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  1. is there a way to set up a calculation to get two values of text from two fields into one. for example field a + field b = field c fast + ball = fastball any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. thanks, sometimes it seems like we make it a lot harder than it really is. thanks again, dave
  3. I am having a problem seeing a jpg that I insert into a field. Not sure if there are different types of jpg formats, but I can get some jpg to show. The error message I get is "The file cannot be found:7.jpg." Any ideas or thoughts would be great thanks, dave
  4. Pulling up multiple records with a web viewer in the header, do not want it to refresh when going between records. Is there anyway to do this?
  5. Was wondering if anyone else was having slow screen redraws in 8.5?
  6. I pulled that file up and when i go to the layout with multiple records, it does do the same thing. The speed is much faster since there is only 3 fields on it, but it does take some time to pull up the records. I don't have a way to put this sample file on the web except to email at this time.
  7. We have called tech support several times about this issue. They have no ideas for help or anything. They keep trying to say that the computer is to slow. It is a Pentium 4 3ghz w/ 1gig of ram. nothing else is open, I have even shutoff all startup items to see if that was causing a problem and same results. If anyone out there has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  8. i just created a single layout with no relationships. it has 75 text and 2 date fields on it. I created 3 records and put data in two of the text fields on each of them. If I click into any of the fields and go from record to record, it takes a couple of seconds for the full layout to pull up on each record. There are no borders around any of the fields. We have a code for filemaker support, but they keep saying there is nothing wrong with it. If 8.5 is suppose to be faster than 6, why are we having this problem. Thanks, Dave
  9. Also started a simple system in verison 8.5. still having the same issues. There are probably 75 fields on the form. no summary fields or calc fields. Still having the same problem when going between records.
  10. We have a fairly complex system. Screen redraw on a mac osx 10.4.7 works fine, but when using it on a windows xp home machine, it takes forever the screen to redraw. If you are clicked in a field on one record and try to go to another record while still clicked into that field, the screen takes forever to redraw in windows. We just upgraded from v6 to v8.5. never had any problems in v6. Have been using the system for about 10yrs now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave
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