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  1. Hello, I am having a difficult time with a script that I'm writing. I'm looping a delete portal row. Here is my script: Set Error Capture [ On ] Set Variable [ $OldNum; Value:Run:# of Samples ] Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Change Number of Samples"; Buttons: “OK”, “Cancel”; Input #1: Run::# of Samples, "New Number of Samples" ] Set Variable [ $NewNum; Value:Run::# of Samples ] Set Variable [ $Counter; $NewNum ] Freeze Window If [ Evaluate ( $OldNum ) ≥ Evaluate ( $NewNum ) ] Loop Go to Portal Row [ Run::# of Samples + 1 ] [ Select; No dialog ] Delete Portal
  2. Hello, I have a question that is probably really simple but I can't figure it out. I have disabled most of the menu bar on the top of the screen in my database. Because I did this I have a button on particular layouts to print records. It will print the records just fine. However if you click the button and then cancel the print filemaker brings up a dialog box that says the print was canceled and asks if I want to continue the script. Is there a way to remove the dialog box from coming up? Any help is appreciated. js22
  3. Hello, I have created a database and I am working on beta testing it among my co-workers. They do not have a license for using filemaker pro however. I recently came across a database called Mantis that could be downloaded in two different forms. One was for people who have filemaker and it allows them to change things. The other is a stand alone version that runs independent of filemaker. How do you create this stand alone version. The people testing the database don't need to make changes so that doesn't bother me. I just need something that will allow them to have full functional
  4. Thanks, that is exactly what I'm looking for. js22
  5. Thanks for the replies. The help and explanation were very insightful. I have changed the way that they find works and I have run into a new dilemma now that I've changed the code a little. The new setup is no longer based on a dialog box. I have a table called Globals and there is a field named "Find" that is set as a global field. So on the layout there is a field for Globals::Find. The user enters the sampleID they want to find in that field and then click a button right below it with this code: Set Variable [$PatternCnt; Value: PatternCount (Globals::Find ; Samples::SampleI
  6. Hello, Why would a working script stop working? I have a script that does a find that used to work in my database and now it doesn't. I have narrowed down the problem to a validation that is in place. How it is set up: I have a value list based off of a field (SampleID) This field is a serialized number that is non-repeating. Here is my script: Enter Find Mode [] Show Custom Dialog ["Enter Sample ID of Interest" ; Samples::SampleID] Here is where the problem exists If [not Position ( ¶ & ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "Sample IDs" ) & ¶ ; ¶ &
  7. Hello, I'm working on scripting a button that manages the print functions. I have disabled the print button on the menu bar and I have made a button to click to print. We have had issues with people just clicking print. Then we have the printer spitting out the layout for every record. I know how to change the preferences so it prints only the current record and I would like to automate it so they can click the button and that's all. Does anyone know how to specify the print options. I just need to change the printing preferences to "Filemaker Pro" instead of "Copies and Pages"
  8. Thanks, I'll toy around with the code. I looked at the attachments and I think between them all I can get what I'm looking for. js22
  9. Hello, I have a quick question. I have a layout that has two fields on it. Above those two fields I have a button. What I would like to do is have it so when you click the button it unlocks the two fields and allows data entry. Is this possible? Before I converted to filemaker I was using MS Access and you could do conditional fields. So I would have a set of radio buttons and if Field1=0 then the fields are grayed out and if Field1=1 then they are not grayed out. This is the sort of thing I would like to do but if I do it with a script that's good enough for me. Thanks js22
  10. Thanks for the post. That did the trick. js22
  11. Hello, I'm wondering if it is possible to run a loop with letters. Something where Set Variable $Var = A Loop Insert Calculation Field: $Var Set Variable $Var = $Var + 1 Exit loop if _____ End Loop So that everytime it loops it goes from A to B to C ... If anyone has any ideas that would be helpful js22
  12. Thanks, It does exactly what I want it to do.
  13. Hello, I'm working on a database that manages plant specimens. I have this calculation in my database Lookup ( PCRSamples::Sample Genus ) & " " & Lookup ( PCRSamples::Sample Species ) & " " & Lookup ( PCRSamples::Sample Sub Species ) This field combines all of the taxonomy into one calculation. However, when I enter the data I use the full name of the Genus and Species. What I want to do is truncate the first two lookups to two letters: Ex: Pteridium Aquilinum Japonicum turns into Pt. Aq. Japonicum Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this. Th
  14. Hello, I have an idea that might work for you. You need to set up two tables. The first table has your donor name and a calculation field named totals. The second table consists of donor name and amounts Link the two tables by the donor name. Then set up a layout that displays information from the first table with a portal with the amounts field. Here is a template that I think does what you want. Look at the buttons as well. If you export to excel it also displays each donation in a column and in a separate column it displays the totals. If you export as a tab
  15. Hello, I have a database that I'm working on that I need some help with. The database manages procedures that we run in the lab where I work. My database has 3 main tables: Samples, PCR, and PUR. Samples has the vital stats about the plants we collect (species, genus ...). PCR is a table to show which samples we tried to amplify the DNA for. PUR is the purification of the PCR products. [sorry for the vague descriptions] On my PUR layout (list) I have 5 fields. The first is an ID for the lane number in the purification gel (1,2,3, ...) The second field is the PCR# th
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