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  1. I am experimenting with Javascript libraries for my solution. Its easy enough to substitute a JS field for the javascript. and a CSS field for the style. However, how do I handle a CSS that points to an assets folder (images) locally?
  2. I am wondering if anyone else finds logging into Filemaker cloud cumbersome. I have a long email address for my business. Its going to be annoying for my staff to login and out of multiple workstations. I preferred using the server authentication with a simple user name login. Now it appears that I need to have my staff login with a Claris ID.
  3. I am using EmailRecipients () , and we have noticed that sometimes duplicate emails are being sent. I had one customer who said they received 10! any ideas? My script is: Set Variable [ $result ; Value:EmailConnectSMTP("smtp.gmail.com:465";"info@**********.com";"*********";"ssl=1") ] If [ $result ≠ 1 ] Show Custom Dialog [ Message: EmailLastError & ¶ & "Feedback emails failed! Password most likely wrong. Tell Doc."; Default Button: “OK”, Commit: “Yes” ] Go to Layout [ original layout ] Exit Script [ ] End If #send email to foundset Go to Record/Request/Page [ F
  4. greetings all! A question for the network security gurus: I have Supercontainer running in standalone mode. My router has port forwarding to the machine (Mac-mini). My credit card vendor requires security IP address scans and I am failing due to the port forwarding on the router. what is best practice? I am using a router flashed with Tomato Shibby.
  5. I am having trouble with a custom message body for each recipient. The below script is only using the content of Email::body from the first record. any ideas? I would like to have a concatenated body field: Email::body = "Dear" & Email::first_name & "..... the rest of the message". when doing a test email with 3 family members in my foundset. again, the loop only sets the body of the first record. // First connect to the SMTP server and create the message. Set Variable [ $msgCreate = EmailConnectSMTP( "mail.example.com" ) and EmailCreate( Email
  6. sorry to resurrect an old post. I would love to look at this demo file. However, it appears to be emtpy after downloading. could you repost? or send me another example of this technique. thank you!
  7. hey everyone. thought I would share this interesting technique. I have a solution where users email measurement data from an Ipad (the measurement app is 3rd party, not FMGo). It is delivered in the form of an attachment XML file. I created a unique gmail folder/filter for all of these emails to be sent to. Using 360Works Email plugin, check for new messages in this folder. and download attachment (to temporary location on local drive) View file location with webviewer. Pull content of file with GetLayoutObjectAttribute ("webviewer";"content"). I made my webviewer tranpa
  8. thanks webko. thats what I was afraid of. Their forum is open for reading. but I wanted to post (read participate, lol). its been 3 days and no response. Sure sign of a dead product and/or support. So, looking to switch to FM13 then. I am really excited about webdirect. but have other questions. I guess this might be for another forum post, but might as well get it on paper while its in my head: webdirect: do you think it is feasible to use this for an online shopping cart? I have a small optometry practice, we're not talking Amazon here. hosting companies recommendat
  9. I have had nothing but trouble with buggy behavior. I am using DW CC, FMStudio Pro. My server is hosted with pointinspace. My webserver is godaddy. I can intermittently connect (which tells me I have settings right). However, sometimes connection is incredibly slow/and hangs. I have been able to see all my layouts and scripts only a couple of times. When I went to create a form, I could not pull up database info. After 2 days of struggling with it, I am ready to give up. I have been waiting 2 days to be allowed access to fmwebschool forums. I asked a question with a support
  10. hmm. just started having the same problem on a Windows XP machine. latest Java is installed (7 update 21) latest SC plugin installed. How do I tell if I have 32 bit Java? I already tried: uninstalling all Java. reinstalling latest
  11. so I am ready for an upgrade. I have FMS 9 on a 5 yr old Dell Vostro. Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 System Manufacturer: Dell Inc. System Model: Vostro 200 Processor: Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.60GHz (2 CPUs) Memory: 2038MB RAM HD: Western Digital WD800JD 80GB 7200 RPM yes, I am ready for an upgrade (please dont shoot me). The machine has been running 24/7 for 5 years! my solution is 11 tables, largest of which is 70,000 records. I also run Supercontainer for scanned images. the scanned images are stored on t
  12. I would like all my users upon log-in to verify that they have updated local files. For example, my solution relies on some local Autoit exe scripts. What would be the best way to check if those files are there, and then script the files to be exported from a utility container field. more specifically, does anyone create a master zip file. or check for these individually. (I have about 20 of these necessary files) thanks in advance!
  13. so, I am looking for advice on hardware recommendations. I have been running FM8 Server on a Windows XP machine which has been running non-stop for about 4 years. I figure its time for an upgrade just to ensure reliability. What would you buy right now? I am also thinking that I want to upgrade to FM Server 11.
  14. I would try playing with setting image size to match webviewer size. Another Idea is adding thin white boxes with opaque white fill in, and make sure they are "on top" of the gray shadow that you want to hide.
  15. hi, I have a field that during data entry I would like to autocomplete based on a value list. The value list is a list with multiple words. It is the "Chief complaint", in a medical history. So the typical entry might be "patient here for f/u of cataracts", or "px here for f/u of cancer". I would like it to autocomplete when typing ANY word. For instance, if I start typing "ca.." only values with words containing those would appear in the drop down (or pop up), even if "ca" appears in the second or third word. right now, you have to type the whole phrase "px here for..." and the
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