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  1. Terrible Toll

    Attachment links blocked by client firewalls

    Thanks for your response Olger. You could be quite right. I am not able to reproduce the problem, so it could be just a filter. However, I suspect it is not just the one client, which make me think it is more than just that.
  2. Terrible Toll

    Attachment links blocked by client firewalls

    I have set up a subdomain on our domain so the link on the attachment is now: http://aws.momentum.uk.com/CloudMail/click/49857fb6-3454-4b18-b3d8-a07a78a6f76f/0 However, this initial link off the email is insecure (http). It links in turn to secure location where the image is stored (https). Does anyone know if it is possible to make the intermediate link https as well? Why is it that the IP address that we have on AWS is only http?
  3. Terrible Toll

    Attachment links blocked by client firewalls

    I think it may be because the initial link on the email to download the attachment is not secure. Example: Surely this should be a secure link? The IP address is the one supplied when CloudMail links to AWS, so I am not sure if we have any control over this. Other CloudMail links such as unsubscribe are also similar so will likely have the same problem if clients are blocked from using insecure sites.
  4. Terrible Toll

    CloudMail results not always showing

    Many thanks - it seems to be working now with the latest updates. Although we now BCC all sent emails to a sent box on our email server, so we can be absolutely sure of everything we have sent.
  5. We have the 360works CloudMail plug-in employed to send batch emails to our participants. It uploads attachments to AWS and includes a download link on each email, however, some of our city clients are being blocked from accessing the attachments by their firewall. We have the domains all fully certified and verified by AWS, so does anyone have any idea what could be the possible cause of this. Thanks in advance, Anatole Beams
  6. Terrible Toll

    CloudMail attachments

    This problem was fixed with an update for the CloudMail plug-in. Thanks 360works - it works!
  7. The CloudMail plug-in seems to work well through the AWS system, but the results collection has proven to be unreliable. Frequently, emails have gone out and no results have been available to collect at all. I had my suspicions about this, so I have been logging all emails sent in FileMaker and also BCC'ing emails to a catch address. We have only just installed the latest plug-in so I have yet to see if this occurs with 3.09 (we have been running 3.08) Has anyone else experienced any problems with the CloudMail results collection?
  8. Terrible Toll

    Could not initialize JavaScriptConnector

    I have this issue too - tabs don't work, but otherwise all seems to be OK. Just get the error flashing up at the beginning on Safari.
  9. Terrible Toll


    Thanks to Ryan at 360 for his swift response to my query. The latest plug-in updates fixed the Java issue.
  10. The latest update fixed this. Many thanks
  11. Terrible Toll

    CloudMail attachments

    OK - we now have a working CloudMail solution that sends any number of emails with attachments (as URL links). I have two minor issues with it: 1/ Any images that we use on the HTML email (which are uploaded as attachment files, but not specific to each 'campaign') if we use as HREF links, don't work. If I check the message source the URL is there but it is prefixed and suffixed with a pile of coding which messes up the link. e.g. <a href=3D=E2=80=9Dhttp://momentumski.com/=E2=80=9D>. Any ideas what the E2=80=9D is all about? 2/ The attachment link, which is automatically uploaded prior to send the email opens in web browser. I would like to force this to download which I can do by changing the PDF file metadata to Content-Disposition:attachment on the AWS S3 file storage. I know that it is possible to assign this during the upload to the AWS server, but I don't know if the 360works CloudMail plug-in can manage it. Any ideas? Many thanks - almost there .... Anatole Beams
  12. Terrible Toll

    Plastic with BarclayCard

    Just an additional note to add to this is that we fixed the script with a bit of help from Barclaycard and it nows works once again. The good side of this method is that no CC details are held on system, so no security issues.... just money in the bank.
  13. Hi again I have stumbled at the first hurdle on this plug-in. I can't even get the Demo to work! Using Amazon SES - I have entered up our Amazon access and secret keys but get the following when I try to send an email. "Could not deliver message to recipient #1: You must call EmailCreate before calling this function" I tried looked at the script debugger for the script "EmailSetBodyFileSend" and it successfully runs the first three sections, the first of which is 'EmailCreate' and then fails on the 'EmailSend' section. Any ideas? Many thanks, Anatole
  14. Terrible Toll

    360works CloudMail attachments

    Thanks for your help Ryan. - I have another problem now! But I will try the email plug in to see if that works better.
  15. Terrible Toll


    Hello - I have this problem too. The CloudMail works just fine until I try to add an attachment. Then I get this error: I am using FM15 on OS X 10.10.5 with the latest CloudMail plugin. I have enclosed the plugin log. Many thanks, Anatole 360Plugins_FMAdvanced.log

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