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  1. Loop sometimes is very slow I do not know why and action "replace field contents" does not work when we have to change values in popup menus. However when we have to work with the enrollment year and we want to keep the old records, I believe that we have to save in the script the old file than to dublicate because we can cause a terrible mess in the database. Pascal
  2. I have student records belong to groups A, B, C, D, E, F. I need a script to do all the follows in all the records: Delete all the F students. Delete all the grades of classes that students took with promoted grades. Promote A to B, C to D, D to E, E to F students. Pascal
  3. I send you attach a .zip file to see what I have done. I reproduce only the problematic tables and relations, it works fine but you better look at it. Relations, table Ids etc. Pascal Test_portal_delete_row.zip
  4. I appreciate any help I took here. Please notice that I am not a professional, my occupation is to make new thinks for education, experiments and innovations. I just like FM. The relation of the two tables is very simple, a parent an instance of parent a child. Group1, Group2 and child. Checked in the child allow and delete tables. The script in portal is: Enter browse mode Delete portal row Go to the last row. If you can wait I will reproduce the file in English and publish it. Thank you again Pascal
  5. Finally I fix it . I found that the new records were created by FM do not have problems, only the old records.So I have deleted all the records and imported again, that is all! As for the file, sometimes believe me when you have 52 tables in a huge database and the langauge is not English, file cannot help very much. Pascal Thank you for the help.
  6. I use the delete portal row script and the relationship between parent and child has been only checked with the allow creation record in the child table, nothing else.
  7. I have a portal to show records from child to a parent layout. I put a script to delete the row of the portal-child record but FM deletes the parent not the original record in the row of the portal. Why is this happen? Pascal
  8. I found that it was a mistake to a parent table and options I checked. Ok
  9. Really I did not know where to put this topic, I hope it is in the right place. So the question, what happened to my record base, when I press delete this record, FM deletes all the records. Might is sible but I do not know it. I create this file in FM 8.5 now I have FM 9.0 advanced.
  10. Let we have a relation between teachers table and students table (0ne to many). Is it possible in a students layout to show automaticaly the name of the students teacher based on the selected class in both of tables? If the user selected the same class for teacher and for the student why have to complete the students' teacher field, this is the concept. How the relation the will be and calculated fields as well? Pascal
  11. I tried to make a new file with the autocalculation mentioned in my post. For my surprise I see that it works to a new file. Is it necessary autocalculation refers to fields of the same table or related fields can do the same job? My database is also full of Portals one inside the one many times. Is this plays any role here? Pascal
  12. Since I used FM and this is for sure, I noticed that autocalculation does not work as calculation alone when the calculation syntax is complex. This is generate problems if someone want to have a field not only to show results of the calculation but to give the abbility for the client to complete the field with own values. Sometimes you have to click outside the field, sometimes the result dissapear so the field become useless. If someone have to suggest anything I appreciate to put it here so other FM users can see it. Pascal
  13. This is the exact solution! Thank you a lot, comment. Pascal
  14. First I want to thank you for your answer. To explain: Last function is good but the concept here is to get any value of a field of any record inticates x. For example if you want to get last-1 in dispersional records of different clients. If your client have five orders and the clients are 400 hundreds, of course you have problems to nominate the 4th order of your client if the orders table have 2000 records. The real problem is define the x number of a specific order for that client. It is like first to find the records then nominate the forth order but how can we do this with a calcul
  15. Let we have two tables clients and orders. We need to know from a portal the specific record number with GetNthRecord(orders; x) x=last record number of the client (last order). but how can we know x if in orders table write many clients and not just one? Pascal
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