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  1. I have a further query about this for 360works support. Is the tracking pixel img added by the CloudMail plug-in? If so can you add an alt attribute to it please (alt=""). This would perfect the code in the eyes of the SPAM testing algorithms. I don't believe that there is anything that we can do on our side of the plug-in to achieve this. Many thanks - Anatole
  2. Hi Nick Thanks for the reply. Installing the plugin manually works fine. I was just rather hoping that the integrated updater would carry on working as usual for client machines running FM15 and 16. It broke with the update and I haven't yet got it working again for this client. However, I think I found the problem when I tried to get it to fail again, to give you a log. I was still installing the plug- in the extension folder. Not in the folder in Application support. This may have confused it if it was trying to install two copies. Anatole 360Works CloudMail_bVmlTF.log
  3. I have two clients still running FileMaker 15 server and for both the 360works AutoUpdate feature has failed. Dialog shows '"360works_CloudMail.fmplugin" failed to initialize' when it attempts to download the plugin. Is it now incompatible with this version? Also, there seems to be no way of getting to your downloads. For AutoUpdate we can only open the FM18 version and there is no download available.
  4. Hi Grégoire The process of getting to the bottom of the SPAM scores was really troublesome. I had to send and resend emails and then examine the source code received and also using services like mail-tester.com and ISnotSPAM.com. This revealed where the specified addresses/URLs were not being used. Setting up the custom DNSname was essential. We set up both for SPF and DKIM. The AWS sender IP addresses are also a potential problem that flag up in some SPAM filters. We ended up having to setup and train our own. Some of the links that CloudMail/AWS use to provide the feedbac
  5. Thanks for the email. Explains nicely the process I use for storing attachments used in 360works CloudMail. AWS get a little twitchy about using S3 public access - even though this is what we want. Any idea if you can link via a domain not hosted through AWS to the s3 bucket? AWS not happy about the inconsistent 'branding' and non-domino links in the email.
  6. Non-documented use of CMQueueMessage We have been adjusting our email structure and looking at how the received emails show in email clients and we noticed that the CloudMail system was simply adding the From address, so it appeared as: address@email.com <email @address.com> in the header. By changing the information being posted to the from address for CMQueueMessage, I have found that you can change the format to appear in the expected form - name <email @address.com>. e.g. fromaddress = "name <email @address.com>"
  7. Further to this topic, I now have an excellent attachment upload system working with CloudMail. Before sending a CloudMail campaign, the attachment file and also a thumbnail image is uploaded. The URL of the thumbnail is then embedded in the message text and the file URL linked to the image. However, occasionally, when email traffic is very high, the upload fails and the returned URL for the file or thumbnail is "?". Is there any way I can persuade FileMaker to wait a little longer for the the URL to be returned? - I suspect this may just be a timing issue. Many thanks - Anatole
  8. You can simply set it up to use just the one campaign. I use the campaigns as email templates - they can be updated any time anyone wants to send a new batch. The results section then has to be able to be filterable by batch, so that you can choose which mailing you want to see the results for, even though they all came from the same 'campaign'.
  9. It appears that the SPF failure is the result of an intermediary filtering service provided by Everycloud. The email path is being spotted by the Outlook server and their domain (antispameurope.com) is not being recognised or included in the original SPF details.
  10. Further to correcting the previous issue we are still getting a lot of mails being received in recipient junk folders. Particularly when handled by Outlook Exchange servers. On examining the headers of the recipient emails the SPF test was always failing on AWS emails because the "domain of amazonses.com does not designate as permitted sender” ...(or any other shared IP address that SES has used - SES seems to just use and Whether emails pass or fail the spam testing seems entirely random and the only critical difference between them that I have spo
  11. Rather an old posting - but this is possible and we do it all the time to record all emails sent by CloudMail. We also had to put in a script step to ignore server results when downloading AWS results, so the BCC'd results are not confused with the rest. To apply the BCC, simply add another recipient before sending the email: Set Variable [ $recipient; Value: CMAddRecipient( recipientemailaddress ) ] Set Variable [ $recipient; Value: CMAddRecipient( filemakerserveraddress ) ]
  12. Hi I just broke the click feature on CloudMail, so I thought I would drop a hint on this thread. Not only does your email have to be HTML for the CloudMail plugin to include view and click feedback, but you have to be careful to use " speech marks in your coding. I rewrote the scripting to merge data from FileMaker and used ' single quote marks to distinguish between the HTML coding and the FileMaker coding instead of using \" . Using ' worked just fine, but stopped the CloudMail plug-in from applying the code for the click feedback. The example below shows working code using \" - if
  13. All sorted - the SPAM scoring is now around 9/10, so pretty much as good as we could hope for. Many thanks for your response Ryan
  14. It appears that the issue was not one of poor SPAM scoring at all, but a result of not applying a custom DNS name. By leaving the DNS name as the IP address, the email system worked, but the filters could detect the AWS instance IP address within the email. Applying a custom DNS name to the DNS listing for the clients domain and using that instead cleared up the issue. Many thanks to the prompt response from 360works support.
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