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  1. Hi, I know with FM Pro 9 there is a way to e-mail a database link. Is there a way to e-mail a link of a specific record? Thanks Karen
  2. I guess I'm too new to this forum...I can open the zipped files but cannot touch them, as it says I do not have access. Robert: I clicked on the link to your website and that is exactly what I want to do! Now, how did you do it Thank you all so much for your replies!! Karen
  3. I'd like to create a button to show/hide fields in a database. I've searched the forum, but could only find conditionals using radio buttons and such. I want to be able to click on a "+" button to show the fields and "-" button to hide the fields. I'm not sure if these buttons should be based on a script or portal. I appreciate any help you can give! Karen
  4. I just figured it out! It was a simple linking issue all along. Load off my mind. Thank you so much for all your help. Happy Friday!
  5. I had done that. Can you elaborate...I'm not sure I understand.
  6. Yes, I'm using the portal to list all of the projects worked on for that day. I'm not trying to use the portal to add new information, I just want the information from the records to automatically show up in the portal...which it does for every field EXCEPT the 'Client Name' and 'Project Name'. Does that make more sense? Thanks for your help with this.
  7. Thanks for the welcome.... I've attached a pdf of the file. It's an "hours" sheet so we enter the project/times we are working on as individual records. Then all records for a specific day are recorded below via a portal. The problem is this: I have it related so when we enter the Job# for a record, the Client Name and Project Name automatically appear in their respective fields. As you can see, those two fields are not showing up in the portal. I must have the portal related incorrectly, but I'm not sure how. Hours.pdf
  8. I am trying to do the same thing except 2 of the fields in my current layout (that I'm trying to add to a portal in the same layout) are from a related file. How do I link them to the portal?
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