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  1. Thanks, It indeed seems like this is happening. I have a child table linked to the table I am duplicating, so when I delete the new 'duplicated' record it goes down the reference, deletes the related child, then back up the reference and deletes the original record.
  2. How do I copy an entire record (all fields) into the same table? There has got to be an easy way to do this? I want to copy every field from a table and make a new record with that data… an exact copy… Duplicate Record doesn’t work, because the resulting ‘records’ are the same exact instance of a record! I want an independent/standalone copy of the record, so if I delete one the other remains. I am trying to avoid creating a variable for every field in the table, so if later down the road, fields are added to the table, the script won’t have to be changed. Like I said there
  3. Ya, I guess you can consider browse and print two separate things(makes sense), regardless its more, and in my opinion unnecessary, work... Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  4. I think your right... inconvenient, having to design two layouts for one "function", but I guess it will have to do.
  5. Wrong type of functionality. "Header Parts" show up at the top of every page. If I have 100 parts to a shipper I can't have half of every page showing the same data over and over....
  6. There are a lot of these types of "bugs" in Filemaker... makes it hard to develop when you come from more traditional DBMS environment. How does one create a layout that is flexible enough to show an undetermined number of records in a "list", that also has a "Leading Header" at the top of that list? Also, I'm not so concerned about data entry, but I would like "button" functionality in the header section, which is also not functioning. Oh, and thanks for the help you guys.
  7. Not sure if this is relevant or not, I'll look into it. The fact that half for the LGS works and the other half doesn't leads me to believe there is a bigger issue going on here. Simply moving a field from the top to the bottom of the LGS causes the field to become active again. But they should work in Browse mode which they don't. They also work when data is filtered (Subset)
  8. That's one of the funny "features" of filmmaker, lol. Leading Grand Summary will populate any normal fields (non summary fields) with data in the first available record. In the example, the first record in General List Components is related to a different type of list, not a shipper, since there is no shipper data in the General list table the fields are shown empty.
  9. To base the layout on Shipping list seems like the way to go but I'm building a list of media that is intern shipped. There is no telling how many bits of media will be in any given list so I can't simply use a portal b/c it may not print all media attached to a shipper... Sorry about the DB, that's about as simple as I can par down this database and still replicate the problem. It looks to be a bug in FM from my point of view, as there is no reason for positioning within the same "Part" to affect the behavior of a field. On a side note no buttons work in the upper half of the LGS
  10. I have attached an example of the problem... 1 zip 2 dbs.. one GUI one Data... open the GUI to see the issue. Example.zip
  11. I have a leading grand summary in a layout that shows standard fields (not summary) from a related table. In the Leading Grand Summary only half of the fields are editable for some reason? Ex: the fields in the lower half of the LGS are editable and the fields in the upper half are not? All records come from the same related table, and have a one to many relationship. All fields have the same perm, and are editable in browse and find mode, there is nothing layered over them. I have rebuilt the layout 3 times and get the same thing every time? Once more if I take a field from t
  12. is there a way to get the local computer name... Get Hostname only returns the server host name, I need the name of the computer that "clinet" is running on.
  13. Dose anyone know what the "scope" of a script run in FM is? Ex: I have a script that builds a many to many link table. I have a subset of a table that I get by performing a find in the script. I then loop though and build the link table with a goto "link table" command and set the appropriate fields. My question is do I need to preform the find of data each time I return to that layout. Go to layout 1 Preform Subset Find Loop Go To Table Layout A Get Unique Id A Go To Table Layout B Preform Find Get Unique Id B Go To Table Layout C Prefor
  14. This might work... I'll give it a try. I can hide all the menu's from the "Layout" box and create a "Layout" Drop down menu. Don't suppose you can overload the "find" shortcut on a layout in FM?
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