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  1. Yes to static IP. I read old threads last night and found the answer from 2007. Basically I was trying to access the tcp of the machine hosting FM server instead of the public IP address and then allowing the 5003 port to forward e traffic. So issue solved! thanks for the response.
  2. I am using FM Server 8.0 to host a file at the office. I can see the file on my Power Book while I'm at the office. I have opened port 5003. However, when home, using the same Power Book get the same issue, the files no longer display. No firewall active on my Mac Power Book. Any ideas?
  3. I was certain this would not happen to me but.... I have a database that I have not had to access for some time and now need to. I cannot for the life of me remember the Administrator Password. Is there a way to retrieve the password?
  4. Can you advise me how to use this Plug In to allow transition between two printers, 1 for paper and 1 for labels, in my application? The examples given with the plug in use Calculations but I am used to printing from the Script menu. Also, I don't use a global field in my application. Guess I just am not getting how you apply the calculation step to the script step for Print.
  5. LaRetta, I finally figured out what I am to do and your method is exactly what I had wanted. Thanks!
  6. Aldipalo, Hi I have enclosed my Clone for your review and thoughts! Thanks for your help!!!! _Clone.fp7.zip
  7. Aldipalo, Thanks for the information. My structure is a bit different. I have a patient layout, a visit layout, a medjoin layout, and a layout that lists probably a 1000+ medications. Patients can be on more than one medication and the patient can have more than one visit so this reduces the many to many relationship. Medicines are selected as a pull through and from a drop down list. So my medjoin table only contains the kf_Med# and the kf_Visit#. One date of service is equal to the Visit#. I can't get the previous dates medication portal to display on my current day layout, even with the self join relationship as you suggested.
  8. The fields value in layout one will come from the template information as it is selected. I want to concatenate the template selection into the field in the order the template information is selected. So the template information will be added one at a time following one another in the order selected.
  9. I have a file that relates a list of template descriptions to a field in a second layout. I would like to set the template text up as a button and when activated have the text placed in the field of the second layout. This much I can accomplish but where I get stuck is if I want to add more information from the template descriptors to the layout field. (eg.) Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, Pierced Ears. I can only transfer one, when I click on the second it replaces the first. Any help is appreciated.
  10. I have a database that shows a portal on an encounter that lists all the medications a person is taking. It is linked through a join table to the visit table and the visit table is set by the date seen. Is there a way to show the portal and data associated with it of a previous date for the same person on the date of their current visit. When I create new file for a new date then the join information is no longer visible. Most often patient medicines remain the same so seeing the previous list will allow me to know what they're taking and also set up a simple Portal Dupe to transfer last visits med list to the new visit.
  11. Fenton, Works perfectly! Thank you Spirodoc
  12. First I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this post. I have two tables, one is a list of contacts and the second is the dates of service interaction. I would like to to be able to see on today's service interaction the last date the contact came for service. Last (Date Seen)provides me with the current date. Help is appreciated!
  13. I run FMP Advanced on my office Network, connected to the network from the host computer via Airport; all works fine on the office network. I cannot access the file remotely, say from home, I have tried configuring the Airport so that my computer there is a fixed IP address but this did not fix the issue. I was using Port 80, have not tried 591. Is this a process that can be done? My office uses a firewall on the router. Any help would be appreciated. Also, can I access the file through my website on Yahoo.com?
  14. The display of information was what I was trying to accomplish and the "Substitute" statement worked perfectly. Thanks!
  15. Is there a way to print portals on a report horizontally through a script or calculation? I have tried to use Line Item reporting but it still lists the field data vertically. I am trying to get the data listed horizontally and comma separated to give a nicer presentation as well as conserve on space/paper. Any ideas appreciated!!
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