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  1. I have several hundred images to which I would like to add data in the description and keyword fields of the image metadata. The data is sourced from a product database where the images are stored in a container field. Any clues on how I can tacke that task much appreciated.
  2. Is there a way of preventing a drop-down list from going to the next tab field without deleting the tab order - I want it to stay in the drop-down field so that I can set a variable to the newly selected value. I cannot use a pop up because I also need to record the current value of the field. If I delete the tabs it works but I would like to be able to tab to the next field as well - sort of have my cake an eat it situation - don't know how I turned on the italics or how to turn them off cheers Roger
  3. I need to output a text file in a format that looks like: "","name","email","1","0","" where all the quote marks, as above, are required in the output and the names, emails and flags are pulled from an xls file into the database with appropriately named fields. I have an export field that joins the whole lot together. I ran into a lot of problems with escaping quotes and have achieved a result by using a bullet character for the quotes and, as the last step in a script, find/replace all the bullets with quotes. Although it works, it seems a bit clunky. What do you reckon? cheers
  4. I would like a field in an image catalogue (jpg files) that shows the referenced image size in kb. Is that do-able? And, while we're at it any way of showing/altering image metadata? Cheers Roger
  5. I have a similar situation - I generate my barcode labels within filemaker using a barcode plug in and need to save the individual formatted labels as pdf for our factory/printer. I cannot save/send the codes as pdf because the codes do not save correctly - they get broken up. I can, however, print the codes to pdf. Printing a group of labels to pdf makes a single multi page pdf which I split in acrobat giving me a bunch of files named g_Part1.pdf, g_Part2.pdf... g_Part42.pdf &c. To rename the files to their product code or barcode number I have built a fmp utility which works as follows:
  6. I have a pile of images all called main.jpg. I want to import them into a product catalogue that already has the items as pricelist/manufacturing specs. I would like to rename the jpgs via a dropdown list so I don't have to manually rename every file. They will then be available to customers for downloading for use in their own websites. Any clues? I thought there might be a way via applescript. Cheers Roger
  7. I would very much like to be able to display and work with a number of records (6) side by side but I see no way of doing it. Is it possible? I'm on 8.5 but will be upgrading soon. Thanks Roger I think I've sussed it... portals side by side, one row each but each showing the next row to the portal to its left. Is that the way? cheers
  8. When importing images from a folder - reference only: If you have a folder with an image called "image1.ai" (or whatever) in it and a sub folder with a different image called image1.ai, Filemaker only finds the image that is higher up the path even though the imported file path is correct. Is there a way of overcoming that so the image that filemaker displays is the image that is further down the directory?
  9. Even if bits are broken or missing it still works and quite quickly on my machine - thanks, it has piqued my interest in applescripting. One other thing; how would you restrict the search to a specific folder or drive? What you have written digs up everything off every drive including stuff archived with time machine or stuff it - which is very clever but makes for a long list most of which is not current projects. Heading for applescript dictionary now, see if I can suss it.
  10. Thanks for that however, it doesn't seem to include a search of the drive for file names that contain the product code i.e. my database has a field with a product code "E45" and my design filenames look like "E45 moulding", "E45 strap" etc. I would like to script a button that searches out and lists all the files containing E45 from whence I can select the one that needs changes made. There is no actual filepath for any image as part of the data base, only the product code. In an instance where I know the filepath I just use open url.
  11. Is there a way import/read the metadata associated with Illustrator files - I have product designs files (Illustrator) that have keywords in the metadata - I would like to use this data to autofill fields when I import the files. Any clues would be way cool. Thanks
  12. I'm no gun but it seems to do what you asked [color:red] New Record/Request Show Custom Dialog [ Title: “add new”; Message: “enter number of records and inv number”; Buttons: “OK”, “Cancel”; Input #1: invoice::number of records, “number of new records”; Input #2: invoice::inv no, “inv no” ] Set Variable [ $nnr; Value:1 ] Copy [ invoice::inv no ] [ Select ] Delete Record/Request [ No dialog ] Loop New Record/Request Paste [ invoice::inv no ] [ Select ] Set Variable [ $nnr; Value:$nnr+1 ] Exit Loop If [ $nnr > invoice::number of records ] End Loop
  13. I see the problem... you can't use either of these fields as a unique identifier / serial number. You would need to leave that one alone and make a new field that incremented via a new record script. It would be a "fake" company identifier and could be selected from a value list when the record was created - If the selection is an existing value then the contact field increments. If you make a new company number, the contact number would become "1". But you probably shouldn't pay too much heed to what I reckon
  14. how about you keep your primary company field inviolate and have a second field for the contact and then concatanate them into a third field ( the only one that appears on the layout). It would look like what you want but keep the serial numbers sacred.
  15. I would like to get a list of all files (graphics files) on my hard drive that contain, as part of their filename, a product code from a field. I have a record with a "show Art" button attached to a script which I would like to produce a the list which might, for instance, appear in a finder window where I could simply double-click the one I need to edit and have it open in the relevant app. I have tried applescripting it and send event but haven't sussed it. Any clues? Thanks in advance. Roger
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