recognized as an internal or external command.... That's exactly what I want to do but can't get it to work at the cmd prompt. Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. Can closing of files be scheduled using the scheduler in fms 8? If so, please let me know how it's done. Thanks!
  8. using FMS 8, can i backup the files to a remote pc? I can only backup locally. Thanks.
  9. Used to have peer-to-peer using FM8 Adv. Now, trying out FMServer 8. Is it possible to open files in the same computer where server 8 is running and hosting the same files you want to open as a client? I opened a file hosted by the server using FM8 adv in the same pc but I get an error saying that the file is already being shared by a filemaker program or something like that. BUT, it will still proceed to open the file. I don't know if that will screw it up.
  10. After googling and looking in the filemaker website, I found one that suggested a solution. Looked into the FM folder and search for a PEM file called server.pem. If this is <5Kb then it's probably corrupted. Mine was, it was 1Kb. So I copied a similar file from a working FM Pro 8 installation and pasted it in the FM folder of the corrupt one which I changed into a BAK file just in case. And voila! Error gone and Open Remote worked. Thanks everyone.
  11. I have a LAN system setup here 1 host (FM 8 Advanced) and 3 (FM 8 Pro) clients. DB runs from host on Win 2003 Server OS and the clients on Win XP. I never had problems with remote host sharing nor setting it up. System has been running for almost a year. We're going to add another pc which will have FM Pro 8. Using the trial cd, we installed FM, and run it trying to access remote host. This is the error: "FileMaker cannot share or be a client of a file because the networking stack could not be initialized" Tried re-installing sw 3 times, still gets this message. This has never happ
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