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  1. As you know, FileMaker 14 included a new widely used feature: button bars. No need to say why they're awesome, but you've probably noticed it wasn't that easy if you wanted to create a lot of similar buttons, or convert your old button objects into button bars. Well, these are not issues anymore, thank's to Federico Basmadyian's ButtonBarTool, available here.
  2. WebDirect stability

    hurray! I reinstalled OS X and FMS... for no good. But... got a little bit of help from FMI support and they asked me to test with the Database filter option off (in the Security panel of the admin console) and... it solved it. Now of course it's not a real fix because I need this option to be on, but let's hope that the issue will be nailed down in a future release. Please reply to this post if it solves it for you too. (or if it doesn't by the way)
  3. WebDirect stability

    Just to report the exact same issue. WebDirect stops working every 65 or 70 minutes (without) any scheduled task on the server with this frequency. OS X 10.9. The same machine (with the same OS) has been running WD with FMS 13 for over a year without a problem. -> We're downgrading to FMS 13. Note that all other services (including Custom Web Publishing, Admin Console and ODBC) keep working smoothly. It's a WebDirect only issue.
  4. There is more than one event worth seeing this year! Yann Liqueur-Salzédo and I, the 2 best known 'Frogs' of the FileMaker community, will give a Master Class/Workshop in Toronto in April. Yann, renowned for his interface skills, will present good practice and techniques about design. I will share my most efficient industrial secrets, trying to make this session the most valuable you ever attended. Register soon, and get the Ealry Bird reduced fee. is.gd/tOewxj
  5. Ooops, I didn't see all your replies. Thanks! In my case, it's not a Java issue. I re-deployed the server, and I end up in a different situation: the plugin is correctly displayed in the list, and checking the box returns a confirmation message... but then the checkbox is unchecked again
  6. Hi, I have a slightly different issue: the plug-in is well listed on the admin console, but when I try to enable it, I get a 'noSubscriber' error.
  7. Hi, some time ago, I posted this technique called FMSDIFM for FileMaker Server, Do It For Me. Although it was widely discussed and used by FileMaker 'techies', it was too hard to deploy, so we had to keep it for ourselves (the principle was already public but the implementation was only for our hosting services customers). Since then, we've worked on a simplified version so every one can install it on any FileMaker Server hosted file. We've been using it for a year, and now we're making it public and free. I will present a session at Pause On Error Berlin this week about it. If you're coming to Berlin, bring some heavy script of yours that you've been trying to optimize, and I will show you how FMSDIFM can help. Here is a new video and the download link. Please consider the web page down the link to be the 'official' documentation page, and post your comments here on FM Forums. The-page-with-a-video-and-everything. For those who don't know yet what FMSDIFM is about, well, it's the same thing, read the page Seriously, FMSDIFM is about performing CPU/data-intensive tasks on the server rather than on the client. It improves performance by a factor of several hundreds. Simply hudge! But as you will see, this is only one of the benefits.
  8. SQL recursion

    Sorry, took a while, but here is an example file to manage hierarchal portals. (based on an example by Doug West, Excelisys) http://www.1-more-thing.com/Hierarchal-Portals-Using.html Actually, it's not the way I usually deal with hierarchies, I prefer a two-table model allowing many-to-many relationships, but this techniques allows it because you don't have to store the whole ascendence on each record. (which limits a record to 1 place only in the tree)
  9. Has anyone experience with iButtons?

    Why do I keep asking during Pause on Error ? Silly me.
  10. Hi all, I have to deal with Dallas key reader (aka iButton). Does anyone have an experience to share? Thanks!
  11. It could, and a long time before that with URL plugins, but it required a refresh window on FileMaker Go. But what's more, FileMaker Server was not as powerful as it is now: 64bits (and consequently support of a lot of RAM) and 200 web connections are key factors to this technique viability. For your report issue, it can help to create records containing only the required information so they are faster to sort and so on, but it's more the kind of things that need to run on the client side, because it has to do with display, printing, pdf stuff... In combination with a plug-in like ScriptMaster, if can indeed produce a pdf report for you.
  12. To me, this is the most valueable thing I learned at DevCon. Thank you Mr. Vodka!
  13. Hi, I just posted a new entry on 1-more-thing blog, presenting a 'revolutionary' technique allowed by FileMaker 12. It completely changes my life as a developer, and makes it possible to create very efficient online solutions using FileMaker Pro/Go. It's all explained in this video.

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