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  1. Terrible Toll

    Could not initialize JavaScriptConnector

    I have this issue too - tabs don't work, but otherwise all seems to be OK. Just get the error flashing up at the beginning on Safari.
  2. Terrible Toll


    Thanks to Ryan at 360 for his swift response to my query. The latest plug-in updates fixed the Java issue.
  3. The latest update fixed this. Many thanks
  4. Terrible Toll

    CloudMail attachments

    OK - we now have a working CloudMail solution that sends any number of emails with attachments (as URL links). I have two minor issues with it: 1/ Any images that we use on the HTML email (which are uploaded as attachment files, but not specific to each 'campaign') if we use as HREF links, don't work. If I check the message source the URL is there but it is prefixed and suffixed with a pile of coding which messes up the link. e.g. <a href=3D=E2=80=9Dhttp://momentumski.com/=E2=80=9D>. Any ideas what the E2=80=9D is all about? 2/ The attachment link, which is automatically uploaded prior to send the email opens in web browser. I would like to force this to download which I can do by changing the PDF file metadata to Content-Disposition:attachment on the AWS S3 file storage. I know that it is possible to assign this during the upload to the AWS server, but I don't know if the 360works CloudMail plug-in can manage it. Any ideas? Many thanks - almost there .... Anatole Beams
  5. Terrible Toll

    Plastic with BarclayCard

    Just an additional note to add to this is that we fixed the script with a bit of help from Barclaycard and it nows works once again. The good side of this method is that no CC details are held on system, so no security issues.... just money in the bank.
  6. Hi again I have stumbled at the first hurdle on this plug-in. I can't even get the Demo to work! Using Amazon SES - I have entered up our Amazon access and secret keys but get the following when I try to send an email. "Could not deliver message to recipient #1: You must call EmailCreate before calling this function" I tried looked at the script debugger for the script "EmailSetBodyFileSend" and it successfully runs the first three sections, the first of which is 'EmailCreate' and then fails on the 'EmailSend' section. Any ideas? Many thanks, Anatole
  7. Terrible Toll

    360works CloudMail attachments

    Thanks for your help Ryan. - I have another problem now! But I will try the email plug in to see if that works better.
  8. Terrible Toll


    Hello - I have this problem too. The CloudMail works just fine until I try to add an attachment. Then I get this error: I am using FM15 on OS X 10.10.5 with the latest CloudMail plugin. I have enclosed the plugin log. Many thanks, Anatole 360Plugins_FMAdvanced.log
  9. Terrible Toll

    360works CloudMail attachments

    Still struggling with this. Is there any easy way to generate MIME encoded emails with attachments? Or should I be using the 360works email plugin to achieve this?
  10. Sending emails with attachments using AWS and 360works CloudMail plugin I have the CloudMail plugin working on our system and are using it to send emails from our batch emailing system. It works well complete with attachments (as URL links to uploaded files) but I wanted to make the attachments show on the email like they do with regular emails sent from an email client. i.e. they should show as a file icon, rather than a long-winded URL. It would also be good to show images of single page PDFs and JPGs. Presumably, I would have to incorporate some sort of thumbnail image creation for this. Or is there an easier way I can't think of? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Many thanks - Anatole
  11. Terrible Toll

    IWP and Barclays ePDQ

    Just a quick reply to this old topic of mine that nobody replied to - probably preferring that I would just jump off a bridge. I got it working in the end with the help of a php guru. The code was very simple and just involved setting up the connection to the ePDQ server and then passing a bit of info back and forth. The end result is that a payment demand gets sent to ePDQ from your website/FileMaker database or email link and then you are taken to the ePDQ website where you can complete the CC transaction to transfer the money over to our account. Of course, this has worked perfectly (more-or-less) since 2006 until today when Barclaycard buggered it up by insisting on encrypted string traffic both ways. We are still trying to fix it ...
  12. Terrible Toll

    Plastic with BarclayCard

    Hi Up until today, we have been running a small php page, triggered from FileMaker that pass the payment and vendor details over to the Barclaycard ePDQ engine for payment processing. For the buyer using a website or FileMaker database, or even just a link from an email, it takes him straight to the ePDQ payment site where he arranges the payment to the vendors account. However, today Barclaycard broke all this by demanding encryption for all traffic between the vendor server and the ePDQ server, so we have to rewrite the PHP code and have yet to have it fixed. But anyway, the answer to your question is that is is possible and not very difficult if you are good at this sort of thing. Otherwise the whole process looks pretty incomprehensible and the technical help from Barclaycard is close to nil. Best of luck, Anatole
  13. Terrible Toll

    SMTPit - resulting in very large file

    Hi Folks Got it at last. The problem was simply that the status field in the logfile was taking accumulating gFullResults from SMTPit for every email in the batch (i.e. status for email 1, then status for email 1 and 2 etc.etc.). This was overloading the file when large batches were sent. Sorry, I was almost convinced that it might have been some peculiarity with SMTPit, but it was just shoddy programming on my part. Thanks for the consideration and for 'listening' to a ratty old fool. Anatole P.s. Yes, a compacted copy helped, but it wouldn't explain how an essentially perfect sequence of data could stack up so quickly. Cheers Vincent.
  14. Terrible Toll

    SMTPit - resulting in very large file

    OK - I have narrowed my search down a bit. Taking my stupendous 46.8GB file I stripped out fields from the logfile one at a time and hey presto, when I strip out the 'empty' status field the file drops in size by a whopping 32GB. This status field has taken the contents of the "error" field supplied by SMTPit, so I guess there is a bit more to it (like the rest of the email including the attachment maybe?). Watch this space for the next exciting installment. Anatole
  15. I have a batch emailing solution that I built for a client using the SMTPit plug-in from CNS. It works great and for every email it sends out it stores a record in a sub-table as a log. This sub-table now has 65865 records but the total file size has grown to over 46.8GB! When I strip out the logfile data, the total file size is a more manageable 580MB. I don't understand this as the table only contains a few fields with a tiny amount of data in each: [Timestamp, Status(text), Sender name(text), To name (text), Mail ID(number), Contact ID(number), COUNT records(summary)]. The logfile is built by a script that populates the fields as each email is sent. Any ideas why this might be happening? Could SMTPit be creating 'invisible' fields for storing attachments or something and why should this be stored with a logfile? or could it be putting invisible data into one or other of the text fields? All rather perplexing! Any ideas would be much appreciated - and my thanks to any for consideration of this conundrum. Anatole

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